Tuesday, October 28

Encore 08 Auditions 1st Day

The 1st and 2nd day is the singing auditions. Lazy to explain XD. Feel so tired tim. I skip the statistical lecture which is 3 hours but I can still catch up once I refer to the notes ^ ^ wakakaka. Here are some pictures.

Tomorrow, cannot make it cause I got 3 class - 6 hours straight ><. But the good news is that I can make on thursday and Friday for the dancing auditions that I can see my "children". Today and tomorrow also might see them. lolz. ^ ^

-lu yin-

Sunday, October 26

Homemade and Healthy Food~

I had dinner with my family of a homecook meal cooked by my mom. ^ ^ My mom made the most amazing salad I've ever tasted that I might not order from the restaurant. XD I love my mom's cooking. The best of the best. I've always miss my mom's cooking when I'm staying at Wangsa Maju. Everytime when I come back to PJ, I would enjoy my mom's cooking. Wouldn't miss a thing.

Steam fishSmelly beans with chilly prawn paste
New dish that my mom make: Caesar Salad :D

Then, I had strawberries for fruits.

Healthy food right?

Yummy and healthy. Love mom's cooking. :D

Now, having fresh apple juice. Later, need to read the Cyberlaw and make notes for Corporate Communication.

Tomorrow, is the chanting marathon at the rk. Can't wait.

-lu yin-

Saturday, October 25

Encore 08 1st P&P Booth

Just now went to the college to help out on setting up the booth. The theme is Beach. Here are some pictures of the 1st P&P booth:

The beach. :D

Clouds and seagulls.

Coconut tree XD

Musical notes, clefs and rests :D

Here are the details of the 1st auditions:

TARCians, do come and check out the booth. Hope to see you guys there. :D

-lu yin-

Sunday, October 5

Group Photos Again~


-lu yin-

Saturday, October 4

Dinner at Du Viet

Had dinner at Du Viet, Uptown. Wow, so far this semester break I had nice and delicious food.

Love this picture. Made of wooden bowls, plates and trays. XD

Nice atmosphere with relaxing music.



Mom - Joon

Reading the menu


This aunty know mom and Joon quite well cause they came to Du Viet before. She's recommending us some good food to eat.

Lemongrass Drink

Vietnamese Drip Coffee not vert strong but ok

Ice Lemon Tea

Vietnamese Salad

Sugarcane Shrimp (Yummy!!)

Vietnamese Roll (Fried and Raw) Yummy!!

Beef Noodle with Mild Hot Soup

Beef Noodle Soup with Beef Ball, Beef, Briskets and all.

Beef Noodle Soup very nice~ XD

The food quite reasonable. Delicious food. Thanks mom. She normally take us to eat all kinds of food when my dad's not around. At least me and my brother can expose to all types of food. XD. Thanks mom.

-lu yin-

PS. guys, I know you all liu kou shui de. XD

Wednesday, October 1

Granpa's 76th Birthday

Woke up in the morning. Went to buy some Dim Sum and then went to my godmother's house to go together to my Granpa's house. I long time never go there de. Ever since my grandma was sick, hardly go there. Ya, my grandma passed away after my SPM. It's been a very long time that I didn't go to that house. Memories are still there. I still remember I go to that house have fun with my family especially my cousins. Today, only my side and godmother side of the family came plus third aunt. On the way,

Yin Kuin driving XD

Stop by to da bao KFC for lunch. My Granpa's favorite. Finally, reached the house. When Granpa see KFC, he tried to get up form the chair to enjoy the lunch.

Granpa enjoying KFC yum yum XD

My favorite Dim Sum : Xiao Mai !!!

Car Yi play with Whisky


With Granpa. Joon!!! = =

Watch TV to avoid being bored. XD Then, time to the cake and sing happy birthday song.

Yam cake (not my taste but at least I did eat a piece of cake ^ ^"")

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Granpa!!!

Later, drank white wine and ice wine. I drank wine since high school with my family so I'm used to it. Every time we get together. There's always wine and snacks to enjoy plus chatting current issues and all. Yes, I drink wine and I can take it. Oh boy, I start to miss Malibu and Magarita de. XD

Time to go home. It took like 30 minutes to go back to PJ by taking the highway. Till then.

Whisky looking from the car. KAWAII XD.

-lu yin-