Wednesday, September 30


Heard about the earthquake that happened in Sumatra especially Padang. From the news especially friends who posted in Facebook and update their blogs.

An earthquake measured about 7.9 which cause tremors as far as Malaysia and Singapore.

Well, so far I did not feel any earthquake and tremors.

If it does happen, well better get ready for evacuation for safety.

Sometimes the Mother Earth and nature is doing it's work due to the "actions" that happened recently. You get the idea. Like you see the crazy weather for example.

So, tsunami and earthquakes. We better get ourselves prepared and aware of what is going to happen and take action.

I prayed that the people over at the Sumatra are safe and sound.

-lu yin-

GuiLin Day 2

During my trip, most of the time the morning call will be 7am. Then, the breakfast is normally the Chinese style.

Tried the GuiLin rice noodle soup for breakfast. Love it. Especially the soup which is mostly beef. I prefer that one from all the type of GuiLin rice noodle cooking style. Like it mild spicy too.

Later, went over to LongSheng where there's the beautiful LongJi Terraces where the Zhu people live there.

On the way, took some sceneries photos.

Reach the Zhu village and had lunch.

Local style food for lunch.

Some sweet potatoes

Bamboo Chicken

Bamboo rice

The ladies singing before serving the rice wine.

I notice the small boys taking a bath near the river. It's like that one lah in villages. Most of the time small kids would shower near the rivers.

Did some shopping for some souvenirs.

Nuts: got Macademia, Almond, etc

Aunties selling their homegrown products while my aunt is buying from them.

Later, continue to go to the LongJi Terraces by taking a small bus.

Finally, reach.

Need to walk to the top and the weather was quite hot. While walking whole body was sweating. Also, did take some photos.

The sceneries were breathtaking.

While some of us tired and sweaty.

Took photos with the ladies wearing beautiful outfits.

Walk back down and took the tour bus again. Went to the Hot Spring Resort.

The roads were narrow and there was road being fixed. The driver had to reverse, forward, move slowly to get to the destination. Really pro. (Thumbs up)

Had dinner at the resort.

Next, I relax at the hot springs. (Finally!) Each pool got different temperature. Note to self: after relaxing in the hot spring, need to go soak yourself in the cold water to close up the pores. That is what Dominique (one of the guy in the tour group (also a good photographer).

Went back to the hotel room and sleep in a big comfortable bed.

Had passion fruit before sleeping.

Loving the hotel room beds.

Wait for the Day 3.

-lu yin-

Monday, September 28

GuiLin Day 1

Just came back from GuiLin. The weather is like a sauna if you know what I mean. Among all my trips in China, this is the first time that "some" people complain and nag throughout the whole trip. Here's Day 1 (19/9).

Woke up 3am in the morning. Well, just slept for a few hours. Feel a lil' bit sleepy. I have a bad habit which is being cranky when didn't get enough sleep.

Dad dropped me, mom, and my aunt at the Air Asia airport.


It's much more crowder than the KLIA. I mean KLIA is so quiet.

After checking in, went to Old Town White coffee and the service is really bad even though there's a lot of people.

Aunt - Me


Around 7am (after the heavy rain), got on to the plane. Was sleeping but had a hard time due to sleeping while sitting. Neck pain~ aikz @ @

Had nasi lemak ayam for breakfast.

Reached GuiLin airport around 11am.

GuiLin city.

Had lunch and it's quite ok. Original style of Chinese cooking.

Went to Silver Cave (one of the limestone caves in the mountains of GuiLin) for sightseeing even though some of us got a lil' bit of jet lag.

After reaching to the destination, we took one of individual rollercars to get to the cave. It's really fun. ^ ^

To go faster have to pull the lever. Slower move the lever forward slowly. Really arm muscles exercise. XD

Took some nice pictures in the cave. Well of course with the lightings which has full of colors.

Done with the Silver Cave. Before getting on the bus,


and street food

Went back to the hotel relax, then dinner.

Next stop, the night scenery by boat at "2 Rivers Connecting 4 Lakes" (direct translation from Chinese ^ ^""). The main attraction of the night is the two pagodas.

Sun and Moon Pagoda

Got other nice ones during the night sightseeing.

Finally, it's back to the hotel and get some rest.

Stay tune for Day 2.

-lu yin-