Sunday, November 25


dis poem written by daisaku ikeda is with me 4 half a year oledi after choy shin went 2 US 4 study...hope she's doing fine...whenever i got upset, angry or stress....i will read dis poem a few times...

Because I have faith,
I'm capable of comprehending life,
eternal & mysterious.

Because I have faith,
amid the ugly struggle for survival,
I can stride, maintaining purity,
through a victorious life.

Bacause I have faith,
amid humanity bounded by iron chains
and imprisoned in the burning house,
I can walk in peace and tranquility
through a life of freedom

Because I have faith
I can grasp life as the reality of
eternity, happiness, trueself and
and not illusory dreams born of
transient phenomena

Because I have faith,
even in a society fileed with
contradiction and irrationality,
I can advance boldly, confident
in the law of cause and effect

Because I have faith,
I will not be moved even in the
least by huge waves,
for I have boarded the great
ship of eternity.

Because I have faith,
I can experience value, major
good and vital life force,
and the happiness of
human revolution

rmb da slip of paper i got from da temple....well 2 tell u da truth dat slip of paper has something 2 do with dis poem....months by months i improve myself better n better....n i faces all the challenges in front of u read it den u noe wat i mean ^ ^

-lu yin-

prayers n shopping

dis morning i woke up early 2 go 2 kolej n i sleep in da train on da way 2 de kolej.....i didn't get enough sleep...anywayz everybody gather at da canteen 2 next got on da bus...not kolej bus...outside 1...once we got on da bus...cornelius, andy n cedric ask us 2 sing de gardenia song...O O 4 assignment...we sing n hold de gardenia bread while dey take much fun even though is silly.....finally reach tian hou gong temple n make sum prayers....i go get a slip about wat i've been doing throughout my whole life....can't tell u :P....den went back 2 tarc n went 2 tbr eat lunch...

after lunch, me, alexa, voon sin n shaun went 2 klcc 2 buy dresses, accessories u noe...gurl stuff... den nisha came...i go cari cari here n there 4 a dress between rm100-rm200...finally...i got 1 n den bought sum accesories: scarf n a we all went 2 kim gary...bcuz voon sin wan chesse hahahaha all i had 4 is chinese tea n backed chicken wings....shoot my wallet is crying liao...

ok lar dat's it...well da post is kindda short or not....oh well more things will come soon....n also i wanted 2 watch "enchanted"...AaaAhh~ lolz ^ ^

-lu yin-

Sunday, November 18

5th day at si chuan province

i'm quite free right now....therefore got da time 2 continue da story about da trip 2 si chuan province....
at de dead sea resort....
woke up in da early morning 2 go off 2 another place (finally!!!) b4 we went 2 da restaurant 2 hv breakfast took sum photos around da outside least daytime is better than nighttime...i mean dat night, da lights got problem - -"

da breakfast buffet...i tell u da food is damn freakin salty until i drank like a few glasses of water like crazy

went back 2 da room 2 pack up da things n i also took pics outside from da window view

uncle also let me go 2 his room so i can take pics from da window view outside

finally got on da bus, n guess hu come????

BING'S GIRLFRIEND!!! leng lui eh ^ ^
so sweet...she come all the way juz 2 meet him bcuz it's his birthday....aww.....throughout da whole journey back 2 chengdu....dey talk about their lifes n relationship....dey met in kolej n bcum friends n den bcum a couple....aww....their relationship last a very long good....ah wish i hv dat kind of relationship dat will last long

once reach chengdu, his gf need 2 go off 2 she go off sumwhere...den we went 2 de silk shop....i've been 2 many silk shops in wah...nice, warm n comfortable

my 1!!!

Joon's 1!!!

da silk road lolz ^ ^




sakura (cherry blossoms)

guess wat's inside da pillow??? silkworms' shit...O O 4 medicinal purpose


also got silk clothes and scarfs...

next we ate hot pot 4 plain shop n very very hot shop dat even u sip a bit of it u really need a glass of water 4 dat lolz

me n my mom with uncles n aunts

den we went 2 a shopping street called.......

i bought a few souvenirs especially a cute cat hp went 2 c de buddha mountain...shoot i 4got's been a long time dat i didn't update da trip 2 si chuan....ok continue...we went 2 de buddha mountain 2 c it by boat....n took sum pics....

n den we went 2 a restaurant 4 dinner....mostly da food are taufu (beancurd)....

went 2 de hotel 2 rest n went off 2 da food district by's nearby street is called "hao chi jie" means good food 2 eat street...well 2 tell u da truth...da food there is nth much....

after a tiresome day....went off 2 sleep


-lu yin-

btw dis is my new hp keychain ^ ^

Saturday, November 17

rehearsal 4 2nd pnp counter

these are the finalists for encore! 07/08...

Sunday, November 11

photoshoot 5 and 6/11

after practice drama with my frens....i wait at de canteen 2 near atm...jia ern came...n den we wait like more than 30 minutes...turns out dat dey oledi reach de imp studio - -"....den we hv 2 take taxi all de way 2 genting klang n cost like rm5....summore de taxi driver is so blur - -" least we reach there oledi...take a lot of time 2 do hairdo....i wait 4 makeup still hvn't start...i might as well do it myself...ok ok lar but not dat pro....n den went 2 dz photo studio n took pics with sum of my frens ^ ^...u c not totally different...juz dat my hair is curled n i put myself a lil' bit of makeup not heavy 1 ><"

jia ern

voon sin





siang....y le? ><

phang yu


rehearsal pics 4 de 2nd pnp counter...coming soon...^ ^"

-lu yin-