Wednesday, January 2

new year eve 31/12/07

well, every new year's eve got family gathering at my place n of course there is da main course...TURKEY!!!....n got food n wine 2 enjoy...chit chat n play until it's da time whr everybody go in front of da tv n start 2 countdwn....
woke up around 10am, next walk da turles in da garden (btw now got 3 turtles hehe), noon time went on9 chit chat n check mail like i always do almost everyday after a painful head from my study.....hours 2 wait.....2-3 sumthing after lunch i wash myself up n change 4 da gathering looking wonderful....den continue 2 chit chat also i took pics of da turkey....every year my parents ask me 2 take

b4 (few days ago my dad marinate dem)

1st turkey...

de other 1 in da oven

my bro was playing ro n i nth 2 do juz take pic of poring so cute!! ><
da guests finally arrive....we all makan a lil bit 1st cause TURKEY not serve yet....dey all camera shy ><"




finally 2 big turkeys arrive....
liu kou sui liao ^^"

my dad cutting da turkey (c da tenderness of da meat muahaha ^^")

cut into like dis

da food!!

sambal fried rice

sweet corn

fried beehoon

fried rice

garlic bread (gonna finish liao ><)

also got mushroom soup n many many more

godmother's turn 2 cut da lamb leg

went 2 my room take pics 4 fun


me - loolu


kuma kuma

wat ru doing??? ><

hui - me
loolu- me - wei

went back dwnstairs 2 makan

i even eat second time until i almost full accompanied with a glass of white wine

i drank wine with all my relatives....i'm almost drunk after drinking 8-10 glasses of wine

mother's side
hong seng - kuin - fourth aunt
kau fu - godfather - godmother - hong seng
kao mo - kao fu - godfather

father's side

went back 2 my room again 2 take pics as if like we got bored....hey wat about gambling nvm chinese new year MUST do leh...also drank sparkling juice with my cousins....

sparkling "wine"


dun worry dat bottle is empty b4 she wan 2 finish it up lolz ^^"
wonder wat dey r doing with da laptop

"business woman"
also went dwnstairs ate a few pieces of blueberry cheesecake

i even play mastermind with hui n loolu

finally everybody gather at da living room 4 da countdown, each holding a glass of ice wine....

loolu - hui - wei - car yi

mom - joon - kai chen

simon's sister-in-law - simon - simon's wife - godmother

godmother - third uncle - third aunt - fourth aunt - kao mo

simon's sister -in-law n wife

so da countdown












yup sayonara 2007 n hello new year's's a secret lolz....hope dis year 2008 will b better

-lu yin-