Sunday, December 28

Martial Art

Went to the BK to support my friend who is involve in the exchange internal Martial Art competition. Kar Jin fetch me there from PJ. Thankz ya. While waiting for him to fetch me, I was mesmerize by the sunset in the sky.

Nice right?

Reach BK and meet up with Phooi Kei, Queenie, and Jess. Pictures to show.

So cute!!!

Cute kid taking picture for mummy XD

Lion dance

KL 1

Selangor 1


Selangor 2

KL 2

Dragon Pole (I think XD)


Judges (Ah Hong is one of them.)

After the competition, guess what? My friend from the KL group won. The left side wear singlet and wear specs is Yi Hao. XD Happy for the group.

Later, went back to Setapak cause no transport to go back PJ. Had Claypot Loh Shu Fun for late dinner. XD

Went back home rest. Then, back to PJ the next day.

-lu yin-

Friday, December 26

Christmas Day

I went back to PJ in the early morning to attend the chanting marathon in Region Kaikan. After that, had lunch with Teck Mun and tell her that I have a rough time during this semester lately. Yong called me. Say wanna hang out. He drive to the area some more. He even wait for me after I settle with the narration over the Japanese video. Then, went to the Hartamas area to find food to makan. But then nothing much so go to La Bodega, Bangsar Village to have a treat and also having cocktails especially. Long time never drink de.

We were sitting at the bar.

Funny names that they could think off. XD

This place serve variety of cocktails and food. Delicious. Thumbs up.

Shandrea (Red Wine with the Orange Liquor)

Best drink in that place: XXmas Monkey (Peppermint Liquor, Banana and1 more ingredient which I forgot XD)

Food recommend by one of the staff.


Butter Mushrooms. I love the sauce. *saliva come out XD

Later, went to KFC because Yong wanna eat even though he pokai de. = =

Went back home to eat a nice Xmas dinner. The main thing: turkey drumsticks and caesar salad

Dad cutting the turkey drumstick

Oh! The hunger! XD

Had strawberries after dinner.

To me, it's about quality time with family and friends. Merry Christmas.

-lu yin-

Christmas Eve Party (24/12)

Had a fun and warming Xmas Eve Party at the 11th floor student house. Dinner? Steamboat. Before the fun begins,

Sook Ching give this as a gift. Thanks : )

With the Xmas hat

Night view from 11th floor student house

Cheng Shuang - Queenie

Yew Leong

Tee An - Chuan Yi

Xiao Wei

Play cho dai ti

While others get ready the food

Messy nia..

Suddenly, everybody go play cards XD


The food.

Put food in the tom yam and chicken soup

Yam Seng!!! XD


The joy.

Promoting on making dumplings XD rofl

Being punched

Feed Chuan Yi XD rofl

Moon promoting fcuk XD rofl

Moon drawing

Look like him right? Lolz

Red~ Xmas color

All 3 of us wear green. Take pics for fun. XD

Monkey see, monkey do

Huh? o o


Tengok apa?

Pretend to fight each other out XD

Xiao Thong came. Also wear green top. Do funny things again. XD

Trying to be Xmas tree


OMG!!! XD rofl

Whose leg white LOLZ rofl

Xmas colors

Chuan Yi and Moon fight for food

= = Measuring the waist after makan. = =

Xiao Thong with rabbit ears. Cute oh.

Xiao Wei

Cheng Shuang

The countdown.

Watermelon Time

The exchange of presents.

Each of us got a present.

Hao Ran with toilet gift XD

A bucket of shells

So girly XD we were LOLing

Book Planner



Candle holder. Cute.


Candle again Lolz but with aroma

Key Chains

Pencil Holder and cute flower

So Cute!!!! I want!!! This gift specially for Cheng Shuang. Given by the 8th floor student house guys.

So Pink XD

Dark Chocolate

Group Picture

This is the best Xmas I ever had. Hope to have this kind of thing next year.

One last thing before I go. Merry Xmas!!!

-lu yin-