Sunday, May 29

Sun of Happiness

I just woke up from bed. Yes, I slept throughout the whole Sunday morning. Today, is just bumming around in my room. Let it be continue my MA project and leisure times (eg watch movies, play NDS, reading Fried Egg with Chopsticks, reading Sensei's guidance and anything related to SGI).

Just another Sunday to be just at home and relax. The next week will be more busy. Isn't that the regular kind of thing where you work the whole weekday? Then, all you think about is just relax at home during the weekends. I think I'm probably going to be like that once I finish my studies.


For the past four to five days, I've been having my own personal movie marathons. Well, to catch up with the movies.

Let see, I've watch:
Pirates of the Caribbean 4
No Strings Attached
Just Go With It
True Grit
Something Borrowed

I'm gonna continue watching more movies which I had downloaded recently.


I had decided of what I'm going to do with my project. I'm going to (yet again) doing research about K-pop but instead focusing upon its establishment (marketing and consumption) in Europe. You know the popularity of K-pop in Europe and even fans from all over Europe who likes K-pop.

For now, I was given a task by my tutor to think about some questions (related to the establishment of K-pop in Europe) within two weeks. I've been up for the past two nights to search articles and journals to have the understanding about K-pop. I mean, even though I'm a K-pop fan (from high school up until now), I still need to have a deeper understanding about it so I can get better marks for my MA project.

Fingers crossed and hope for the best.


A few days ago, I went to Swindon to attend a Young Women's Division meeting. We started to chant for about 30 minutes. Then, we read a Kayokai essay, written by President Ikeda, about the "Sun of Happiness". There's a sentence which I really like: Even though there are stormy and rainy days, we are the sun of happiness that shines bright through the darkness.

Yes, it's like our life. No matter what problems we may face, we still move forward and face our fears. We think positively and stay calm into how we can overcome the obstacles.

All of us are truly are the "Sun of Happiness".


It's been cloudy during the weekends. Hoping that sunny days will come back tomorrow onwards.

-lu yin-

Thursday, May 26

Dinner at Txapela (16/5/11)

When you come and visit Barcelona, this is a "must-eat" place where some delicious Tapas are served. This place was recommended by my new friend, Isabelle. She told me that her uncle said "you must go there and eat delicious Tapas". Her uncle is a chef who try about 40 within 4 times of visiting this place. So, we went there and try the Tapas. It's along the Passeig Garcia near Catalunya. Basically, it is just a few minutes walking from the Metro train at Catalunya.

This place reminds me of sushi bar where you can try a variety of delicious food. By looking at the dishes, my mouth was watering.

There are more than 50 Tapas to choose from to make your mouth watering. Each of them cost less than 2 euros. The best one cost about 4 - 5 euros.

Don't forget to have Sangria Wine by your side. XD

I had seven of these delicious Tapas.

From clockwise: Shrimp Kebab - Salmon and Baby Eels with Cream Cheese - Spicy Meat Kebeb - Sausage Tartar
Tuna~~ Really heavenly~~
Anchovies with Tuna Salad - Shrimp Kebab with Vinaigrette
This is Isabelle's portion of delicious Tapas.

Mini burger - Smoked ham (middle) - Mini sandwich
We end our meal with a heavenly tasty dessert.

Gin and Tonic with Lemon Sorbet
All together cost only less than 20 euros. Reasonable and delicious meal. Way better and cheaper than the previous Tapas which I had near the hostel.

I will definitely have another round and even more rounds of coming here to try more of these Tapas when I come to Barcelona again.

-lu yin-

Monday, May 23

In Love with Gaudi (16/5/11)

That day is basically a visit to buildings and architecture, including Sagrada Familia, which is designed by Antonio Gaudi.

Visit La Pedrera.

From the inside
Roof Top

Next, went to visit the three houses. It's basically like three architects including Gaudi competing against each other on who has the best designed house.

Casa Amatller & Casa Batllo
Fundacio Antoni Taples
Went to visit the Casa Batllo which shows the beauty of nature and environment design. Unfortunately, the audio guide was not that helpful as it turns back into Spanish instead of English. So, all I could do is just mesmerize the inside and outside of Casa Batllo.

End my day with a cup of tea by the cafe along the road to Catalunya.

In the end, I have fell in love with Gaudi's design. I don't mind to visit again and I don't mind to go another trip to Barcelona.

-lu yin-

Saturday, May 21

Sagrada Familia (16/5/11)

The one place that I truly want to go and a must see is Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic Church designed by Antoni Gaudi. The construction started of in 1882. Even though he passed away, the construction still continues by his followers to make his astonishing design into a truly breathtaking Sagrada Familia. Up until now, it's still under construction. This magnificent building will be done by 2030.

As you can see, it is still continuous construction of this building.

But it you look closer, every single detail of it is truly magnificent.

I was waiting in queue and luckily it wasn't a long one as I waited for about 20 minutes to get into Sagrada Familia. For me, as a student, cost about 10 euros per entry. Add 2.50 euro if you want to take the lift to go up to see the whole view of Barcelona from the top of Sagrada Familia. Did not take the extra 2.50 euro for that. I just took the regular student price ticket to enter the Sagrada Familia.

A word of advice which was given to me from my friend: If you want to take good pictures of the Sagrada Familia from the outside, it is best to come earlier (let's say 7 - 8am). Why? Because if you come late tourist buses will come and the buses might block the view of Sagrada Familia. Hence, you will not take good pictures. Another reason is that once the sun rises in the early morning, it is truly a good opportunity to take Sagrada Familia which is truly breathtaking.

Anyway, once I finally got inside Sagrada Familia, I had a look at the entrance of Sagrada Familia.

As I got inside Sagrada Familia, you know what is my impression when I see it? It was like my eyes and mouth were wide open. In my mind, it was "Ohmigod"!!!! The art and architecture of the inside is really (I mean REALLY) magnificent.

Before my very eyes, what I can see on how Gaudi has inspiration through his childhood times. He used to stayed in a village where there is a lot of nature around him. Therefore, through his inspiration and intelligence, he created the interior which created something as if we are in a wonderland (eg. the columns are like the forest trees, making shapes like we are sailing through the sea). Anything that makes out from imagination. Even variety of materials like ceramic, glass, wood etc are used for building Sagrada Familia.

Went to the other outside of Sagrada Familia. That one is even more detailed.

Throughout my visits to churches and cathedrals, this is the best one that I see. Not to forget, this is my favorite place to visit. I don't mind visiting again for the 2nd time including taking the lift to go to the top of Sagrada Familia. Or even better, once Sagrada Familia is completed, I will visit again. I started to fell in love with Gaudi because of his work and designs.

I'll end this post with a quote by Gaudi himself.

More about Gaudi's other extraordinary works coming soon.

-lu yin-

Yum Yum Homemade Sushi

My SGI Japanese friend, Hiromi, gave me sushi and a packet of miso soup. Had it as my dinner.

Truly scrumptious. Thank you so muchie for the delicious sushi. ^ ^

-lu yin-

Friday, May 20

Barcelona Trip Day 2 (15/5/11)

Another great day to walk around the other parts of Barcelona.

First stop to visit was Park Guell. Just so you know, I was walking with my flip flops because I still have my left sore foot.

Anyway, back to my walking around Barcelona story. There's "entertainment" in the train where you normally hear local songs.

I was in Park Guell. This is where I start off looking at the wonderful design and architecture by Gaudi himself.

Truly a mesmerizing architecture. It's not only this but there's even more of Gaudi's works. That will be the next time when I talk about this in my next blog post.

After looking around Park Guell, I decided to move on to my next destination, Castle MontJuic, which I was supposed to go on the 1st day of my trip but it was raining.

I took the cable car up to Castle MontJuic.

Had a light lunch before continuing my walk around the castle. Chicken Puff Pastry and freshly squeezed Orange Juice

On this very castle itself, I get to see the whole view of Barcelona city and port by the sea.

After seeing the wonderful view of Barcelona, I decided to go to Catalunya and La Rambla which my friend recommend me to go.

Now, in Catalunya Square or any part of Barcelona, you have to be careful with the gypsies, because they will pickpocket your personal belonging. When I was there, I was taking pictures. Suddenly, two gypsies came from behind and walk past me. It's like they came out of no where and it's like ghosts just past by me. It was really scary. Anyway, at least my personal belongings are safe and sound.

This is La Rambla where you can walk along this path. Rows of shops and cafes along the way. You can also admire some paintings and buy some souvenirs.

Had my first Sangria Wine by the cafe while enjoying the sunny weather.

I walk till the very end of La Rambla and I see another port with boats.

Ah yes, the seagulls, the annoying natural alarm clock which wakes me up early in the morning during my last year summer semester course.

I went to another port which is called Port Olympic.

From there, you reach the beach where you can enjoy the sun with your friends and family. Either you want to sun bathing, play beach volleyball, or play near the sea. Too bad I didn't have the time to do so because my main purpose to come to Barcelona was to go for sightseeing and enjoy the local food.

I end my night with some Tapas with my new friend. Had dinner at Tapas Gaudi. Tapas is actually side dishes which you can choose from. Most of them are fresh seafood like octopus and anchovies. The good thing about Tapas is that you can choose a lot of varieties as you want. Also, you can share with your friends while enjoying Tapas. Don't forget to order Sangria wine. XD


Chicken Croquettes

Spicy Sausages

Octopus on Potatoes

Grilled Mushrooms

However, the Tapas at Tapas Gaudi are too salty. Sangria Wine is too sweet. Because of that, I have to drink water continuously even I continue drinking at the hostel till I go to sleep. The price is too expensive like the Octopus on Potatoes cost 10 euros. So, I wouldn't recommend to come and have a go at this place.

I will recommend the best place to have Tapas. This I will tell you in my next blog post.

I end my night with watching the view of Torre right outside the window while there is a full moon and fireworks.

Stay tuned for Barcelona Trip Day 3.

-lu yin-