Tuesday, October 26

Shakespeare with Love

Last Saturday was the day trip with international students like me to Startford Upon Avon - the birthplace of Shakespeare (one of my favorite playwright and writer).

I'm sure most of you heard of Shakespeare's work which consist of comedy and drama that brings out the sense and emotions. Quotes, poems, and plays which make us realize certain things in life that we may encounter.

Took a boat ride along the Avon River.

Met Nadiah. She's from Malaysia.

Marie - Nadiah - Sneha - Darius (While waiting to go inside Shakespeare's Birthplace)

This is Shakespeare's Birthplace where he grew up during his childhood days.

Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare's grave is.

A nice day at Stratford. I did bought a few souvenirs which is related to Shakespeare including a few books that has poems and romantic plays. Hehehe.

Alright, back to my research and doing assignments.

-lu yin-

Friday, October 15

Busy as Always and Change of Plans

It's Week 3 of my Semester 1 and this week's gonna end soon. As time goes by, the leaves have change and autumn has come.

Every Friday I go to LA Fitness gym to work out including the Dance Fusion session which I like it so much.

Day by day with the readings and assignment.

From time to time, I attend SGI-UK meetings and keep up with the daily gosho and study materials to keep myself motivated.

Day by day, there's homecook meal...

and packed lunch which I made so I won't hunger myself to death.

I bought a few mini cookbooks just to think to something really nice to cook.

Looks like I can't go for the Winter Europe Tour. Oh well, there's always the next season for the Europe Tour which is a must for me to go. Looks like I need to do something with my plans during my 1 month long semester break between December and January. Not to mention, the Christmas and New Year. I'm not the kind of person who always stuck at home all day long. Maybe visit a few friends from other parts of UK. There's always something that comes up unexpectedly.

But for now, I need to concentrate on my assignments and studies including during the weekends. I need to pass up one of my assignments in one month time.

It's getting late and it's 12.30am. Feel my head is spinning and I'm tired. Gotta get some sleep.

-lu yin-

P.S. This Sunday, I'm going to make Bak Kut Teh for dinner.

Friday, October 1

Time - Life - Lucks - Faith

As I wake up in the early morning like yesterday, I saw the sky is crying. It's been like this continuously in the mornings. Good thing is I feel calm. Bad thing is sometimes I feel sleepy.

As day goes by, every time I walk along the Poole Way road, I saw the color of the leaves change from green to yellowish. It'll become orange and red when it's late autumn.


The student life is like the same as usual during my college days in TARC and good ole days at Liverpool. The first day of lecture and discussion on Wednesday is good. A small group where we can discuss and share our point of view on the topics related to the media. Ya, five person including me in a group. Meals? My own homecook meals. Haihz, I miss my mom's cooking and the food back in Malaysia. I know I've been here in Cheltenham for like less than 2 weeks and I miss the food.

I finally enrolled via online and got my university student card. I've been in my room looking into the readings and online activity with the Moodle which is like an e-learning site. Books which I borrowed from the learning centre aka library are by my side.

Ah, the study mode has returned. I notice one thing. There are times when you tell yourself what you need to do. There are times that you need to have some fun and not sticking to the books too long until you become a zombie. There are times when you burn the midnight oil when you feel like you had no enough time. In conclusion, arranging the time properly for both work and studies.


Yesterday, I got a call from Rita who is the Women District Leader in Cheltenham. She lives nearby my area. While having the phone conversation, I have the excited feeling within me. I'm like "thank goodness" there's SGI-UK members in Cheltenham. Also, few days ago, I receive messages of good luck for my studies from my friends and family.

The thing is this. I brought my faith with me when I'm walking through the path of my life. Anywhere I go, the faith is with me. Friends and family, I thank you for giving me the support as I have decisions I made in my life. I believe that we all have faith in doing something what we love and take initiative to do so.


Based on the events and plans which I wrote in my diary, I'm gonna come up with posts related to these in my blog.

This is Lu Yin signing off.

-lu yin-