Wednesday, April 29

Internship is Over

I finish my internship already.

Just wanna say something.

I wanna thank Elbrine, my supervisor, for guiding me especially Jet they all throughout this whole internship. Although my Chinese is like ok ok, but at least got some communication. Even had lunch together. Sometimes you tell me something that I shouldn't do, I understand and discipline me to become a better person. I really learn a lot during these 3 months. You are leaving the same time as me. Hope you have a better future and best of luck to you.

I also wanna thank my boss and Lisa for giving us some guidance while running events. Although you are busy with clients, but you still guide us along the way. Even planning before starting off the events. The strategys and understanding the audience and customers.

Thank you Da Wei for the laughter that you make us laugh.

Ah Fu, although you disturb me when I'm working (you want my attention), you are still cute, big and adorable.

Hope we could keep in contact.

Anyway, thanks and I really learn a lot during this internship.

-lu yin-

Sunday, April 19

Marble Cake - Best of Lucks

Made another cake with the help of the maid before I go back to Wangsa Maju.

Chocolate powder...

to make chocolate batter

The round one got chocolate batter on the second layer

In the oven


I can't wait to let my friends and housemates to try delicious homemade cakes. Hehehe.


Tomorrow is the beginning of the final exams. To all my college friends and coursemates, I wish you all best of lucks in the exams. Don't panic. Just go with the flow and calm down. One more thing, don't stress yourself out. Do your very best in the exams.

Gambateh ya!!! ^ ^

Saturday, April 18

Mom's Birthday at Victoria Station

Decided to go to Victoria Station(VS) to celebrate my mom's birthday. It's been like 1 and half years that I didn't go there. The atmosphere change. I mean last time was like the traditional train station. Now, it's the Western railroad station with cowboys and Indians. XD Even the menu and the design of menu.

Joon - Mom

Appetizers - Escargot

Joon and Mom ordered Seafood Chowder

I ordered Oxtail Soup.


Main Courses

Joon - Prime Rib

Me and Dad - Sirloin

Mom - Spare Ribs

Last but not least,


Bom Alaska

Happy Birthday, Mom. Love you always. =)

-lu yin-

Orange Cake

A few days, my mom called me and she asked me to come back to celebrate her birthday. Another thing is that she is baking cake. o o To my surprise, really. She baked cake. XD I thought for some special occasion but she really wants to bake cake for the fun and enjoyment of baking. =) That's good.

After finish half day of work on Saturday, went back to PJ. Reach home and start to bake Orange Cake. Yes, Orange Cake. Learning to bake cake other than the time I help make cookies with my godmother.

Usual ingredients for making cake: flour, baking powder, butter, sugar and eggs


Butter and sugar

Blending with the mixer

Important ingredients for the Orange Cake

Orange and Lemon Zest

Orange and Lemon Juice

Add other ingredients including the fruit zest and juice

Mix together become nice and smooth cream.

Mom pouring batter to the pan.

Add raisins on top.

In the oven.

Tadaa!!! Yummy delicious and fluffy Orange Cake. Hoishi. I was like "flying" when I first taste the cake. Delicious.

Till then.

-lu yin-

Thursday, April 9

My Children, Proud of Them

I'm proud of Yee Min and Ash of joining singing competition.

Yee Min on Top 20 in Astro Talent Quest.

Ash(2nd from right) in 8TV Ultimate Group Power.

Aikz, I just know from Myke. ><

Well, good luck with the competition. No matter what crazy happenings and all are in front of you, I'm sure you all can handle. Be courageous in facing challenges. Gambateh.

-lu yin-

Wednesday, April 8

Cheesecake Cravings

I went to the MQA for the interview. Like a said, just some interviewers who come to college asking about how you've been doing while studying this course, how's the internship, how's the lecturer etc.

Not every person gets to be interviewed even though people come all the way for the interview. I would be "bu shaung" if I wasn't interviewed even though interview is tense. I mean I've come all this way for it and even took leave from work. Some students would also feel the same. Don't you think so?

Some of the students are picked randomly. I was picked to be interviewed asking me about these questions above.

How I miss the times at Block V? Well, mostly I attend classes for lectures and tutorials.

Later, I went to Secret Recipe with Tabby and Sarah. Why? The cheese cake cravings XD.

I cannot believe that I just ate 3 pieces of cheese cake. Crazy, right? ^ ^""

Oreo Cheese

Marble Cheese

Espresso Cheese

Oh well, after eating these, I feel satisfied. Feeling hyped. Probably because of the cheese cakes that I ate. Kindda like giving me the sugar rush.

When I went to the SWC room, Shaun asked me and the conversation goes like this.

Shaun: Lu Yin, are you ok?
Lu Yin: I'm fine. Why?
Shaun: You seem so hype today.
Lu Yin: Lol, I eat cheesecake until I'm like this. Haha.
Shaun: Oh, I see. No wonder lah.

XD Cheesecake. The temptation. The sugar rush. Lol.

Now, I'm officially sick with headache and fever. Well, actually, it happen a few days back. Trying to maintain my health. Telling myself that I don't wanna see doctor. You know lah Western medicine make me sleepy.

In the end, decided to go see doctor after all these activities today.Yes, after all these years, finally go see doctor. = = I mean come on. I don't wanna end up "pengsan" in the office. Doctor said I need some rest and drink more water. Stuff like that. So, I have the one-day off rest.

To all those people who are sick, take care of yourself. Drink more water especially. Nowadays, weather has been like up and down, left and right. Haihz. Climate craziness. So, take of your HEALTH.

-lu yin-