Sunday, October 30

Jungfrau, Switzerland (20/9/11)

On a lovely sunny day, I went up to Jungfrau which is one of the Swiss Alps. While heading to the train station, I was taking some houses which looks really homey.

At the train station, while waiting for the train, I can see the snow from here. I can't wait to get up there and enjoy the snow view.
It took about an hour to reach Jungfrau but the train stop at a few stops.
On the bright side, we got some got pictures including the ones with snow.
We transited to another train to get to Jungfrau.
Going even higher and higher.
Look at the snowy mountains. Isn't it amazing?
Finally, we had reach Jungfrau and look at the snow.

Our first stop is visiting the Snow Cave which has ice sculptures.
It's the squirrel from Ice Age. ^ ^
Hello, Jungfrau. I'm here.
Cute little penguins
Then, the highlight of being in Jungfrau is to get out, enjoy the snowy mountains, feel like we are in winter wonderland, and take photos.
We had our lunch at a nearby cafe to fill our tummies.

Then, we continue to go other parts of area in Jungfrau.
I checked out the Swiss watches which is very very expensive. Even I myself couldn't afford to buy these good quality Swiss watches.

The last one was tiring and challenging. All of us were walking along the snow mountains to the end point which has some kind of cafe. Apparently, at the end there's another nice view at the other side of the snowy mountains.
The thing is this. Even though everywhere we see are snow, but it's so hot because of the sun shining so bright. It's so hot that I have to take out my gloves, vest, jacket, and scarf. All that's left is just my sweater and I still feel hot. OMG. See what I mean.
It took about 40 minutes to reach our destination while we were like walking slowly, stop and rest for a while then continue, and breathing slowly. Some of us were walking fast while others were walking slowly. While walking I feel my blood was pumping like crazy especially at my neck.

Reach to the final point. Finally. But to be honest, I was quite disappointed with this view.
All that I know is that I am still alive.

Then, we all have to walk back and do the same scenario.

FYI, I was there. XD
After that, we have to head back down to the camping grounds because we have to be back in the evening for dinner. However, I waited for Da Hee and Flora as they haven't reached to the meetup point where we set before we go to the train station. So, Laura and Alvaro went on ahead to the train station while I waited. When Da Hee and Flora came, we rushed to the train station and finally met up with Laura and Alvaro. Got on the train and we were so exhausted. Not only that, I got a slight sun burn on my cheeks.

After resting our tiring legs during the whole train journey, we stopped by at a nearby store to get some Swiss chocolates. Did you know that Lindt chocolate, which is my favourite one, is originally made in Switzerland? There are a lot of variety of Lindt chocolate products. So far, my favourites are Dark Chocolate and the Chocolate Mousse inside the Chocolate. Then, we continue back to the camping grounds.

We were so exhausted and all we can think about is food. We had nice warm food including Apple Strudel.
This is Apple Strudel with Custard Cream and Berries for dessert.
That was the end of the day Switzerland.

The next day, we said goodbye to Switzerland and go for another long journey to the next destination.
I had already fell in love with Switzerland because of the wonderful snow view. It's as if that I am in the Winter Wonderland. When I earn enough salary or when I retired, I would love to come and visit Switzerland again. Even though it was tiring, especially the hot sun shining crazily while there's snow everywhere in the Swiss Alps, I still find that this is one of my awesome challenges (aka experiences) which I will never ever forget. It's tiring but I enjoyed it.

-lu yin-

Saturday, October 22

Next Destination: Switzerland

I said goodbye to Paris and told myself that I'll come and visit again.
On the way to Switzerland (a half day journey to Swizerland), I was enjoying the view and thank goodness there was no rain following us.

I reached Switzerland and I can see snow at the mountains.
We reached safely at the camping grounds. We were at Lauterbrunen, Switzerland.
The shocking thing is that we have to pay half of the Swiss Francs for five minutes hot shower. = = That sucks. First time hearing that we need to pay for the shower.

After we freshen ourselves up, went to the canteen tent to have our nice, warm, and delicious meal.

This is like a welcome drink. You basically take the cap of the bottle and stick it on the forehead. Then, drinking it while waving your hands beside your ears. It's quite strong but thank goodness for not being tipsy.
Our dinner has finally arrived. First off, cheese fondue.
Another thing that is quite entertaining. If you drop the bread in the cheese fondue pot, you have to kiss the person next to you on the cheek. It did happen to a few people and we were shouting 'Kiss, Kiss,Kiss'. XD It did happen to me to and I have to kiss my Korean girl friend on the cheek.

More food arrived. Meat and veggies.
I felt warm and happy after the meal. Then, I head straight to the bar with the rest of the gang.
These are coasters with messages which are written by tourists.

We had beers. We played games. We danced. We go crazy. It's all about having fun.
We end the night in Switzerland. This is my first night of going crazy.

By the way, our song throughout this trip is 'Memories' by David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi.
The song is upbeat and the lyrics really mean something. Those crazy things we did are the best memories throughout this trip. The song is still in my mp3. Whenever I listen to this song, I still remember the good times we had during the trip.

The next post is about going up to the Swiss Alps and enjoying the view including snow. Stay tuned.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, October 18

My Day in Paris (18/9/11)

It was a perfect day for me to look around Paris.

My first stop is visiting the Lourve Museum starting from the inside which is looking at the wonderful arts and sculptures including Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.
Then, heading out and walking around near the Lourve Museum.
As usual, there are lot of tourists visiting this place. If you are a fan of art and history, then you should definitely visit this place when you are in Paris.

I mostly use the Metro to travel within Paris to see the places that I want to visit.

I've seen the Opera House where the story of Phantom of the Opera came from.
The St. Margaret Church which, to me, looks like a Pantheon.
Galerie Lafayette which sadly close on Sundays. Wanted to go to a cafe which serves delicious macaroons. Not only this shopping centre was closed but same goes with other shops on Sundays. T T
That's the Metro line which me and my friends travel from one place to another in Paris.
Visited the Notre Dame. Sadly, I couldn't get in because many people were waiting in the long queue to go in the Notre Dame. But, it's really nice on the outside. I wonder what it looks like inside there. Probably the inside is very eye-catching.
Took these while heading to our next destination. Autumn is coming.
We just keep walking and walking until we see something worth taking photos.

I can see Arc de Triomphe way over there.
Yes, just slowly walking and taking pictures at the same time.
Had lunch at the nearby cafe and we rush to the Eiffel Tower because we were suppose to go for the bicycle tour. Unfortunately, we change metros and even if we were late about 5 - 10 minutes, the bicycle tour group was gone. Aish. There goes my 25 Euros down the drain. T T

On the bright side, I get to climb up to the Eiffel Tower. I climb to the very top of the Eiffel Tower to see the whole view of Paris. Although it is tiring, but it is worth seeing the city.
One thing that I can't miss trying out in Paris is the macaroons. Found the macaroon shop which serves the most delicious macaroons ever.
These macaroons are heavenly. Was jumping for joy after every single bites of these. If I remember correctly, I had Rose, Coffee, Pistachio, Jasmine, Passion Fruit with Chocolate, and the two other flavours which I forget. Overall, these are the best macaroons which I ever had.

After dinner near the Eiffel Tower, took a few more photos with the Eiffel Tower again.
I end my night in Paris by taking the canal cruise along the River Seine. Even though that night was raining and strong wind came by, but I stood there and manage to get good photos including the Eiffel Tower.
I said good night to Paris. I still haven't seen some places yet in Paris like the Catacombs, Napoleon's Tomb, inside Notre Dame and Opera House. I would love to visit Paris again. I want to explore more.
Goodbye Paris, I will come and visit again soon.

Next stop, Switzerland.

-lu yin-