Thursday, June 30

Bon Jovi Concert in Bristol (27/6/11)

That day is a very very special day. Yes, that's right. It's Bon Jovi Concert at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol.

Around a few months ago, I booked this ticket, via Internet. I still kept this as my memory after the Bon Jovi concert. It cost about 80 over pounds including online booking. I was at the pitch standing. I'm one of the crowds who just go crazy over Bon Jovi. Been a fan of Bon Jovi since high school. Their songs still rock my world and Bon Jovi is my number one rock band.

My coursemates and I went there earlier. Like 2 hours before the concert start. Came earlier because we want to stand at the front part of pitch standing and get a better view of Bon Jovi. Hahaha.

Other Bon Jovi fans are also waiting. They are so excited about the concert.

Finally, we got into the stadium. Ran for the best place to see the whole stage and Bon Jovi. Perfect view. Thank goodness that day it rains for only a short while. Even though I didn't buy the ticket for Diamond area (cost about 300 pounds), at least can be one of the crowds who stands and sing along with Bon Jovi songs.

It's starting!!!!

Rest of the bandmates are up on stage including Richie Sambora.

Yeah!!! Jon Bon Jovi is up on stage!!! Everybody cheered and welcomed him with open arms.

He's singing "Happy Now".

Then, he asked all the audience to get off their seats and sing along with the songs. Basically, we all are having a good time. Look at the big crowd.

Next song: We Weren't Born to Follow

Richie and Jon were having a good time together.

Yeah!!! Jon is the best.

Bon Jovi continues on with a lot of my favorite songs like "Bad Medicine", "You Give Love a Bad Name", "It's My Life". They just continuously play the songs without stopping. We all sing, dance, shout and wave our hands.

Then, he moves on with "Pretty Woman".

Next, "Blaze of Glory".


Richie Sambora doing his guitar skills while playing "Have A Nice Day".

Everything almost come to an end. But, there's the encore including the best finale ever.

Jon was singing "Someday I'll be on Saturday Night".

The next one was "Wanted Dead or Alive".

The finale!!! "Livin' on a Prayer". Everybody including me knows that song very very well.

That's the end of Bon Jovi Concert.

It's a really spectacular concert that I ever experience in my entire concert. So far the best rock concert I have ever attend. I don't mind to attend another Bon Jovi concert. Hehehe.

My feet and shoulders were aching. I almost got sore throat but at least I had fun that day.

After the concert, I did buy Bon Jovi hat, t-shirt, and photobook. Another thing is that all taxis were not available to sent me and my coursemates to our destinations. I like to thank the Bristol police officer who sent me to the hostel and my coursemates to their friends' house in the middle of the night. Really appreciate it.

That night is a memorable one and yes I'll say it again. The best rock concert in the whole wide world.

At the moment, "The More Things Change" by Bon Jovi is my favorite song. This song is still in my head. I sometimes do listen to Bon Jovi songs. It's really addictive. I am still a Bon Jovi fan and will always be my number one rock band. Looking forward to see what Bon Jovi are going to do next after the Bon Jovi Concert World Tour.

-lu yin-

PS. If Bon Jovi come to Malaysia and perform, I will definitely, absolutely want to go.

Sunday Afternoon Tea

Went to Queen's Hotel to have typical afternoon tea on a lovely sunny Sunday. Hiromi wants to have an experience of having afternoon tea before she goes back to Japan. Pictures are saying it. XD

We sat for a while until we realized that it's too hot. Even I can feel the heat from my jeans @ @. So, we decided to have the afternoon tea inside.

There it is a lovely afternoon tea set: scones, sandwiches, cakes, and mint chocolates. =)

Scones with cream and jam are the best. ^ ^

I'm eating the scone like burger. Hahaha.

The afternoon tea was quite nice and reasonable. After that, we enjoy the rest of day with the good weather (including the sun).

-lu yin-

Friday, June 24

Dinner at Thai Brasserie (22/6/11)

I invited Hiromi for dinner at Thai Brasserie. She's going back to Japan at the end of this month. So, I decided to treat her a nice Thai dinner. Thai food is Hiromi's favorite.

Thai Brasserie is somewhere near the Montepelier Garden. The restaurant is busy on not only the weekends but also on weekdays. Very popular. Luckily, I booked a reservation earlier.

Each of us has a bottle of Singha beer to quench our thirst.


While waiting for our starters, we had prawn crackers.

Our starters arrived.

Thai Fish Cakes
Paper Prawns

Thai Beef Salad

Then, came the main courses with Jasmine White Rice. We share the main courses.

Thai Green Curry with Chicken

Mixed Vegetables with Lamb and Black Pepper Sauce

Lastly, the dessert. I feel like a kid again while having this. XD

Mango with Coconut Ice Cream and Meringue Fruits

We were satisfied with the meal. Happy Happy.

I'm going to see her this weekend again. Looking forward to it.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, June 21

SHINEE Japan Debut Premium Reception in London (19/6/11)

I was at the Abbey Road Studios. Being there as a K-pop music fan and a university student (doing my dissertation about the establishment of K-pop music in Europe).

Reached there around noon. Waited for like 5 - 6 hours just to see SHINEE. I like MinHo very very much.

Lots and lots of fan were waiting for them since 9 am. Then, more fans come waiting at both sides of the Abbey Road.

SM Town and other K-pop artists, please please please come to UK.

Major local presses and television stations came to broadcast this event. Fan girls are interviewed about how they feel about K-pop.

While we were waiting, some entertainment to keep us really excited. This guy is really really good. He know some K-pop cheoreography moves. Other fan girls join in and they also know how to dance along. K-pop fever. Woohoo!!! 

We were cheering on all the way. Keep chanting "We want Shinee!!", "SM Town London" etc. Some even do the fan chants.

Lee Soo Man (gray suit), chairman of SM Entertainment left the studio. Meaning it's the end of the show and....SHINEE is going to come out.

Finally, after waiting for like 45 minutes, SHINEE has finally come out. Yes, I see them from afar. I couldn't get a good picture because the fans were jumping and screaming with excitement. Fans also want to take pictures and videos of SHINEE. We were mesmerized by their handsome and charming looks.

I get to see Minho. I was jumping and shouting with excitement. OMG!!! MINHO!!! Saranghae~!!

Too bad JongHyun was not there because he was sick. He's having a high fever. Wishing JongHyun will recover fast and get back into shape.

It was worth of going there. I get to see the glimpse of SHINEE. Excited to see K-pop coming to Europe. First time experiencing the K-pop fandom phenomenon. Able to get a few contacts from the fans for e-mail interview. Fulfill my part of the dissertation task. So many reasons I could think of and yet it is really a great experience.

K-pop artists and idol groups have to come to Europe. Expand the K-pop music to Europe and the whole wide world. Come to London and other parts of the European countries for more concerts. Love ya K-pop music. The whole world is loving K-pop even more from time to time.

-lu yin-

*if 2PM comes to UK, I'll definitely even more excited than ever XD

Sunday, June 12

Germany Day 3 (3/6/11)

That day is the visit along the Rhine River.

First, start off with a nice warm breakfast.

Croissant with Egg, Ham & Cheese
After breakfast with a nice cup of coffee, we head over to the Rhine River area where there is also some villages. It's about 1 hour to reach our destination.

My godmother and I waited for the boat to arrive. We took the boat trip while my uncle and aunt drive to the next village, St. Goar, where we will meet up later.

A lot of people especially the tourist were on the boat. They are just enjoying themselves with the good weather and nice scenery. Thank goodness that day was not the weekends. If it is, then it's so stuffy and possibly couldn't get to take good photos along the Rhine River.

I was like the rest of the people who is enjoying the view and taking good photos.

This boat trip ends at Cologne. But then again, we had to stop at St. Goar. Hopefully, I will come again and this time taking this boat trip along the Rhine River till I reach Cologne.

We were basically like visiting a few villages. Basically is village hopping.

St. Goar
Another village which I forgot. @ @

And....last but not least, Bacharah where there are interesting houses. Really what I could imagine those kind of German, Austrian, and Switzerland houses.

Not to forget, Germany is well known for wines. Look at the steep wine vineyards.

Then, we went up the hill where the castle is. Also, to see the whole view of Rhine River.

A long walk to reach our destination
Halfway on our journey, we rest for a while and just have an overall view of the Rhine River.

Finally, we had reached the castle and this is the whole view of Rhine River.

Decided to go back home after an awesome day. Had aching legs but still it is a wonderful experience.

Time to move on to my uncle's homecook dinner.

Uncle Sonny preparing dinner
Entree - Grilled Prawns (with lemon it's more delicious)
Potato Salad
Main course - Grilled Fish
End my day with the beautiful sunset.

Stay tuned for Day 4. (Hint: Epic meal)

-lu yin-