Friday, March 25

Hello, Spring

Today is a sunny day. Decided to take pictures of flowers blooming on ground and trees. Can't wait for more flowers to bloom as the spring continues.

-lu yin-

Liverpool. I Miss You So.

Yup, the pictures say so. I miss the walks along the Albert Docks. I miss the hang out sessions at the city centre of Liverpool. I miss the night outs. I miss the crazy times we had.

-lu yin-

Friday, March 18

Spring Has Come

This was taken while me and Nadiah was walking through the Puzzle Wood. It was a long walk in the Forest of Dean. It's not a forest but it's a town. Not much public transportation. That's why we need to take long walks especially along the roads. But, it was fun while enjoying a nice view of the country side.

Spring has come. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming on ground and trees. Especially the daffodils. These welcome the season of spring. I even sing a random created spring song while walking along with the perfect weather outside.

March is gonna end soon in few weeks time. I found this month quite fruitful. Not just because there's perfect weather. But also because of the SGI meetings which I attend especially the Young Women Division meeting. So happy about it.

As I said like quite a few times, my family is coming over to visit me during the Easter break. I have loads of plans during the Easter break and Summer time. Bookings for transportation and accommodation is done for my family. I realized how mentally tired it is when planning trips to places where you wanna visit.

This week is the Cheltenham Gold Cup which is basically a horse race. Many Irish people will come over to this place and play bets and also just leisure. I've seen a lot of Irish while I was in town. Even the Cheltenham Race Course was full of cars parked on the big land. It's a really a full house for this race course event.

Not to forget, Happy St. Patrick Day. Hehe. I'm sure a lot of people enjoying themselves in pubs and drinking Guinness. It reminds of my silly imagination which is basically a leprechaun will bring to the end of the rainbow and there it is...a pot of gold. XD

Ok, I'm being to silly on random stuff.

This weekend, I'm heading off to Liverpool. Yeah~~~. The good ole memories in Liverpool. Can't wait to visit the Albert Docks and take the Merreyside Ferry ride. If I had the chance, I want to go to the Bold Street Coffee and the tea shop where I used to hang out during my summer semester with LJMU mates.

Ha....I love this month and I love Spring.

-lu yin-

PS. My prayers are with the Japan people who encounter the tsunami and earthquake.

Thursday, March 3

There Are Struggles Which We Deal With

This was taken during my trip to Somerset. It was fun and worth taking pictures of the wonderful scenery which are breathtaking.

Including the Cathedral which has wonderful architecture style. Isn't that amazing. Throughout my trips, I've been on the journey of exploring and discovering new things. Kind of like reflecting and finding myself. That's what I like about traveling to different places and seeing the world.

I met a few Malaysian friends other than Nadiah and Yuki even though it's like in the middle of my postgraduate year. But, it's better to meet rather than not doing so.

Let's see. My results were quite bad even though I pass. So, this semester I'm working hard on it. Half of my crazy assignments for this week has finally done. My coursemates and I thoughts: FINALLY!!! After the crazy stress and hours that we had for the whole week. The other half of the assignments, still a long way to go.

Although I didn't get to celebrate CNY, but I still got my goodies which were sent by my mom. The CNY biscuits, Bak Kut Teh packets, Lenggong chilli, etc. She even remember to sent me my turtle, Squirt which I left him all alone in my old room for months. Now, I have the Squirt brothers with me. Thanks, mom for the goodies.

I do admit that I'm addicted to Amazon once in a while. Way better than Ebay. XD

I've got a volunteer job at one of the events in Gloucester. So excited about it.

My family is coming over to UK during the Easter break. My juniors are coming over to UK during the summer semester. Not to mention, the fact that I heard some good news from my friends such as one of my friend got accepted from the Soka University America. That is an awesome news and I'm so happy for her. = )

Loads of idea are in the back of my head. Loads of plan that I could think of to meet up with my friends whom I met and knew before. Ah~~~ the memories of good old days to catch up.

I'm going over to Liverpool again this month. It's a day trip. Looking forward to it. When I'm there, I'm sure gonna mesmerize the good old memories I had with my LJMU mates. I might have tears in my eyes but who knows. Will wait and see.

Anyway, I'm totally enjoying the awesome life that I had even though I have ups and downs along the way. There's a saying: there's no shortcut to avoid struggles, we all have to face the struggles in life.

-lu yin-

PS I really need to do a lil' bit of cleaning of the dust from my blog when I have the time. @ @