Friday, December 31

It's Gonna End and It's Gonna Begin

I came back from Germany last week and I did some shopping during the ex-boxing day. I got myself flu and aching thigh muscles. T T But, definitely I will get better soon and looking forward to 2011. I do miss Germany. Especially I love this picture which was taken during my Xmas week with my uncle and aunt. I will definitely go there during my term breaks.

Besides that, I got stuck when I'm traveling from London to Frankfurt for "3 days" even though it suppose to be "1 hour" journey to get to my destination. Haihz, the heavy snow weather. Oh well, it's the experience that I get and definitely gonna share with others.

I do admit that I'm not really an active blogger for the past few months. But then again, it really depends on my mood and time on when I wanna blog. I'm sure you all would feel the same way if you were in my shoes. Of course, I will not abandon my blog as I have memories and experiences which I would like to share.

2010 is gonna end really soon. I have thinking a lot lately of what I've been doing this year. Also, even people ask me what's my determination for 2011. I also thought about that too. The memories I have with me during 2010 especially during the summer semester course in Liverpool. That's one of the best I ever had. The part where I expand my horizons and travel on my free will. Not to mention to have friends by your side to chit chat. My studies so far so good.

My determination for next year is quite obvious.
-Studying - work hard.
-Going towards the career that I always wanted, being involved in media-related events and entertainment. That's what I'm moving towards too.
-Commit myself on taking part in SGI-UK activities
-Traveling to places that I love so much
-Staying healthy and keep up with loads of things to do
-Understanding the love and faith I have
-Cherishing every memories
-Loving friends and families and being them in my heart and soul when the distance between us is far
-Most importantly, living happily throughout my life journey
and the list go on but this is my main things that I thought about it

I think I might just stay in at home reading novels while listening to music. When the clock strikes at midnight in Malaysia, I'm going to give some calls to my friends and family in Malaysia whom I miss them dearly.

I'll end right here. I feel like I got a lot to say but thoughts are still "processing". Anyway, 1 more day to go to end 2010 and welcome 2011.

-lu yin-

Sunday, December 19

Stranded and Not Moved

This is going to be a post which I'm going to throw my feelings and trying to be in the state of calmness.

I was suppose to go over to Frankfurt yesterday. But, my flight was canceled due to weather condition - heavy snow. I lined up for around 4 hours to re-booked the next available flight. I finally got the flight tomorrow afternoon. Then, I waited 3 hours to check in a hotel. Meet 3 random strangers who are around my age. Book together 2 twin share rooms and stay over yesterday night.

Now, it's just me alone in the hotel while the 3 others are on their own to reach to their destination. The sense of loneliness is really driving me crazy. I also feel hurt for the loneliness that I had.

I chant really hard that the weather will be fine so that my journey to Frankfurt will be smooth sailing.

Haihz, how I wish I took off today since it's not snowing outside. Ish ish ish. Too bad the Sunday flights are fully booked.

This is going to be in my diary of experience: Stranded around the London-Stansted with the sense of loneliness which really hurts my heart and stressed out at the same time.

Dear Mother Nature, please make the weather too be nice so that every one of us can go smoothly on our journey to our home countries or any part of the world instead of having crazy heavy snow so that we can enjoy our Christmas week with friends and families.

-lu yin-

Saturday, November 27

The Swallow Bakery

I've been there like twice and I feel in love with the place.

It's because of the heavenly cupcakes with a nice hot drink but your side while the music is playing. A good place to hang out and enjoy with food and beverage while having a chit chat with friends and family.

Luxurious Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Cream


Delicious cupcakes which are so tempting. Clockwise: Strawberries and Cream - Sticky Toffee - Cookie Crunch - Lemon Drops

Very heavenly and tempting.

Also, the cupcakes which are display can make sweet lovers go awe and mouth drooling. XD

I'm definitely to the place where I can get hot drinks and cupcakes while I reading novels and listening to music at the same time. Savor each cupcake and drinks which I ordered. The taste and the texture. I'll also bring my family along to try when they come to visit me during spring time.

-lu yin-

Getting Colder

For the past few days, it's just another usual time of student life. Yes, I know. It can be boring sometimes but you get the idea if you were in my shoes.

Last Saturday, I went to Black Country Living Museum where it's actually a town producing things made out of sources like coal and limestones. Also, the reason why it's black country is because black smokes come out when producing the sources collected from mines.

It's fun where I just roam around the town taking pictures while knowing the lifestyle that the locals had endured long ago. Not to mention, being a primary school student in the "ole days" school. XD

Not forgetting the trams which goes around town.


Besides that, I went with Nadiah to the Christmas Market in Promenade.

Over there: there's food, handcrafted items, handmade soaps, accessories, and the things you might think of getting for your loved ones for Christmas.

I also ate German sausage with nothing. Yes, just bun and sausage. Why? Because the spices are inside the sausage so you don't need to anything else on top of it. It's so delicious and heavenly

I also bought woolen blanket, hat, and mittens just to keep myself warm for the winter.

I can't wait for the Christmas Market in Birmingham. It is known to be the largest one in all UK. It is also has the German theme. Will be there the whole day till evening when the Christmas lights are shining bright especially on the Christmas tree.


The weather is getting colder. It's like about less than 5 degrees. If I just stand still and the wind comes by, I'll be definitely be freezing like crazy including my fingers would get numb. That's the coldest that I could ever feel on my fingers. Thank goodness for warm clothes, food, and heater for the winter. Of course, you heard the news that snow has come early this week. I know it's early but I can't wait for the snow to come. Also, there's the time for photo taking on the winter views that will be kept and never be forgotten.

I pray hard that my assignments goes well smoothly including the marks I will get. I've been working day and night through these while my brain has been so tired from thinking what I have to put in my own words and opinions while I'm typing out my assignments.

Anyway, all I could do is just go with the flow with studies and leisure in UK. Most importantly, anticipate the winter and Christmas in December. Especially, Boxing Day.

-lu yin-

Monday, November 8

Fireworks at Guy Fawkes Night

Last Saturday, is the Guy Fawkes Night aka Bonfire Night at Cheltenham RaceCourse

Let me intro about Guy Fawkes. He's actually the one who trying to destroy the British Parliament by placing bombs via Gunpowder Plot. However, he fail to do so. In the end, he is being punished and tortured badly. So, on that day, they call the Guy Fawkes Night as the celebration of not having the place destroy. Not to mention, the burning Guy Fawkes cutom. On that day, they will also be fireworks and carnivals.

Took a lot of pictures of fireworks.

Went to the carnival. I feel nauseous after I took the first thrill ride. Looks like I'm getting old. XD It's not like the last time that I used to take the crazy rides at Disneyland Paris.

Overall, it's a wonderful night including the night walk in the cold night.

October has ended and November has just begun. It's almost the time that I have to pass up my first 4500 words assignment. The following weeks more things to do and I realized that the tension is heating up. I have already enshrine the gohonzon. I attended discussion meetings. Well, let's just say I'm happy that I got some leisure time to do other than sticking to the notes and books.

End right here. Back to my study.

-lu yin-

PS. Although it's like a month away, but I can't wait for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 26

Shakespeare with Love

Last Saturday was the day trip with international students like me to Startford Upon Avon - the birthplace of Shakespeare (one of my favorite playwright and writer).

I'm sure most of you heard of Shakespeare's work which consist of comedy and drama that brings out the sense and emotions. Quotes, poems, and plays which make us realize certain things in life that we may encounter.

Took a boat ride along the Avon River.

Met Nadiah. She's from Malaysia.

Marie - Nadiah - Sneha - Darius (While waiting to go inside Shakespeare's Birthplace)

This is Shakespeare's Birthplace where he grew up during his childhood days.

Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare's grave is.

A nice day at Stratford. I did bought a few souvenirs which is related to Shakespeare including a few books that has poems and romantic plays. Hehehe.

Alright, back to my research and doing assignments.

-lu yin-

Friday, October 15

Busy as Always and Change of Plans

It's Week 3 of my Semester 1 and this week's gonna end soon. As time goes by, the leaves have change and autumn has come.

Every Friday I go to LA Fitness gym to work out including the Dance Fusion session which I like it so much.

Day by day with the readings and assignment.

From time to time, I attend SGI-UK meetings and keep up with the daily gosho and study materials to keep myself motivated.

Day by day, there's homecook meal...

and packed lunch which I made so I won't hunger myself to death.

I bought a few mini cookbooks just to think to something really nice to cook.

Looks like I can't go for the Winter Europe Tour. Oh well, there's always the next season for the Europe Tour which is a must for me to go. Looks like I need to do something with my plans during my 1 month long semester break between December and January. Not to mention, the Christmas and New Year. I'm not the kind of person who always stuck at home all day long. Maybe visit a few friends from other parts of UK. There's always something that comes up unexpectedly.

But for now, I need to concentrate on my assignments and studies including during the weekends. I need to pass up one of my assignments in one month time.

It's getting late and it's 12.30am. Feel my head is spinning and I'm tired. Gotta get some sleep.

-lu yin-

P.S. This Sunday, I'm going to make Bak Kut Teh for dinner.

Friday, October 1

Time - Life - Lucks - Faith

As I wake up in the early morning like yesterday, I saw the sky is crying. It's been like this continuously in the mornings. Good thing is I feel calm. Bad thing is sometimes I feel sleepy.

As day goes by, every time I walk along the Poole Way road, I saw the color of the leaves change from green to yellowish. It'll become orange and red when it's late autumn.


The student life is like the same as usual during my college days in TARC and good ole days at Liverpool. The first day of lecture and discussion on Wednesday is good. A small group where we can discuss and share our point of view on the topics related to the media. Ya, five person including me in a group. Meals? My own homecook meals. Haihz, I miss my mom's cooking and the food back in Malaysia. I know I've been here in Cheltenham for like less than 2 weeks and I miss the food.

I finally enrolled via online and got my university student card. I've been in my room looking into the readings and online activity with the Moodle which is like an e-learning site. Books which I borrowed from the learning centre aka library are by my side.

Ah, the study mode has returned. I notice one thing. There are times when you tell yourself what you need to do. There are times that you need to have some fun and not sticking to the books too long until you become a zombie. There are times when you burn the midnight oil when you feel like you had no enough time. In conclusion, arranging the time properly for both work and studies.


Yesterday, I got a call from Rita who is the Women District Leader in Cheltenham. She lives nearby my area. While having the phone conversation, I have the excited feeling within me. I'm like "thank goodness" there's SGI-UK members in Cheltenham. Also, few days ago, I receive messages of good luck for my studies from my friends and family.

The thing is this. I brought my faith with me when I'm walking through the path of my life. Anywhere I go, the faith is with me. Friends and family, I thank you for giving me the support as I have decisions I made in my life. I believe that we all have faith in doing something what we love and take initiative to do so.


Based on the events and plans which I wrote in my diary, I'm gonna come up with posts related to these in my blog.

This is Lu Yin signing off.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, September 28

The Window of Thoughts

Typing out this post while outside it's raining and while I'm listening to Daesung's song "Bubblegum". Yup, I might say it's a quite good atmosphere when these elements are combine together.

Just saw a new housemate who is doing PhD move in. 8 people under one roof. I'm the only Malaysian Chinese in the house living with the locals.

Suddenly, when I'm looking out my window, I have the mood to type out something for this blog of mine.

It reminds me of the scene from Sex and the City drama. The part where Carrie Bradshaw writes articles at her home office while facing the window outside if I'm not mistaken.

Today is just another day to laze around before lecture starts tomorrow. Made a few phone calls. 1st was about LA Fitness Club which brings up interest to go there to attend dance classes as part of my free time. I do need to keep fit and healthy from time to time. Already book a place to take a look at the club. Next, SGI-UK. Made another round of phone calls. Hopefully, things will go smoothly that I could think of.

Another thing is that I have made some choices of undergraduate subjects which I find it interesting and useful for my goals which I aimed to do so.


The life story of me in UK. A journey and path that I'm walking. I will type out things which I encounter and experience while I'm here.

I remember a quote that Jennifer told me while I was in Sheffield during my summer semester course. I gave a surprise call to her who is in Australia. She said "expand your horizons and find my true self". That quote has been with me up until now. To be honest, I am doing that. At the same time, I decided to do traveling during my breaks to not only to have good experience but also find my true self.

My feelings and thoughts written as days goes by will be continued...For now, time to enjoy another round of dramas and mesmerize the view from my window.

-lu yin-

Monday, September 27

Settling Down in Cheltenham.

Here I am in Cheltenham. The weather, environment, atmosphere.....amazing. Also, I can't wait for the autumn where I can see the red and orange leaves that blends in to the season itself. While settling down, walk around town just to get the hang of it.

TESCO is just near my place. XD

Typical All Day Breakfast at Butler's Cafe and Restaurant.


My room in the nice and comfy house at Market Street.

My "S" cuties - Squirt, Stich, and Simba

Not to forget one thing - Shopping!!! ^ ^

Well, the great days I had while settling down in Cheltenham.

The study life begins tomorrow.

-lu yin-

Meet Ups and Food (Part 2)

That particular week for me. I was moody that time because of the visa situation which I waited and waited for so long.

But I did meet up around the PJ area.

Meet up with Gin Nin, Kar Yin, and Kok Hoe and have the "yum cha" session at mamak.

There was also the time where I went to attend the Mid-Autumn Fest Dinner and Gathering at Subang.

That's it. Nothing much really. Because that time I was settling my own things before leaving to UK.

After I got my visa, my mood has become from sad to happy. The feeling that I can fly and expand my horizons.

There is one thing I learn this week. Enjoy while you can before leaving even though you got a slight of worries like the visa at hand.

-lu yin-