Friday, December 31

It's Gonna End and It's Gonna Begin

I came back from Germany last week and I did some shopping during the ex-boxing day. I got myself flu and aching thigh muscles. T T But, definitely I will get better soon and looking forward to 2011. I do miss Germany. Especially I love this picture which was taken during my Xmas week with my uncle and aunt. I will definitely go there during my term breaks.

Besides that, I got stuck when I'm traveling from London to Frankfurt for "3 days" even though it suppose to be "1 hour" journey to get to my destination. Haihz, the heavy snow weather. Oh well, it's the experience that I get and definitely gonna share with others.

I do admit that I'm not really an active blogger for the past few months. But then again, it really depends on my mood and time on when I wanna blog. I'm sure you all would feel the same way if you were in my shoes. Of course, I will not abandon my blog as I have memories and experiences which I would like to share.

2010 is gonna end really soon. I have thinking a lot lately of what I've been doing this year. Also, even people ask me what's my determination for 2011. I also thought about that too. The memories I have with me during 2010 especially during the summer semester course in Liverpool. That's one of the best I ever had. The part where I expand my horizons and travel on my free will. Not to mention to have friends by your side to chit chat. My studies so far so good.

My determination for next year is quite obvious.
-Studying - work hard.
-Going towards the career that I always wanted, being involved in media-related events and entertainment. That's what I'm moving towards too.
-Commit myself on taking part in SGI-UK activities
-Traveling to places that I love so much
-Staying healthy and keep up with loads of things to do
-Understanding the love and faith I have
-Cherishing every memories
-Loving friends and families and being them in my heart and soul when the distance between us is far
-Most importantly, living happily throughout my life journey
and the list go on but this is my main things that I thought about it

I think I might just stay in at home reading novels while listening to music. When the clock strikes at midnight in Malaysia, I'm going to give some calls to my friends and family in Malaysia whom I miss them dearly.

I'll end right here. I feel like I got a lot to say but thoughts are still "processing". Anyway, 1 more day to go to end 2010 and welcome 2011.

-lu yin-

Sunday, December 19

Stranded and Not Moved

This is going to be a post which I'm going to throw my feelings and trying to be in the state of calmness.

I was suppose to go over to Frankfurt yesterday. But, my flight was canceled due to weather condition - heavy snow. I lined up for around 4 hours to re-booked the next available flight. I finally got the flight tomorrow afternoon. Then, I waited 3 hours to check in a hotel. Meet 3 random strangers who are around my age. Book together 2 twin share rooms and stay over yesterday night.

Now, it's just me alone in the hotel while the 3 others are on their own to reach to their destination. The sense of loneliness is really driving me crazy. I also feel hurt for the loneliness that I had.

I chant really hard that the weather will be fine so that my journey to Frankfurt will be smooth sailing.

Haihz, how I wish I took off today since it's not snowing outside. Ish ish ish. Too bad the Sunday flights are fully booked.

This is going to be in my diary of experience: Stranded around the London-Stansted with the sense of loneliness which really hurts my heart and stressed out at the same time.

Dear Mother Nature, please make the weather too be nice so that every one of us can go smoothly on our journey to our home countries or any part of the world instead of having crazy heavy snow so that we can enjoy our Christmas week with friends and families.

-lu yin-