Thursday, December 31

Bye Bye 2009, Hello 2010

It's less than 30 minutes to say sayonara to 2009 and welcome 2010.

Hearing all those Happy New Year wishes especially in SMSes, emails, Facebook, and Twitter. Normal lah. I mean when 2009 ends, just the habit to say those wishes to friends and family.

Some are with family or friends to join the countdown. Some are at shopping centres and hot places that have events that brings a whole a lot of people to join in the countdown. Some are just at home to feel comfortable and be happy to welcome the new year.

Looking forward to the upcoming objectives and happenings in front of me. Whatever mistakes that we made, forget it, move forward. The most important thing is your decision, your life. So long as you are satisfied with your life.

Oooh yeah...we gotta feeling to welcome the new year, the new beginning.

Happy New Year to you all.

-lu yin-

Monday, December 28

Unplugged 2009

There are seriously rough times that I had during this event. Not only this, but also the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration. Dealing with two events at continuous days. But is all good. These are the after Unplugged pictures.

That day celebrate Bryan's belated birthday.

Candid shots.

All together now.

With our name tags. Hehe. To know more about this event, check out my "son's" blog about his point of view about this event.

Till then, I'm waiting for the time to have coffee at Starbucks. Krystal, I'm waiting to hang out again.

-lu yin-

SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration

It's been a long one for preparing and making this event totally happen.

APR2 + AMS2 students with Miss Lim (the very last row, white color one)

My team(Graphic Design) with Miss Lim

Gals with Mr. Lee (The Head of SSH)

Esther and Me with the Mock Wedding Cake that has messages and wishes

From top left clockwise: Wai Ting - Stephanie - Esther - Me - Sim Hui - Fannie - Owen - Mr. Chuan

The team with Bibichun and Edward. Taken with the graffiti art work which is behind us.

Thanks to the team for guiding me. Whatever I did wrong, very sorry about that. Good luck to you all in the final exams.

This is my last event in this college. Yah. I retired. Lolz. Pass the events to the juniors. Next semester, Encore Urban Night, I'm gonna sit with the audiences.

These skills and knowledge that I learn throughout two years will be used in my future career.

Btw, there's a blog that talk about this event (Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3). Do check it out.

Also, check out the event blog that the PR & Mass Comm team made during the process of preparation of the event. Well done.

Get ready for the next post. That is Unplugged 2009.

So wait for it.

-lu yin-

Friday, December 25

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year with lots of loves to my friends and family.

Enjoy your life ahead and keep moving and never stop.

-lu yin-

PS. I know I have left my blog for quite some time already but.....I'll be back bringing out what I have been doing for the past many many weeks. At the moment, it is study month for me for the preparation for my final exam. I'll update this blog. Not abandon.

Wednesday, December 16

Finally It's Over

Finally, finish the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration.

With all the blood, sweat, and tears, this event is really happening and exciting.

All of those who are involve in this event work really hard on making this event a memorable moment that we have ever had.

This will be my final event in TARC.

Yes. Yes. I'm gonna "retired" from that.

Because next semester I will be concentrating on the studies and preparations on going to Liverpool Johns Moore University.

Anyways, preparing the requirements and documents for going to Liverpool at the moment. Starting to read my notes after being so busy with Unplugged and SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration and not to mention I have done and pass up the thesis. Yeahs.

On the other hand, these few weeks, I could use a break. I mean with all the relaxation and fun while it's like less than a month before exams.

This weekend I'm going off to Cameron Highlands with my family. Yes. Vacation. Also, sing karaoke next Monday.

Can't believe things go fast and I'm gonna finish off my final year soon.

Well, it's like that. We all go through with this in our daily lives. Sometimes we think is long but it finishes fast. It is a good thing. Once you finish, you have achieve and complete the mission that you had taken previously.

It's getting late. Damn tired after all the sleepless nights on doing these two events this semester. Photos will be up which is mostly like a month kindda thing. Well, just wait and see.

By the way, you can check out the SSH 10th Anniversary Celebration blog.

Time to sleep zzz...Exams coming and I can't wait for my holidays with fun and excitement. Looking forward to study and have fun at UK.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, December 1

Unplugged 2009

Hey guys,

There is gonna be a rock band competition.

Unplugged 2009.

6 band finalists will be competing against each other.

Here are the details:

Date: 12 December 2009

Time: 5pm - 10pm

Venue: DKA, Tunku Abdul Rahman College

Ticket Price: RM15

Bring your friends along too and enjoy the show.

-lu yin-