Friday, January 30

4th Day CNY

"Bai Nian" at my house.

Random photos before food comes.

Aunt Nellie's granddaughter - Fang Ying (Cute!!!)

Turkey in the oven. (Carmen, I know what you're thinking XD)


Papaya tree

My dad's chinese antiques collections. Still got a lot other than these pictures below.

Dad making turkey sauce

Chinese tea cups.

Finally, took picture of my brother play computer XD


Dad - Mom

Wine glasses

Prawns in the oven



Mixed Vegetables

Take your pick - Noodle or Rice?

Roast Pork

Asam Veggies

Steam Fish

Grilled Prawns

Car Yi doing funny face. XD

Hui, why?


Hui - Me

Joon - Hong Seng

CNY treats, fruits, and wine

Yee Sang (2nd time this CNY year)

Did gamble but I think I lose more than win but at least got some $ $. Hopefully the next time would be better. Saturday maybe. I think I got more angpows than last year. Will see. Hahaha.

Well, time for me to listen to music and then tidur. Tired~ Zzzz Nitez

-lu yin-

ps. studying cyberlaw for the final paper next many info in my head XD omg~

Wednesday, January 28

3rd CNY Day

First, dad's side of family came over to my house for visit. Got angpows. XD

Then, at night, had dinner at Extra Super Tanker Chinese Restaurant, The Club with mom's side of the family.


Yee Sang


Shark's Fin Soup



Suckling Pig

Glutinous rice

Mixed Vegetables


Sweet Coconut and Longan Drink

Fried Nian Gao


Dad - Mom - Godma

Godfather - Kuin - Sam Yee - Han

Han - Lai Yi - Car Yi

Joon with the Lumix camera. Every time when I try to take a picture of him, he blocks the camera view. = =

Drank wine. I think I drink more than last year. ^ ^"""

Pictures of me for the past 3 days. XD

Till then.

-lu yin-