Monday, February 25

Pantai Seafood 23/2

finally upload the pics 4 almost 2 freaking hours yeesh....

must be the connection...cousins upload pics jor....u owe me sumthing haha jk jk

went to the Pantai Seafood restaurant to have a family dinner with mom's side of the family

the food is great and I have loads of fun with my cousins

and drank quite a lot of glasses of wine again


SEAFOOD!!! my fav...better than the King Crab Restaurant

so big the fish ><

while waiting for the food to arrive...

me - loolu
car yi - hui
me - loolu - wei
wei - car yi- hui
han take pics of me and my cousins hp lolz ^ ^"

finally the food just keep coming while we were eating...I almost eat every single dish

sharkfin soup
prawns (yummy)
lala (YEAH!!!) ^ ^

steam chicken

bamboo clams (my FAV!!! YES!!!) ^ ^
roast pork leg
clam soup
steam fish

fried black pepper noodle
kai chen - joon - kuin
han - hong seng
hui - loolu

my godmother carrying hong seng's bag XD

decided that me and my cousins take pic together

we have grown up so fast, time really pass so fast

take 1
take 2
take 3
take 4

final pose!! DA BEST!! ^ ^

behave ah...n u're carrying my handbag XD
pose pose ^ ^"
clockwise: car yi - wei - han - hong seng

car yi - kuin (bro and sis)

the guys
the girls
smile lah joon!! - -
so cute wakaka XD

black and white ^ ^"
act cool
mirror image XD
so dat wraps it up been blogging almost 3 hours....just because the uploading pics so slow...
oh well done oledi
now can relax and watch heroes (season 1)
i noe alotta ppl watch 2 seasons jor
but hey need some entertainment and relaxation
plus watching gossip girl
still got 1 more week till college start
can't wait ^ ^
-lu yin-