Sunday, October 28

Encore! '07 1st pnp counter

well it's 4 promoting Encore! n having auditions for group singing and group dancing competition.......getting all ready as i'll ever b...woke up early in de morning...went 2 college by lrt wearing green shirt n jeans....on de way took pictures n notice dat i'm sitting in de green train ^ ^

once reach wangsa maju station...on my way 2 take taxi cause i thought i wuz late i saw a green taxi ^ ^"

wondering y i say green...well bcuz dat's da theme color n black for Encore! reach da college n i c an amazing decorative counter ^ ^

while taking pics i saw a group of people practice singing at da padang getting ready 4 auditions

not only auditions we also sell candles n accessories imported from bali n korea handmade

n taking more pics on sum funny people ^ ^" (pics worth a thousand words)

den a few of us take with ee lin bcuz she's wearing a sign board ^ ^

also i took some pics of a few performances...they are dis year's TT finalist....

dis is how da counter looks like....

opium O O?

sakura, orange, n frangipani




as days go on and r taken with sum frens during da 1st pnp counter...

2 c more pics go check my frenster photos ^ ^

it's been fun during da pnp counter....hope will b even better 4 da 2nd 1 ^ ^

-lu yin-

Monday, October 15

4th day in si chuan

well 2 continue my story on dis trip i had during da sem break....dis time i think juz come straight 2 de point so i dunnit 2 write like an essay called " wat i do during sem break" lolz ^ ^ well anyway there's nth quite interesting dat day
i had buffet again 4 breakfast....n den b4 leaving da hotel 2 go back 2 cheng du took sum pics again....

while on da way 2 da airport autumn is coming in soon

took off n say bye bye jiu zai gou

finally reach cheng du after da 45 mins flight n we went 2 restaurant which serves herbal meal delicious....

rice wine...very strong until u might wanna choke....everybody drank until dey hv rosy cheeks ^ ^

sum nice dishes dat is healthy...

after we went upstairs 2 listen about bao fu ling...- - i dun wanna hear again i hear dat almost everytime when i went on a trip 2 china

b4 going 2 dead sea resort we stop by at de luo dai street where hakka ppl lives there...there's a story bhind dis place...liu bei's son drop his jade in de well at dat dat's y it's called luo dai street...

next went 2 de dead sea de dead sea in china is actually artificial...n a 5 star hotel?? i dun think like dis place is in da middle of no where n de service at de restaurant is so bad....i rather rate it a 2 star hotel....

am i in egypt? O O

after dinner, me n my mom went 4 black mud massage u know put black mud all over de body...aiyah should hv take de camera n ask sum1 2 help us take picture of after putting black mud ><><

to be continue....

-lu yin-

Friday, October 12

1st week of de 5th sem

haihz wat can i say ssh office always do last minute things....take de time table 4 example....always come out late like i dunno a few days ago at de college....n de time table is not in de college website - -" time table also a bit messy but still de time also so so but long i can bear with it....oh well at least when assignments come den there's da time there r discussion during break times....also didn't tell us whether got hols 4 hari raya haihz.....4get it i'm not going 2 kolej 2moro, i'm going 2 1u with dian 2 shop n watch movie ^ ^....monday also consider holiday....haihz...other schools office inform de students but de ssh office blur blur didn't tell - -"....

monday actually i thought i got lecture once i've seen da timetable....but all hv tutorials n those will start nxt i wait 4 dian 2 finish listening 2 da lecture n go off 2 midvalley 2 watch movie...actually suppose 2 go there de day after i got back from china but dian 4got cause she wuz sick...anywayz i wuz quite tired after da whole trip in china so might as well rest 4 a few days....anywayz back 2 da topic....we went 2 midvalley n thinking about which movie wanna watch....

resident evil: extinction...

or i pronounce you chuck and larry?

resident evil is all about killing zombies n all dian said dat her fren told her dat de previous 1 is much more better....4 chuck n larry movie is funny alotta ppl say is damn funny so decided 2 watch i pronounce u chuck n larry....bought de tickets n den go cari makan....finally go ate at ayamas....we order de same food we order is in a hot plate n den taste n look like dat kind of chicken rice ppl normally c in hawker stall n all....but de food is nice....after dat we watch da's so hilarious laugh like crazy but there's 1 guy in de cinema laugh so freakin loud...he's liek shouting n laughing at da same irritating...overall da movie is hilarious...after dat went back home n relax again....

2day i went out again....after de drama lecture, ting ask me whether i'm free after dis lecture...i said yes n ask her y...ting dey all ask me 2 join dem 2 go 2 sungai wang n den kl pavilion 2 teman dem....well since i've nth else 2 do at home might as well join dem....we went 2 sungai wang by metro's quite a long journey 2 go there summore traffic jam - -...da bus driver respect all cultures...y?...cause he change 2 from 1 radio station 2 another meaning from chinese 2 malay 2 india n back again....n sum songs "kek" thinking cds got problem haihz....finally rach sungai wang jalan jalan....ting n soo fang wanna go there bcuz wan 2 find part time also got come n ma wan 2 get a part time job dis sem but can't 4 me i got sum plans 4 da event dis sem 4 da choir society n also assignments, presentations n all....on de other hand, ma goes back 2 church everday....conclusion, both of us r we jalan up n down until decided 2 go 2 kl pavilion....kl pavilion 2 me is sort of a high class place which many ppl might think....dat place got a lot of branded clothes shop dat u couldn't afford.....i mean these things are very all we do is walk around n juz look...n den walk back 2 sungai wang 2 jalan again until we feel tired...later we all went 2 mcd n soo fang ordered mcvalue meal cheeseburger while ting n ma ordered mcvalue meal mcchicken talk n laugh laugh until it's time 2 go back home bcuz we r so tired dat our legs almost turn 2 taufu...i mean we did a lot of walking....finally reach home n can relax while reading 1 of meg cabot book n also play sudoku n word search...

when it comes 2 sudoku, i can't stop doing it....once i do a puzzle, i would do another 1 after i finish non-stop O O....well dat's wat i do during my free time n also listen 2 music of course....dis sem i really hv 2 work on...means i won't skip lecture, tutorials n practical....i mean i feel as dat 2nd year is getting a lil' bit hard....n dis year's subject is kind of important so dis sem gotta work hard especially de next sem which is de end of my 2nd year.....summore hv 2 but a lot of texts dis sem O O....omg 6 books 4 law, law these lecturer is da same 1 hu taught national goals last sem...- - she keep talking n talking non-stop....i heard she used 2 b a lawyer... luckily she's not our tutor unfortunaterly mr.boon is not our tutor 4 dis subject T T....public opinion n persuasion..miss chan yeah!! ^ ^....writing 4 mass media is puan ana...she's quite a good lecturer n tutor....she reminds me of miss theresa.....n last but not least translation...i heard de lecturer is chinese woman but dunno her name yet...oh well will find out soon enough....

ok lar...dat's it....2moro i go out again.....going 2 1u with dian 2 shop 4 her clothes n watch "the bourne ultimatum"...i heard is a very good action movie 2 watch...also we might probably play pool ^ ^

-lu yin-

p.s i'll update about da china trip asap ><

Friday, October 5

3rd day in si chuan

on de 3rd day..i recover from day 2 sickness after de driver drive so fast from de mountains - -" but still i'll feel dat i couldn't breath altitude sickness - - haihz probably a few hours or so i'll get even more better so i wouldn't pengsan during de trip.....

ate breakfast....BUFFET!!!....later dinner buffet den de next day buffet again sianz - -"....i drank a few bowls of miso soup n sum fruits: watermelon n honeydew in china is sweet ^ ^ later took a few restaurant is quite big...2 big rooms....

me ^ ^


1st room

2nd room

next,we take more pics around de hotel b4 we head off 2 jiuzaigou

sick look?

an hour later or so....we finally reach de entrance 2 jiuzaigou....around de area near de entrance it was packed full of ppl....a lot of tourist groups come 2 c de natural beautiful place....

so many ppl O O

btw dis is nick own tour guide from malaysia ^ ^


pity him....he has 2 hold a lot of cameras 2 take picture of de tourist group > <

dis is de tour group dat me n my mom join 4 dis u noticed i'm de YOUNGEST 1 in de group

got on de bus n went off 2 sum wonderful places in jiuzaigou n took sum place is beautiful n wonderful even when is during autumn....during dat time there were a lot of ppl taking nice pics...but manage 2 take nice 1 lolz....dis week is de peak season n also de golden week plus national day 4 good dey got 10 days holiday....dis week will b alotta ppl in sum places like de main cities n also de tourist spots

norilang waterfall...beautiful isn't it?

mirror lake..reflection....can c dat fish fly in sky, birds swim in water ^ ^"...when will my reflection shows hu i m inside ^ ^"

peacock lake

wu cai hai


pearl shoals

pearl shoals waterfall


wu cai chi

whole day at jiuzaigou...we even had lunch is buffet...AGAIN with de buffet....where's de place where u can sit down n de dishes r serve 1 by 1 n enjoy de meal....i'm gonna get fadap with de buffet oledi....buffet is nice but least sumthing even better food 4 de buffet like de 1 at shangrila hotel in kl....their buffet is da best....also shogun de japanese buffet ^ ^....if in china i would rather prefer de food which r delicious n which r serve lolz....i think i'm asking 2 much ><

after de whole morning n afternoon at jiuzaigou, went back 2 de hotel n relax 4 a while n den go off again 2 watch a tibetan cultural's very interesting n sum music makes me wanna tap my foot 2 follow de beat of de music while taking sum pics.....

wow....ferari?....not a car fan but wat car leh ><....dat car so expensive...not mine ><

lovely's all about nature

ever thought of riverdance?

sumthing like a lute but i'm not sure wat instrument dey were playing O O


another group playing de same kind of instrument


after de show i danced with de local ppl around de fire....

later went back 2 de hotel 2 dance again with de locals but den de fire 1 is fake

30 minute later all i can do is sleep soundly on de bed of de hotel room with no disturbance...dat day is wonderful n admiring wonderful sceneries in jiuzaigou n enjoying a cultural show ^ ^

to be continue...

-lu yin-