Tuesday, September 30

More Photos on The Penang Trip

One more thing~

During Malam Mesra, FINALE. XD

-lu yin-

Dinner at Pizza Uno

Went out for dinner at Pizza Uno to enjoy Italian food since my dad is in China. My dad doesn't like this kind of food. XD Car Yi came along too.

Mom - Joon

Car Yi - Me


Mushroom Soup

Caesar Salad


Grilled Prawns Spirallina (Joon)

Mariana Spirallina (Me)

Alfonso sumthing XD (Mom)

Forgot what pasta de.(Car Yi) Also Car Yi's pretty fingers blocking the camera XD.

Pizza - Mexicana

Panna Cotta - Italian Custard

The food is delicious. Thanks mom for the meal.

Went to drop Car Yi home. Saw cute Whisky. He looks tired because he got an injection due to the rashes that he got last week. SO CUTE!!!! KAWAII!!!

Till then.

-lu yin-

Mr. Foo's Birthday 29/9

After the Penang trip, when ngam ngam strike midnight. Decided to give a birthday surprise for Mr. Foo (Chit Ngeam).

Birthday boy!!!

Make a wish.

Blow candle.

The boys

The girls

Gift - Espirit bag. Wow!!

Blueberry Cheesecake from Lavender

Dig in!!!

I can say is....


-lu yin-

Penang- KL SD Exchange Meet 27-28/9

Day 1

Woke up in the morning, double check my things and all. Had Milo.

Went to the student house at the 8th floor do chanting. Got this cute breakfast bag.

Suddenly, I got stomachache. Then, got on the bus and sleep.

2 hours later,

Something really happen. I woke up and my stomach was fine.

Sleepy look

My eyes hurt. Must be the contact lenses until my eyes are red. OMG. T T Somemore suddenly I got sinus. = =. What is this? I put Eye Mo on my eyes lagi worse. So, let my eyes be for the whole day until I'm fine the next day. Eyes been aching throughout the whole day until Acad R friends ask me whether I'm fine. I'm fine. All I need is some rest. Hehe. Thanks for all your concern. Lesson learned: Never wear contact lenses while sleeping.Ok back to the topic.

Reached Bukit Tambun Cultural Centre

Acad S member

Surroundings XD

Acad R group photo hehehe

Meeting Room

Lunch time - eat Chicken Rice

Wai Kee's fingers and ppl at the back getting ready for final rehearsal of sketch

Person in Charge for ice breaking

We did chanting. We arrange ourselves by months. Also, do the chicken dance XD.

September babies

Happy Birthday!!!

MCs - Ah Moon and Queenie

Later, had the sketch. Well the pics are with the cameraman, Yi Sheng. So I had to get them from him

There's the experience sharing. The girl in the middle had problems with her family. Very touching. Her friends are by her side. A strong person going through these things. Amazing.

Had the discussion forum with the Group members. I'm in Group 4 - Xing Fu. Get to exchange name cards with Acad S and V members.

The conclusion. Quite long. But still manage not to fall asleep.

Later, play games. Pictures with Yi Sheng. I must get from him XD


On behave of Acad R, Kelvin Lai say thanks to the Acad S and V.

The winner for the game session.

Then, went out makan dinner - SEAFOOD!!!

Sick look right? T T


Tom Yam Prawns

Zhu Zhu XD Had to suck it. LOLZ

Fried Squid


Steam Fish


There's the experience sharing by one of our senior.

Pillow talk - Friendship. Then, sleeping time.

Day 2

Woke up in the morning. Do chanting. Tired face? XD

Yew Leong

Waiting for bus.

Finally the bus arrived.

Queenie the Tour Guide lol

Crossing Penang bridge

Reach Penang

Market near Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si

Time for breakfast before going to the temple

Hokkien Mee
Pork Noodle Soup
Forgot. Lol. Got Duck meat and liver. Nice

Char Kuey Teow

Hehehe. Rapid Penang bus in Penang

Nyonya kuih

White cat. Cute!!!

On the way to Kek Lok Si. They stop by at the atm machine there just to get aircorn XD. Hot day mah.

Finally, reach Kek Lok Si temple.

Not rocks. Take a closer look.

Turtles. Climbing above each other weh.

Hot day? Here's a big fan. XD

Wai Kee XD

Took the lift up. Since I'm still recovering from the red eyes. RM 4 for up and down.

12 Chinese zodiacs



Later, went to the Penang Kaikan.

Youth Band

Saw very interesting that caught my vision.

Cute right? Look like made of shells.

Then, went to New World Park to have lunch. Yeah. Food!!

Ais Kacang ABC Special


Char Kuey Teow

Asam Laksa

After lunch, before going back to KL. Stop by at the famous Tau Sah Piah store.
Ghee Hiang. My godmother and my cousins' relatives from Penang normally buy this type of tau sah piah. Very nice.

Cute boy

Cute girl

"Riding" bicycle ^ ^""

Hugging the boy-boy XD

The guys hehehe

Bought 2 boxes - 1 for myself and 1 for my family. Then, go back to KL. On the way,


Decided to stop by at Ipoh, Perak to meet with the SD members and also had dinner with them.

Dinner - Ipoh Tauge Chicken!!

Wah!! So many stores!!

Went to the Onn Kee. The food there is better.

Got celebrities come to this place oh.

Fish Leong and Eason Chen

Wang Fei, Guang Liang, Nicholas Tze, the guy from the food channel XD

Tauge - Big, lot, crispy and yummy

Kuey Teow Noodle Soup

Meat Balls



Then, continue the journey back to KL. On the way back, we sing songs since the game started when at the Selangor. Finally reach back to KL. Wonderful memories. Glad to meet with Ipoh and Penang friends. Had wonderful time with my Acad R friends. This trip and memory I'll never forget.

Need to get more photos from Yi Sheng. XD

-lu yin-