Thursday, September 6

Youth Choir Competition 2007

yes finally can type dis post.....reason....i'm not suppose 2 use de com during exams but i cinvince mom 2 let me use it 4 juz 1 day n she let....yeahz....but still need 2 go back n study after dis T T headache leh....2 days ago went 2 dian's hse study national goals....aiyah da 1st subject dat i'm gonna take dis fri in da coldest place dat my hands r shaking lolz ^ ^"

we didn't get top 3 4 da choir competition....i mean it wuz so close n all between 1 mark difference leh...nvm can do even better next year lolz....b4 n after de competition started 2 take pics n all.....after de competition, we started 2 scream, shout n sing in da bus....lolz....finally can eat junk food event 4 da next sem is going 2 b great...oh ya da pics....^ ^

shot by xin chean ><

me n alexa

me n soon heng

on our way 2 palace 2 golden horses i wuz so bored dat i take pics n vids - -"

alexa n shaun

palace of golden horses

we are wearing formal clothes except joseph > <

junior choir group so kawaii ^ ^

getting ready 4 da competition

choir society 2007

soon heng selling lamps ^ ^"

me, jia xian n jia huah

look at da little gurl on da far cute ^ ^ cute ^ ^


da gals

da guyz

presenting miss ang ^ ^

wow!!! so man...

being miss/mr malaysia??? O O

roses 4 u....

me n miss ang


ultramen???O O

run like da wind ^ ^"

well dat wraps up 4 da choir's fun even some pics can b kept as memories....anywayz while i wuz studying 4 a past few days i take pics of yin....wat are u thinking - -"

not onli dat i go watch sum movies like bewitched, pride n prejudice (quite boring n complicated - -"), sky high, ultraviolet n many many more....i can't wait 2 watch high school musical 2 ^ ^..ok gotta go n eat nasi lemak 4 lunch n den study ttfn ta ta for now....another post will come ^ ^

-lu yin-

Saturday, September 1

Family time during national day

although there are sum bad things happen da malaysia football team lost or da badminton team onli get bronze medal...another such examples is such cases happen like rape cases n all.....even sumtimes there are problems with da economy even though we still learn da national goals n programmes....but still dis is malaysia hope can improve 50th merdeka birthday malaysia!!!

2day i couldn't go 4 choir practice bcuz i promise my parents dat i would go 2 my aunt's hse 2 spend time with de other family members since i didn't seen them 4 so long....soli guyz....but i'll c u guys 2moro kayz....once i reach their hse i saw malaysian flags near da car porch

malaysian flags

went inside say hi 2 all da aunt n uncles....while waiting 4 da food 2 b served me n car yi were taking pics

take each other with camera > <

car yi

den it's time 2 eat yum yum

da homemade food dat u can't live without them

chilli crabs ^ ^

mutton curry ^ ^

wah so yummy dat i eat until i'm full.....den de rest of my cousins came n all of da gals went 2 da room 4 fun....few minutes later i wuz a bit hungry dat i decided 2 eat sai milo n agar-agar with them ^ ^"

my desserts

car yi's agar-agar...she ate da lychee....

sai milo ^ ^

agar-agar with lychee

so yummy ^ ^

den we take sum pics.....

me with loolu

me with wei (both of us r wearing yellow)

me, loolu, car yi, hui

car yi, me, wei

1st round was ok

no1 was looking at da camera except car yi ^ ^"

next round started 2 get twisted....

me n hui

after dat dey all play cards while i take video.....we even take mirror images

started 2 film a part dat i think u guys might think it's funny or crazy.....4 videos right i'll upload it next time bcuz takes a lot of time 2 upload....summore my exams around da next time lar...

finally da time has's my 2nd kau fu's birthday "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".....with da delicious homemade marble cheese cake baked by my godmother.....we all sing happy birthday songs all da cousins including me gather around da birthday man while others were standing in front of us taking pics n singing at da same time....den we eat happily.....

i would also like 2 say happy birthday 2 da merdeka baby...nisha...hehehe happy birthday 2 u happy birthday 2 u happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday 2 u....^ ^ choir frens r celebrating her birthday 2day...2 bad i wasn't there.....oh well

den we all go back home.....on da way back, my bro n my parents saw kite flying....

my parents drop my bro at da cineleisure 2 watch da minimitez.....n den we went back home....there's no dinner cause we ate a heavy n dat wuz i m typing out da blog n eating strawberries ^ ^ 4 da yi wants me 2 upload every photo i take 2 dis blog - -......i so free meh.....i need 2 study after typing dis post....summore i wake up in da morning 2moro 2 go kolej n practice n den go 4 competition on da actual day.....2moro....da competition....i ask shaun about how's da practice....he said it's gonna do our very best 2 perform well during da competition....n guess wat he's going 2 bring sandwiches in case we r hungry ^ ^...alright dat's about it...will tell u about da competition 2moro next time....oh there's 1 more thing i need 2 show u guys....i noe u all heard n watch about da negarakuku...well juz wanna tell u all dat wat dis guy said is really true....

alright ciaoz...more post coming soon

-lu yin-