Saturday, November 14

Random Happenings

K. There are a few things. That is quite random. Means happen for the past few days. Taking pics with my phone.

Took this when I'm at Billardo, TBR while it's raining outside like crazy.

New Samsung LCD TV took my seat and I have to sit like this.

My brother enjoying himself at the front seat while I'm cramming myself at the back with the LCD TV.

By the way, I had my haircut a few weeks back. My hair is short and nice. Decided to change my hairstyle.

Chocolate fetish. Choc Cup Bon and Choc Rocky

Bought 3 bottles of Bliss Yoghurt Drink which is only RM3 during promotion at Canteen 2.

Too random right. Haha.

-lu yin-

ps. Carmen!!! Where's Kevin's birthday photos??? I want.

"Sticky" Homemade Candies

As I was on my way, to Studio V for attending one of the activity, I saw the new shop "Sticky" which my friend told me about it a few days back.

I tell myself. Well, try the yummy yummy candies.

That's right it's home-made candies. ^ ^

Every weekend, there will be a demonstration on the process of making candies.

I bought one jar of the mix candies.

It's yummy and addictive. Mouth-watering. Seriously.

1 small jar like this is around RM13.90. I bought this one RM19.90 because is mix candies.

By the way, it's at the lower ground floor between the old wing and the new wing.

Candy lovers. I'm sure you like them.

You can check on Youtube on how they make the candies.

-lu yin-

Wednesday, November 11

It's Already Week 6

Ya. It's been a while that I didn't put up or type out something in my blog.

It's Week 6.

Assignments started to come. Writing Strategy assignments especially. Typing out a story or something including the key elements applied. Each week have to pass up like 2 of them.

Thesis. The last two chapters to finish up.

Preparations for the SSH 10th Anniversary in the time which is so close.

Unplugged '09 which is coming in a month time.

Yup. Time does pass by quite fast. I mean. It's been like half of this semester is gone.

All I could think of is work and play at the same time.

Friends and family.

My grandparents who are up above enjoying themselves.

Yes. I notice I haven't updated on the GuiLin trip. Also, what I've been doing for the past few weeks.

Well, I'm sure when the time is right. When everything goes smoothly, I'll be sure to type something from what I think.

For now, it's the busy time for me. I'm sure you all the same when it comes to assignments, work, etc.

-lu yin-