Sunday, May 31

Teck Mun's Birthday (30/5)

Celebrating Teck Mun's 28th birthday on that very day itself. During the afternoon, Jen(Jennifer), Teck Mun, and me went to Ikano to have lunch at Kluang Station.

Of course, a lot of families come out to spend time together during the weekends.

I just had lunch at home. So, I only have sweet treats. I have been having the sweet temptation since a few days back. Aikz @ @

We ordered our drinks.

Jen - Cham Ice Teck Mun - Barley Ice Me - Coffee Float (the small one) ^ ^

Teck Mun's Mee Siam

Jen's Fish Curry and Rice

My Ice Cream with Kaya and Groundnuts (Yumzz) ^ ^

After lunch, went to Q Jelly to buy jelly cake for Teck Mun. The jelly cakes design are so so cute. =D I remember the last time I went out with one of my friend. I saw the jelly cake shop. I see the design so cute that I squeaked and my friend gave me the look (= =). What to do? I like cute cute things like the stuff toys and cute animals for example.

Went back to Jen's place to indulge with Haegan-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream after distributing posters on Jen's missing cat, Peanut, around Tropicana Indah area. Her cat went missing since Tuesday. Hope Peanut comes back to Jen. Peanut is cute and adorable.

Went back home to take a bath and went out again for dinner with them plus Seko and Pauleen who are joining.

Had delicious seafood dinner at PJ Seafood. Especially the crabs.

Steam Assam Fish

Stir Fry Chinese Cabbage



The main dishes: Crabs!!!

Butter and Cheese Crabs

Salted Egg Crabs


Later, went back to Jen's house and bummed around. Watching TV while having green tea to let our food digest until it's time for the jelly cake. Ying Xing came over.

Sunflower Jelly Cake

With candles

Teck Mun (birthday girl)

Cutting jelly cake

Ying Xing - Teck Mun - Pauleen - Seko - Jen - Me

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECK MUN. Stay strong, confident, and beautiful. =D

-lu yin-

Friday, May 29

Chinese Dumpling - Agar-Agar

Came back home from Setapak and had Chinese dumpling for lunch. My mom bought from one of the restaurants. RM6.50 for one. OMG!!! Because this one got a lot of yummy treats inside the dumpling.

Before open
After open.

Yummy!! Very jeng!!

Chinese dumpling festival was yesterday. At least can eat dumpling even the day after the actual day.

I also previously ate one which is made by Carmen. It was during the TTnite auditions. Arigato!! ^ ^

After lunch, I ate agar-agar (jelly) made by my mom. She made it like a few days ago. Pandan and brown sugar. Nice!! ^ ^

Later in the evening, I got the kickoff meet at RK about the PD trip even though I'm not going to PD because got very important tutorial class for Theory of Film.

Every tutorial class, Miss Theresa will show us the movie and highlight some points based on film models. She'll only show us once. Cannot borrow the movie to watch. Some more is got to do with the assignment. ><>

Well, at least I meet up with them later. Long time never seen them already especially during HSD meetings.

Oh well, time to bummed around and mind my own business. Also, spend a few hours with the Internet connection because my brother complain the Internet connection so slow once I'm back in PJ. Aikz ><>

-lu yin-

Tuesday, May 26

Random Stuff

Here I am at the Canteen 2 foyer.

Well, mostly minding my own business as people pass by during the lunch hour. Waiting for the 3pm lecture class.

Canteen 2 filled with people having their lunch.

As usual Canteen 2 food is kindda not my thing already because I've been eating food at the Canteen 2 for the pass 3 years during my college time.

Lecturers like Miss Chan, Miss Tang, Miss Teresa, and Mr. Lim who are teaching this semester are ok. Subjects which are look at it as if ok with my first impression but I think it'll be more challenging during this semester.

Realize that there are more people than the time of Orientation Week.

Wish that this week is Orientation Week to promote TTnite for the auditions and all.

Wishing that there's the TTnite spirit. The joy and excitement feeling.

Oh well, pass by already. There's no turning back.

All I could do is just looking forward to the 2nd pnp and better response from the people. Also, dealing with sponsors within a month.

I started to feel that my final year is much more tense than my previous years in college.

1. Assignments to settle
2. TTnite
3. Campaign and Final Year Report on the next semester
4. HAD practice (I seriously need to get back after my internship period)
5. SGM activities

Although I'm back into the college life, but there are lot of things which are just right in front of me. Waiting for me to deal with it.

Other than that, looking forward to the trips that I can't wait - trip to Port Dickson, YWD Day trip, and the China trip (after this semester)

A lot of things happen in my final year and I'm looking forward to it. =)

-lu yin-

ps Call me go out yum cha or sumthing before I keep sticking to the books XD
pps Just the random thoughts I write just to kill time while waiting for my next class XD

Saturday, May 23

New Sem Starting Soon

I just got my timetable today. Aikz, the SSH school office. Last minute thing and even not yet come out on the Internet.

So far, my timetable is ok ok except for the Friday. There's only one class in the early morning.

Classes gonna start soon for the new semester. I can't wait. I long time never write notes already XD. Seriously. Even the multitasking that I did several times.

Just finish the TT nite 1st pnp and auditions. Will get the pictures as soon as I get them from the Phoi Sun and her assisstants. They are the photographers. They have been running here and there taking pictures. Good job during that week.

My final year. Will work hard on what I do especially events and studies.

Dian, long time never see you already. Really need to find some time to hang out and watch movies. ^ ^ Can't wait to see you. Also, I can't wait to see my collegemates.

Well, time to spend my last few days of holidays of my own before the new sem starts.

-lu yin-

Group Photos at Redang

Here are some group pictures during the Redang trip.

-lu yin-

Thursday, May 14

Redang Trip (11-14/5)

Went to Redang for the trip of the fun and relaxation. Wanna make it short and simple instead of dragging the story. ^ ^""

Reach the jetty after a 8-9 hour trip from Melati Utama MCD. Took the boat to Redang about an hour trip.

Beautiful scenery

Finally, reach Redang Island.

Staying at the beach villa called Redang Holiday. One room for 4 person is around RM 300 for 4 days and 3 nights. Including meals.

It's not like a 5 star hotel sort of thing. It's like the exposure to nature. Make sure bring your own shampoo and so on while your at it. The food are ok.

Went to the beach to have fun in the sun.

TT nite gang

The guys

The girls

Other than that, went for snorkeling. Just the goggles, snorkel and life jacket. If normal one on the googles, is RM 20. The other one got power is RM40. Went to Marine Park and other islands to see nice fishes. Didn't bring the camera because don't wanna spoil it. Aikz wish I could have the undersea camera version. ><>

Took other pictures with the amazing beach sceneries. =)

Went jungle tracking...

to go to the private beach. Very nice.

At other nights, it was having fun at a few beach clubs, enjoying the night sky and some drinks. Met a few beach boys XD.

A group picture with John (the tour guide and owner of Redang Holiday) before leaving Redang. (Last day of the trip)

It's time to say goodbye to Redang. I feel tanned, getting darker, and got skin burns on my shoulders.

Still more to come on the group pics. Now, back in Setapak. Unpacking my things. Dealing with the dirty clothes and so on.

Tomorrow got TTnite meeting. Looking forward to it.

A picture of me in Redang to end this post. XD

Well, time to get back to the college life. Missing it so much. ^ ^

-lu yin-