Thursday, December 31

Bye Bye 2009, Hello 2010

It's less than 30 minutes to say sayonara to 2009 and welcome 2010.

Hearing all those Happy New Year wishes especially in SMSes, emails, Facebook, and Twitter. Normal lah. I mean when 2009 ends, just the habit to say those wishes to friends and family.

Some are with family or friends to join the countdown. Some are at shopping centres and hot places that have events that brings a whole a lot of people to join in the countdown. Some are just at home to feel comfortable and be happy to welcome the new year.

Looking forward to the upcoming objectives and happenings in front of me. Whatever mistakes that we made, forget it, move forward. The most important thing is your decision, your life. So long as you are satisfied with your life.

Oooh yeah...we gotta feeling to welcome the new year, the new beginning.

Happy New Year to you all.

-lu yin-

Monday, December 28

Unplugged 2009

There are seriously rough times that I had during this event. Not only this, but also the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration. Dealing with two events at continuous days. But is all good. These are the after Unplugged pictures.

That day celebrate Bryan's belated birthday.

Candid shots.

All together now.

With our name tags. Hehe. To know more about this event, check out my "son's" blog about his point of view about this event.

Till then, I'm waiting for the time to have coffee at Starbucks. Krystal, I'm waiting to hang out again.

-lu yin-

SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration

It's been a long one for preparing and making this event totally happen.

APR2 + AMS2 students with Miss Lim (the very last row, white color one)

My team(Graphic Design) with Miss Lim

Gals with Mr. Lee (The Head of SSH)

Esther and Me with the Mock Wedding Cake that has messages and wishes

From top left clockwise: Wai Ting - Stephanie - Esther - Me - Sim Hui - Fannie - Owen - Mr. Chuan

The team with Bibichun and Edward. Taken with the graffiti art work which is behind us.

Thanks to the team for guiding me. Whatever I did wrong, very sorry about that. Good luck to you all in the final exams.

This is my last event in this college. Yah. I retired. Lolz. Pass the events to the juniors. Next semester, Encore Urban Night, I'm gonna sit with the audiences.

These skills and knowledge that I learn throughout two years will be used in my future career.

Btw, there's a blog that talk about this event (Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3). Do check it out.

Also, check out the event blog that the PR & Mass Comm team made during the process of preparation of the event. Well done.

Get ready for the next post. That is Unplugged 2009.

So wait for it.

-lu yin-

Friday, December 25

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year with lots of loves to my friends and family.

Enjoy your life ahead and keep moving and never stop.

-lu yin-

PS. I know I have left my blog for quite some time already but.....I'll be back bringing out what I have been doing for the past many many weeks. At the moment, it is study month for me for the preparation for my final exam. I'll update this blog. Not abandon.

Wednesday, December 16

Finally It's Over

Finally, finish the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration.

With all the blood, sweat, and tears, this event is really happening and exciting.

All of those who are involve in this event work really hard on making this event a memorable moment that we have ever had.

This will be my final event in TARC.

Yes. Yes. I'm gonna "retired" from that.

Because next semester I will be concentrating on the studies and preparations on going to Liverpool Johns Moore University.

Anyways, preparing the requirements and documents for going to Liverpool at the moment. Starting to read my notes after being so busy with Unplugged and SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration and not to mention I have done and pass up the thesis. Yeahs.

On the other hand, these few weeks, I could use a break. I mean with all the relaxation and fun while it's like less than a month before exams.

This weekend I'm going off to Cameron Highlands with my family. Yes. Vacation. Also, sing karaoke next Monday.

Can't believe things go fast and I'm gonna finish off my final year soon.

Well, it's like that. We all go through with this in our daily lives. Sometimes we think is long but it finishes fast. It is a good thing. Once you finish, you have achieve and complete the mission that you had taken previously.

It's getting late. Damn tired after all the sleepless nights on doing these two events this semester. Photos will be up which is mostly like a month kindda thing. Well, just wait and see.

By the way, you can check out the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration blog.

Time to sleep zzz...Exams coming and I can't wait for my holidays with fun and excitement. Looking forward to study and have fun at UK.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, December 1

Unplugged 2009

Hey guys,

There is gonna be a rock band competition.

Unplugged 2009.

6 band finalists will be competing against each other.

Here are the details:

Date: 12 December 2009

Time: 5pm - 10pm

Venue: DKA, Tunku Abdul Rahman College

Ticket Price: RM15

Bring your friends along too and enjoy the show.

-lu yin-

Saturday, November 14

Random Happenings

K. There are a few things. That is quite random. Means happen for the past few days. Taking pics with my phone.

Took this when I'm at Billardo, TBR while it's raining outside like crazy.

New Samsung LCD TV took my seat and I have to sit like this.

My brother enjoying himself at the front seat while I'm cramming myself at the back with the LCD TV.

By the way, I had my haircut a few weeks back. My hair is short and nice. Decided to change my hairstyle.

Chocolate fetish. Choc Cup Bon and Choc Rocky

Bought 3 bottles of Bliss Yoghurt Drink which is only RM3 during promotion at Canteen 2.

Too random right. Haha.

-lu yin-

ps. Carmen!!! Where's Kevin's birthday photos??? I want.

"Sticky" Homemade Candies

As I was on my way, to Studio V for attending one of the activity, I saw the new shop "Sticky" which my friend told me about it a few days back.

I tell myself. Well, try the yummy yummy candies.

That's right it's home-made candies. ^ ^

Every weekend, there will be a demonstration on the process of making candies.

I bought one jar of the mix candies.

It's yummy and addictive. Mouth-watering. Seriously.

1 small jar like this is around RM13.90. I bought this one RM19.90 because is mix candies.

By the way, it's at the lower ground floor between the old wing and the new wing.

Candy lovers. I'm sure you like them.

You can check on Youtube on how they make the candies.

-lu yin-

Wednesday, November 11

It's Already Week 6

Ya. It's been a while that I didn't put up or type out something in my blog.

It's Week 6.

Assignments started to come. Writing Strategy assignments especially. Typing out a story or something including the key elements applied. Each week have to pass up like 2 of them.

Thesis. The last two chapters to finish up.

Preparations for the SSH 10th Anniversary in the time which is so close.

Unplugged '09 which is coming in a month time.

Yup. Time does pass by quite fast. I mean. It's been like half of this semester is gone.

All I could think of is work and play at the same time.

Friends and family.

My grandparents who are up above enjoying themselves.

Yes. I notice I haven't updated on the GuiLin trip. Also, what I've been doing for the past few weeks.

Well, I'm sure when the time is right. When everything goes smoothly, I'll be sure to type something from what I think.

For now, it's the busy time for me. I'm sure you all the same when it comes to assignments, work, etc.

-lu yin-

Thursday, October 29

Appreciate The Ones You Love

I came back from Ampang.

Been away. Why?

Because I send off my grandfather.

He's been staying strong until it's time for him to go.

The very last time that I saw him.

The things I said to him with love from my heart.

I shed tears.

Like Hong Seng said,
Appreciate the ones you love.

Tell them that you care and love them before they are gone.

Never know when they are gone.

We go through the the stages of young, old, sick, and death.

There is no such thing as drinking a potion for eternal youth.

As long as we stay happy until the end.

Even though at times we had quarrels with our families, but still we got to appreciate them for raising and guiding us from young till it's our time to give them back in return.

Grandfather, I feel happy when you have the smile on your face even when you are enjoying your favorite food. I feel happy when you are with us as a family. I feel happy when you laugh a bit. Grandfather, even though you are gone, you are always be in our hearts.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, October 27

Struggling At Times Like This

This few weeks. Many things that happen.

I'm praying and chanting hard.

I'm holding on.

I lost someone important to me.

The person that I saw last Sunday.

This whole day. I'm crying in tears.

My heart is aching and trying to heal.

-lu yin-

Change Ourselves

There's one thing I learn throughout my whole life. That is changing your own self instead change others. Sometimes we blame people for the mistakes that happen, but what about looking at ourselves. Did we learn the mistakes that we done? If we blame others, then things would go crazy.

For me, I admit. Sometimes, I jump into conclusions without take a look at myself of what I done. As time goes by, clearing my thoughts and encouragement by my friends and family. There's the part that I miss - look into myself.

In reality, when dealing with people with different opinions, attitudes, and others, we tend to get stress out or maybe sour towards the person. But then again, people keep telling me this. See yourself. What are the mistakes and what is not right in the process. Think how to fix and deal with it. Then, the people around you would accept.

If not, then just be yourself but not in a bad way that give the negative energy to others. That time I did. I admit. The fact that I feel the hatred inside of me. The fact sometimes I hate myself. I admit life is not like a wonderland. But...I'm living a life that I'm happy with it and dealing with whatever crazy things that happens right in front of me.

Well, all I could say is. I look into myself. I still have the anger and hatred within me that I control. I'm changing as time goes by maybe you would think that I'm not up to the standard you may think but I'm growing. Growing strong and faith within me.

I can say this important thing is that : change ourselves before change others

-lu yin-

Sunday, October 25

Michael Jackson - This Is It

This is the very latest single of Michael Jackson - "This Is It".

It's the soundtrack for the movie "This Is It".

Can't wait to watch that movie.

Here's the lyric:

This is it, Here I stand;
I’m the light of the world
I feel grand;
And this love, I can feel;
And I know, Yes for sure
It is real;

And it feels as though I’ve seen your face a thousand times
And you said you really know me, yourself
And I know that you have got addicted with you eyes
But you say you’re gonna leave it for yourself
I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
Come on please just understand

This is it
Like I said
I’m a light of your world
run away
we can feel
This is real
Every time I’m in love yeah I feel

And I feel as though I’ve known you since a thousand years
And you tell me that you’ve seen my face before
And you said to me that you don’t want me hanging around
many times wanna do it here before
Oh yeah
I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
Come on please understand

This is it
I can feel
I’m the light of the world
This is real
feel my song
we can say
And I tell you feel that way

And it feels as though I’ve known you for a thousand years
And you said you saw my face yourself
And you said want to go with you all the while
And I know that it’s really for myself
Oh yeah
I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
Come on please dear understand

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
Come on dear please understand
Oh yeah

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan

Enjoy. Loving this song.

Michael Jackson will always be in our hearts. The legend of the King of Pop.

-lu yin-


I clear my thoughts.

I control my moods.

I try to cool myself down.

I hear people who are close to me giving me advices.

I realize and understand.

There are times when got setbacks that I got to deal.

There are times I have to face it.

There is no escape.

I made my vows and I won't break them.

Look forward and move on.

Now, I am challenging myself for my final year.

I tell myself don't give up.

Thanks to the people who gave me some advice and encouragement when I'm totally really moody for almost a week.

Also, I find it touching after watching this video.

Truly an inspirational video that make me realize. Also, very touching that let me shed tears.

Nick Vujicic said : "If I fail, I try again, again, and again..." "It matters how you are going to finish." "Are you going to finish STRONG?"

These words really hit me especially he said: "I love living life. I am happy."

Even though he has no arms and limbs, he still keeps going and try again if he fails.

Clearing my thoughts and make myself understand the situations that I'm facing.

So, if I failed, I'm going to try again and again until I reach my goal.

-lu yin-

Wednesday, October 21

Tired and Weak

k. I'm at swc room. Typing out a post with my phone.

Feel bored and mood.

Too tired to speak and think. For now, I'm just too weak to move.

All I could think of is just be at my own space. Thoughts an mind keep processing non-stop.

I'm confuse at the moment. I ask myself how long I could just deal with the situation that I'm facing. Maybe a week or two perhaps.

I stop right here. Need to rest my mind. Cannot stand already.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, October 20

Feel Upset

Just now check my results. The rest are ok (As and Bs) but....Well. I failed 1 subject which is surprised. C-?!?! I keep asking myself why. Went to SSH office saw one of my lecturer. I asked him why I failed that paper. He said because I answered the one of the questions wrongly that leads to no marks for that question.


I feel sad and moody. This paper I can only take next semester which is during the E-learning.


That time I helped out with the preparation for the public talk which is tomorrow. While I was doing, I was moody.

Haihz, this is like the 2nd time during my final year. One particular subject I failed. Like the time during my Diploma, I failed translation.


I have the upset and nervous within me which I feel...I don't know...maybe my own space to be alone for a while or maybe longer.

I need to bear with it. Next semester take that paper seems long between now and next semester. My heart keeps pounding. My mind is going crazy.

Even the paper is almost like less than a month before going off to UK. Feel the tension. I admit that I'm scared. Scared that what may happen if I failed again this paper. Scared that I could not graduate. Scared that.....well many things are in my thoughts.

I'm trying to keep calm. Keep calm. I need some time to cool down. I just need it. I need some space to be alone. Or else....I'll go nuts.


Just wanna let my emotions come out while writing this post because I'm feeling moody and tension right now that I decided to write.


Oh well, what comes to me, I got to deal with it. I just have to work it out. Study hard for this semester and also that paper which I'll be taking next semester.

-lu yin-

Results Coming

It's around 9 hours away from the Final Exam results.

I nervous like everyone else I know.

I feel as if my legs are shaking.

I've been keep telling myself that everything's going to be alright.

I cross my fingers and said to myself "have faith".

Facebook status that my friends put about the Final Exam results coming.


We all are scared and nervous about the results. Yet, we still faced it.

I can say is that we tried our best in the final exams.

Good luck to everyone on getting good results.

-lu yin-

Monday, October 19

TTNite Gang

Left to Right: Meng Yew - Bryan - Angie - Me - Jeff - Kelvin - Siok Cheng - Carmen - Hong Bin

I know this picture is last semester (few months back). But still...

This is taken few days before the actual day of TTnite 09.

Took together with the TTnite ex-committee (TTnite 08).

The times that we talk, crap, laugh, and the crazy things that I could remember. Aikz. Miss you guys.

-lu yin-

Pitch Presentation Group

Left to Right: Li May - Me - Owen - Esther - Sim Hui - Vingie - Ah Ting - Stephanie

I present to you...Ultimate Entertainment Agency (UEA)... Hahaha

Thank you guys for guiding me when planning this presentation and proposal. I really learn a lot from you guys especially the ideas that you guys propose.

Everyday, we come to the library discussion room to discuss and give out ideas on our proposal and presentation.

Although there are a few mistakes for both proposal and presentation, but we worked it out well. We did our best. Either our idea approve or not, we did our best. We are still working with others and together as a team.

Thanks. Arigatou.

Let's work our very best for the upcoming event in December. ^ ^

-lu yin-

Saturday, October 17

Happy Deepavali 2009

After the stroke of midnight, I hear fireworks. Very loud. Looking out at the balcony. Fireworks at the city. Yes, it's loud and smoke come out. But. Can see the lights which are so beautiful.

That is the sign of the celebration of light. Deepavali. So to all my friends especially Indians.


-lu yin-

Friday, October 16


You know in some situations maybe something big gonna happen, maybe you wanna tell someone about something, or maybe the big thing that you're handling it's gonna come in time.

Well, of course all of us are nervous. Me, I'm nervous about the pitch presentation. Presentations, of course, people get nervous plus with or the small signals and body movement that we sometimes could see what it means from our point of view. I mean not overreacting that kind of way.

Sometimes, we tend be nervous on some situations.

I'm gonna be nervous this whole semester even though I can't wait to get started. There's always gonna be something. I'm nervous when like some meetings or events is getting closer. Getting prepare to say and take action. Nervous when I wanna say something that I thought about it in my mind.

We are nervous as these kinds of situations especially others like family, relationship, studies, name it. Nervous that something is not right and conflicts happen. Nervous that you'll be in trouble if you do something. Nervous that we fail at few or some subjects of the final exam. Nervous about the marks too.

Nervous. A feeling in both mind and body. It's like just come to you when you have doubts and worries. That's normal. If you don't have, then it's like a problem-free zone. I did not say no problems is a bad thing. But still. It's just come naturally that problems arise from situations that we are handling.

So, even though we are nervous, even though we have doubts, worries, and problems. Like I say again. Deal with it. There's no escape.

In 12 hours time, I'm gonna be at the lecture hall. Groups are getting ready for the pitch presentation. Double check everything from slide shows to prep for presentation. Well, wish them all the best and good luck.

Remember, when nervous, just calm down and deal with it. Then, things will go smoothly.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, October 13

Random Thoughts in My Head

Just wanna feel like type out something which is random thoughts in my head.

It's been 2 weeks after my camera was sent for service. At the moment, I call and call to check whether my camera is okay or not. Hope it's fine. Don't wanna spend money again on the camera. If not, then no choice already.

Pitch presentation is coming on Friday. A lil' bit nervous. During the meeting, at least come up with ideas. Hopefully, this Friday will go well.

Thesis on Chapter 1 and 2 almost done. Just need to do a few kinks.

For all this time in this semester, I'm quite relaxed. Okay, maybe too relax because still in the holiday and traveling mood. Still thinking that it's semester break. Well, it's just week 2. Started only for this semester. Week 3 the results will be coming out. Honestly, I'm a lil' bit nervous but still gotta see the results and know it. I'm gonna get good results. *cross fingers

This semester is gonna be my last one. Gotta enjoy every single seconds in this semester before going to UK.

Well, time to get myself ready to go out and have discussion with my group members for the pitch presentation.


-lu yin-

Sunday, October 11

"Be Careful What You Wish For" and "Me & Mr Darcy"

During my trip in GuiLin, I finish reading these books. These books are written by Alexandra Potter. Relaxing while I was at the hotel room in nice, big and comfortable bed including a good reading with a nice cup of warm tea before going to bed.

The story is about a girl name Emily Albright who has it enough with men in the reality. She prefers Mr Darcy from the Pride and Prejudice. While her best friend goes to Mexico, she went to London to enjoy a tour of Jane Austen country. She met up with a bad temper guy, Spike who is a journalist. This guy wants to know why women would prefer Mr Darcy to date. Sometimes, she encounters her dream guy which is Mr Darcy himself. This book gives a sense of mixture of fantasy and reality that we tried to compare between them. Emily is quite funny while Spike is nice even though he is quite rough. Mr Darcy is a total gentleman, mystery and romantic. Makes me go and read Pride and Prejudice after this book due to curiosity. I say this book is quite good for a chick lit where one person can cuddle herself with a book and read it while having a warm drink. Don't you think so?

Rating: 8/10
You know sometimes we wanna wish something out from our minds and sometimes it may come true but sometimes end up not in a good way that brings us to realize something in the end. That is why we have to be careful what we wish for. Well, Heather always wish for things that she ever wanted. One day, she buy some heathers from a gypsy that bring her wishes come true. She got her dream guy, a housemate, and so on that makes her day better. But is she happy with all these things that she wanted. This shows that no matter what we wish for it sometimes either be a good thing or a bad thing. If we wanna get what we want, might as well don't wait for the sky to drop down. We want to achieve, we gotta take action. It will not magically come right at you. Happiness. If we wanna attain happiness, we must achieve things on our own. Don't wait for others to give you happiness. Achieve it yourself with commitment, patience, wisdom, faith, and passion.

Rating: 8/10

-lu yin-

GuiLin Day 5

The whole day is mostly seeing the scenic places including the Silver Cave. So, the first place that we went was Yang Shuo River.

This is Melissa. Beijing gal. Join us on the whole trip. Look like Gong Li right? She very very tall. Higher than my brother, Joon. XD

It's real pelican. Not fake.

The streets near Yang Shuo River.

Next place is the Silver Cave.

The last scenic place is one of the oldest tree.

The guy at the bottom row is Melissa's boyfriend, Dominique (Malaysian and working in America). They are such an adorable couple.

At night, it's time to see pelicans go fishing.

Reached to the shore and the pelicans were flapping their wings after their swim.
Went to Western Street where most of the tourists come there to shop, clubbing, eating etc. However, the things they sell are expensive. T T

That's the end of Day 5. Coming soon is the 2nd last day of the trip.

-lu yin-