Sunday, November 23

Another Family Gathering

I was at Serdang for another family gathering. Too bad I couldn't make it for the SBS night. Wish I was there. It's something like a Masquerade Ball. XD. Haihz....Well, there's another Sunday which is Martial Art Night and I'm going~ Can't wait. Anyway, here are the pictures~.

After renovation due to the lightning strike on the roof. It's nice.

Got pond for Koi fishes.

Living room

Yummy food~

Eating lunch.


Drinking white wine while studying. Was doing notes. Also, study for the statistical mid-term test. XD

Nice place at the upstairs after renovation.

Aunt Isolde with cousins

Godmother playing with Whisky!!

Cheese~!!! XD

Play badminton.

Car Yi - Kuin

Han - Wei

Lim vs Tan XD

This time Boy vs Girl XD

"English" tea party wakaka XD

Loolu - Hui

Joon - Kai Chen

Joon busy with the "Jay Chou" rubix cube

I did joined them to play badminton. Got play doubles. Even 4 vs 4 just for fun. Play until sweat come out lolz XD

That's it. :)

Still have mid-term tests for other subjects. Some more the assignments. Media Audience round 1 settle de. Still bersusah payah finding a Malaysian-made product for Corporate Communication. Media audiences round 2 finding articles still in process. Thinking of what to do for english presentation. Maybe about women. Hmm... I'm gonna had driving test tomorrow. I know at this kind of age kindda late LOLz...but hey I'm gonna get my license soon once I pass this test. Then, it's back to assignments, mid terms and studies. Plus events and attending a few. Well, I'm taking one step at a time. No need to rush. XD Well, gotta get some good rest for tomorrow. Wish me luck. :)

-lu yin-

Friday, November 21

Encore Finalist Coordinators 2008

Here are the pictures. Me with my assistants (Shaun and Suat Wen) ^ ^.

Shaun - Me - Suat Wen
(Notice the color of the South American country color XD)

Jump for joy!!! XD


Acting cool. Lolz

He's the man. Lolz

Walaoeh~~ XD




Relaxing in the beach~

Aloha!! Let's Encore!!

Hehehe~....Can't for the happiest time. That would be the 2nd pnp. I hope I don't cry. Other than that, I can't wait to perform for the HAD concert. Plus, I'm going off to Cameron Highlands with my family. For the past few weeks, got a lot of mid terms, assignments and studies. Also, involve in Encore. So many things to do, but I can still catch up. Hope will turn out good. :)

-lu yin-

Wednesday, November 19

Encore 2008 Photoshoot

Went for photoshoot for 2 days: 1 for finalists and 1 for committee.

Day 1

After presentation, I rush to the Genting Klang to check on the finalists. After that, I had my lunch with the Fizz Flowz (dance group) at the Spice and Chill Pan Mee. Love the Salad Pan Mee :)

Honey Lemon


Salad Pan Mee..Yummy!!!

After lunch, drop by at the photo studio. Carmen go hug hug with bear. XD

Then, came back to the hair studio to check on other finalists. Hehe, I went to get my hair trim XD.



Carmen new look

Later, went to Time Squares. Mission: Find Beach Wear for the photoshoot (committee)

Bought Honeydew Pearl Milk Tea

Carmen-Wei Jye

Chui Yee-Eric

Took bus


There's this sign language in Italy. Guess? XD

Karina get piercing

Eat bread

My bread with Carmen's face behind - -

Eat ice cream



Found outfits..Models~ XD


Wei Jye

Finish finding the outfit. Dinner at the Gasoline.

Boredom while waiting for food

Finally!! Food and drinks!!!

Ice Lemon Tea

Kam Heong Fried Rice

Assam Seafood Rice

Ham and Egg Noodle Soup

Baked Cheese Chicken Chop

Day 2

Nothing much really but here are the pictures of what have been going on so far.



Kawaii Bear!!! XD

More pictures coming once I get from Wei Jye XD.

Eric is going to have fun in Singapore for a week. Eric!!! Remember to bring back some souvenirs!!! XD

-lu yin-