Friday, July 30

Toy Story 3D - Inception

I watch this movie with Elaine and Brian at Odeon, Liverpool One. Watch it in IMAX 3D. My first time watching movie in 3D. It brings me wonderful childhood memories. I watch from the 1st and 2nd Toy Story movie. Well, in this movie, Andy is going to college. The toys they feel left out and decided to go somewhere else. These toys ended up in a daycare centre which is so called heavenly but it is not. The toys try to escape and get back to Andy. It's like another toys' adventure on a mission. Working together and there's the friendship and family bond. When it comes to friendship and family bond, it touches my heart and tears almost fell from my eyes. It is a good family movie where you can laugh and enjoy a few sentimental moments.

Rating: 8/10


It's by far the best movie ever which goes with Angels and Demons movie. It's way better than the Matrix trilogy. This movie let's you think a lot. It focuses on the dream within the dream and within the dream. Level by level. Dominic is the main character of this movie. He encounters problem with his wife who commit suicide and the "shadow" is in his dream. He and his group of mates are on a mission to get secrets from out of a person's dream that they are in. This movie makes me realize the dream and reality. Also, how deep the dream can go? Anyway, this is really an awesome movie. Thumbs up. You guys should watch it.

Rating: 9/10

-lu yin-

On the Way to Scotland

Hey, everybody.

I'm in the train. I'm on my way to Scotland.

Just now left Atlantic Point in the early morning. I only had 2 hours of sleep.

From Liverpool to Manchester Piccadilly to York and now on the way to Scotland.

Me, Brian, and Elaine are going to be at Scotland for 3 days 2 nights.

I can't wait for wonderful moments in Scotland including the sights which are going to be very memorable.

Not forgetting the awesome whiskey, guys with kilts, and the Scottish accents.

More updates on the Scotland trip coming soon.

-lu yin-

P.S. Will not I mean will not try the Haggis after my parents told me their experience with Haggis when they went to Scotland during their younger days.

Friday, July 23

Cute and Interesting Stuff - The Plan

Meet my new pal, Squirt. You know the cute turtle from Finding Nemo.

And this is Ham, the piggy bank from Toy Story.

Joining with Mr. Coolio, they are best friends and become a gang. XD Not bad eh.

Squirt, the turtle is really cute. ^ ^

Momoji Doll and Mug.

Souvenirs from Liverpool World Museum. The middle one is the SuperLambBanana which is the Liverpool icon. Wait until you see the BIG one at the Liverpool City Centre. It's at the Avril Roberts Centre.

The Guardian Teddy Bear which I bought it in London.

Highlighters with full of emotion.

I got some souvenirs too.

The things I see cute and interesting. These attract me. XD



Thursday (22/7) : Toy Story 3 Movie

Friday (23/7) : Beatles Story Museum and Inception Movie

Saturday (24/7) : Warwick Castle

Sunday (25/7) : Maybe groceries shopping. Hope can go to the Liverpool beaches.

This week, it's just raining non-stop. I think like 2-4 days in a row. Rain from morning till night time some more.

On the bright side, I can sleep nicely when it's a rainy weather. But then again, I need to get out of my room and do something fun. Yes, studies also important but also there must be an extra element in life and that is FUN.

Okay, I end here. Based on what you see the plan above, hopefully I could update them. That is when I have the time after dealing with some assignments.


-lu yin-

Thursday, July 22

Everton Park

If I'm not mistaken, the day before the Beatles Day, we all went to the Everton Park. At first, want to jog. But then, we end up photo taking session. We did jump shots.

Regular shots.

Posing shots and then roll all the way down.

When we reach to the top,

Wonderful view, isn't it? But too bad, that day was a gloomy weather.

Nevermind, go there for another round when the weather is totally awesome.

-lu yin-

Food for Thought in UK

Though I need to post the yummies that I ate and drank in UK. Outside food and homemade cook food.

My own personal salad which I made.

Coffee and Rocky Road Cupcake from Costa Coffee

First time learn how to make sushi. With the help from Elaine aka Lizzie.

The food made by others during Michelle's birthday including the Shepherd's Pie made by Brian.

And also the Cheesecake. This one a piece from the big cake.

Dinner at Nando's and the restaurant atmosphere is very nice.

Nasi Lemak Dinner which is cooked by Tammy and Michelle.

Cheese Jacket Potato and Mediterranean Salad at Kimos where most of the people go there, eat and chat. Kind of like a hang out place.

All-Day English Breakfast. Also at Kimos.

Lastly, the Fish and Chips from "Lobster Pot".

More food for thoughts come by and what I would try and savour food and drinks next. Hmmm...^ ^

-lu yin-

Wednesday, July 21

UK Experiences in Two Months

It's been almost two months that has pass by while I'm in UK.

Things I learn and experience:

The studies and assignments phenomenon. Still got assignments need to be done.

Traveling in a group or alone (which is the most daredevil thing I ever did).

Buy my own groceries and do the laundry.

Cooking. Hehehe I'm not a noob in cooking.

Find my own place to stay in Cheltenham because I'm going to continue my studies in the University of Gloucestershire. I'm starting at the end of September.

The crazy times I have with the "Cool, Crazy, Happening People" gang. XD

The night life in Liverpool.

Attending SGI-UK meetings whenever I have the time.

Yes, all these in two months.

Passes by so fast. Yet, I learn a lot. It is a good thing.

Once summer semester programme is over, I'm sure I have experience to share with others when I'm back in Malaysia. Will be there for only less than 2 weeks because I need to settle visa then go back to UK.

I end this post, by saying a quote from Daisaku Ikeda:

"Faith is the key to strengthening our efforts, wisdom, and good fortune."

-lu yin-

Tuesday, July 13

Beatles Day Concert (10/7/10)

Last Saturday, I attend my very first concert in Liverpool with my gang. It's a charitable concert. Beatles Day is not like a birthday or someone pass away. It's actually kind of like a remembrance day to celebrate The Beatles who is popular. My parents like the songs. I also like the songs. Even up till now, The Beatles song are still the best. Also, I love the younger Paul McCartney. And yeah, I got "The Beatles" fever that day. XD

Took pictures before going in. Including some of us wearing the "Mop Top" wig. Hehe

Emilio wearing the "Mop Top" wig.

Daniel looks like Rock Lee from Naruto. XD

Some artists and bands perform my favorite songs like "Come Together", "In My Life", "Get Back", "Eight Days a Week", "Yesterday", "Imagine", "Twist and Shout", "Hey Jude" and many more.

The Sergeant Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band

Forgot what version is The Beatles but the look alike Paul McCartney...looks handsome with the outfit.

Got the Ukulele Band performing the songs. Wow.

Including a group of kids and lookalike John Lennon singing "Imagine" which almost let my tears fell down.

At the end, we all sang "Hey Jude" and "Twist and Shout" which we got off from the seats and dance and sing along with the rest of the crowd who attend this memorable concert.

It's truly an awesome night.

I download my favorite Beatles song which I played the whole playlist like a few times a day. ^ ^

Thank you very much to Brian and Daniel for the photos. ^ ^

-lu yin-

Saturday, July 10

Beatles Day

Yup, today is Beatles Day in Liverpool. A lot of activities and performances going on in Liverpool I'm going to attend Beatles Day concert tonight. Hehe. Wait for the upcoming photos after I attend the concert.


-lu yin-

Wednesday, July 7

How I've Been Lately

Last Sunday evening I came back from Sheffield. It's nice and peaceful town especially the gardens. So far, this picture is one of my favorites which I took this at Sheffield.

For this week, I attend the lecture about Hollywood and Genre. Yes, it's interesting. Other subjects also. LOL.

Learned 4 genres: Musical, Comedy, Film Noir, and Western. I have to choose one genre and analyze two movies from that particular genre. Guess what genre I pick for the assignment?

So far, throughout this course, I found each and every module interesting. Haha. I know the study feeling is getting into me.

It's like this. Weekdays, the study version is there. Weekends, the time you hang out with friends, travel, and have fun. That's how life it should be.

It's been almost like a month in UK. I'm enjoy every single moment and day as time goes by.

I called my family and friends from Malaysia. Yes, I do miss them.

We all have our own mission and goals to settle. We have our own ways of how our life should be.

Well, I end right here. Like only once a week, I can update this blog of mine. Of course, I won't abandon it. Till then. Just look out for updated blog posts.

-lu yin-