Saturday, January 22

First Week of Semester

There are good ones and there are bad ones (not so much) during this week.

Monday - First class I went to the wrong venue and end up taking the bus to go to the right destination but was 30 minutes late for class. At night, I was the moderator for the SGI-UK meeting. Although there are a few mistakes, but the meeting goes well. Cynthia told me that there's still lot to learn of being involved in this kind of meeting like being a moderator, sharing experience and many more.

Tuesday - Had "Writing for the Screen" class. The start off producing some ideas for our individual assignment. It's actually coming up with a written script for a show. So excited. I have loads of idea that I come up with even when I see and hear from something for inspiration.

Wednesday - It was interesting class on "Digital Journalism". One of the assignment which I'm excited about is creating an online news website. After that, it's "Global News & Communication. During the class, the tutor gave us the short quiz on what year the major events happen. Honestly, I totally suck at knowing what year these events really happen. @ @ I got a call from my friend during my class, and it was slightly embarrassing as it was a small group during the class. Later at night, I went to watch King's Speech. The one thing is that I wanted to applaud after the movie ends because it was awesome. But, others didn't so I just (...)

Thursday - Went to Taplow Court to do "Art of Living" magazine packaging. I was really tired because I didn't sleep the whole night due to taking coffee in the late evening and playing addictive NDS games.

Friday - During the "Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries", loads of jargons related to business were circulating around my head until I feel that my head is gonna burst.

Throughout these classes and other events, I learn and experience. Knowing the flaws I had. Knowing that I have to work hard on being a capable person. It is the dynamic development of becoming the capable person.

Today and tomorrow is my lazy weekend. So, I'm just gonna relax till the new week ahead of me begin.

-lu yin-

Thursday, January 6

Cold Days But I'm Smiling

As usual it's getting colder as day goes by, I'm even wearing socks and gloves too. Also, wrap myself with the blanket almost every single day in winter.

I've been watching Korean dramas recently during my breaks after I come back from Germany. But, of course, I did my assignments which I have to past my next week. OMG.

No, coffee for me for these few days until I recover. Ya, I still not getting better yet from the flu. I'm eating and sleeping well just to keep myself healthy and strong.

I'm still smiling both inside and out even though it's really cold outside. Yup, just like "when it's cold outside, I got the month of May". Does it ring a bell? No matter how cold it feels and looks like we all still have our warm heart and soul that make us smile each and every single day.

I've been reading novels while listening to music at the same time. I sometimes sing to myself while listening to my favorite songs.

I've been playing with my Nintendo DS just to excite me.

I've been doing my assignments too.

Yup, just the regular "me" time at home.

I even have my thoughts and dreams of traveling. I know it's my little own world but I'm gonna make it happen when the time is right.

Okay, I totally blabbering away because I just post this to fill in my free time at the moment.

But anyways, as far as I know I have to keep myself warm for the winter. Maybe I might hibernate too for a few days till my new semester start.

Looking forward to the new semester.

Wait up for my new random post which will come up anytime.

-lu yin-