Wednesday, February 25

Sayang You Can Dance Trailer

This is the Sayang You Can Dance the movie. Check out the website.

Official Website:

Mia (Sharifah Amani) is a typical daddy’s girl from a rich family who is obsessed with hip hop dancing. While she thinks it is nearly impossible to realize her dream, Remie (Samuel Rizal), an outstanding break dancer stomps into her life and everything has changed ever since. Together with Dafi (Gadaffi AF5), Robby (Ebi Kornelis AF5), the enthusiastic teens train hard every day, to take a few steps closer to their dream through taking part in a national-level break dance competition. While success is just around the corner, Mia’s wealthy father steps in and puts a stop to everything, including her love towards Remie. With the strong beliefs in themselves, the team finally manages to bring everything back together again until Remie suddenly falls…

Well, can't wait for the movie. I watched the trailer. It's nice. Hopefully, this movie is thumbs up. Support local movie yah. =)

-lu yin-

Uth Can Dance

Attention people and also those who love to dance!!!

U think U can dance?
If so, let’s shake it with everyone and see it
U can dance better than Alam…
or shake it like Dafi
or look hotter than Samuel Rizal
Join us as we celebrate the release of this 1st Dance movie in Malaysia – Sayang You Can Dance

1. Upload your dancing video to Youtube
2. Email your particulars (Name, IC No, Contact No, Email, Institution) and your youtube link to
3. Uth crews will inform you if u WIN!

What are the prizes?

Grand prize: 1 X iPod Nano 4th Generation
Consolation prizes: 3 X Jackie Chan Sunglass worth RM300 each

For further information, log on to

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Dusun Eco Resort (21-22/2)

I came back from Dusun Eco Resort. There's some pictures but I can only show you some. Haha. Don't worry will upload more once I get pictures from Kelvin. XD Here are some of the pictures on the 2 day Acad R-reunion.

At BRJ bus stop

Finally, reach Dusun Eco Resort

Jess - Wai Kee
So many bags @ @

Got a lot more...Coming soon... XD

-lu yin-

Monday, February 23

Soka Universituy Japan Exchange Meet (22/2)

I went over to BK to attend the exchange meet where we get to meet with Soka U students from Japan. ^ ^ It's nice to get to know them and I had some fun. I thought I couldn't make it due to the transportation problem. Finally, I made it which I'm very very happy. Also, get to see my PJ friends - Kok Hoe, Gin Nin, Audrey, and Ching Ying. Took a few pics with the SUJ students.

Me - Gin Nin - Michiyo - Kar Yin

Me and Kar Yin with Jap friends

Me - Kyoko - Kar Yin

Hopefully, can keep in touch. When I'm in Japan in the near future, will for sure contact them. XD

-lu yin-

ps : will update on Acad R Reunion asap. also the five day roadshows this week. very the busy at the moment XD

Friday, February 20

Off to Dusun Eco Resort

Yup, that's right. I am off to Dusun Eco Resort, Pahang.

Will be there this weekend for the Acad R reunion.

Gonna be emcee for English. Plus with my 2 other comrades.

Hopefully, this reunion will go smoothly, good weather, and every member is healthy. ^ ^

Will back on Sunday. Got another plan which is the Soka U exchange meet. That is on Sunday night. I'm going.

Hopefully, will bring up new post on this reunion and also the exchange meet.

Alright, I'm gonna makan. Haven't eat dinner yet. XD Then, I'm gonna sleep cause need to wake up early in the morning.

Dusun Eco Resort...Here I come... =)

-lu yin-

Monday, February 16

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Went for a gal's night out on Valentine's Day with "sisters". Had a wonderful dinner at Peony Garden where this place served Baba Peranakan food. Spicy~

Drank Peony Special - mix of lemon grass and pandan blended..quenching and cooling

Seko gave each of us Feroro Rocher...chocolate on Valentine~

Nice plate design. Peony. XD

Group photos while waiting for the food to arrive.

Me - Jennifer - Shiao Mei

In came Lilian

And then Pauleen

Yummy food!!

Claypot Pork


Popiah style

Spicy Prawns

Spicy Kangkung

Asam Fish. Delicious.

Candid shots. XD

Next, went to Dessert's Bar to have desserts.

I saw chocolate fondue and I was clapping hands like crazy XD...Chocolate temptation muahaha A lot of joyful, sweetness, and happiness.

Ordered two different sets of desserts under Valentine's Day Special. Quite reasonable price. Had delicious desserts until like we are all in our own heaven. Hehehe. Really Thumbs up for these delicious desserts.


Mango Smoothie

Chocolate Fondue

Fruit Tea (refreshing)

Belgian Chocolate Smoothie

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Belgian Chocolate

Rum and Raisins

Went back home and pack my things to go back Setapak because got work the next day.

This is the best Valentine girls' night out I ever have. =)

-lu yin-

Friday, February 13

Xiao Thong's Farewell (11/2)

After the roadshow, I asked Elbrine (my supervisor) whether I can leave early because I gotta be back home for Xiao Thong's farewell. She said is ok which is a good thing. Well, next time I don't wanna keep asking to leave early and because it's kindda rude or either take advantage that kind of thing.

Anyway, when I got back home, did chanting for 30 minutes with my housemates. Then, some of us including me have to prepare food for the steamboat. Hahaha. Tom Yam and Chicken Soup (Tom Yam, Yeah!!!) Finally, are prepared de!!! Lolz

First time got carrot for steamboat XD

A lot of fishball and meatball food XD

Group Photos ~

Clockwise: Khai Wei(white) - Eric - Yee Wen - Wee Leng - Xiao Thong - Xiao Wei

Hungry! XD

Hold bowl and wait for food XD

Seriously hungry XD

Yeah!!! Steamboat food!!

Us enjoying our dinner. XD

Xiao Thong - Wee Leng - Eric

Xiao Wei - Yee Wen - Xiao Thong

Eric - Khai Wei

Sprite Cincau made by Khai Wei. Nice oh. XD

Eat so full until I couldn't eat another bite. The food is great. Hoishi!!! Well, I wish Xiao Thong reach Australia safely and face through things over there. Gambateh. =)

-lu yin-