Thursday, September 15

To be Continued

Hello, people. Had a day trip at the Bourton-on-the-Water.

However, I am unable to share my day trip as I'm getting myself ready for the 20 day Europe trip.

Yes, that's right. My well-deserved trip. After my hectic times of doing my dissertation during the summer, I am absolutely going to enjoy my trip. The experiences which are going to be gain through my five senses within this trip.

So, I'll be away from this blog. But, I'll try to keep myself updated throughout my trip via Twitter and Facebook.

When I get back, I'll not only talk about Bourton-on-the-Water day trip but also my Europe trip.

Do wait patiently and look forward to my upcoming posts in October.

-lu yin-

Wednesday, September 14

Carmen's Visit in Cheltenham (Part 2)

Today is just a walk around the town. We went to Holst Birthplace Museum where is the house which Holst live since young. Basically is a history of Holst with a mix of art, music, and Victorian style. The student price is 4 pounds.

Went Hog's Head for our mix of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Carmen had Chicken Tikka Masala Curry while I had Chicken Salsa Salad.

We even have our desserts.

For me, it's cheesecake and beer. XD I know most of you would prefer to have hot drinks and desserts together but anyway I prefer both it's either hot drink or beer or wine with desserts. It depends on personal taste. But so far, for me it doesn't taste really horrible.

Before we went back home, we walk around the Montepelier Garden.

It's been a long time that I didn't take photos of beautiful flowers and nature. Now, I got my free time to do so.

We went back home and do our usual stuff with our laptops and watching TV.

Tomorrow, we are going out of Cheltenham. We are going for a day trip at Bourton-on-Water.

-lu yin-

PS. Had Mexican food at Chiquito yesterday. Really delicious especially the brownies with ice cream.

Monday, September 12

Carmen's Visit in Cheltenham (Part 1)

Carmen came over to my place for a visit. For the past few days, we just laze around at home and cook meals (Day 1: Japanese Curry with White Rice, Day 2: Bak Kut Teh). Browsing through our own laptops while watching TV.

Yesterday night, this dear 'friend' accompany us.

Mmmm~ Hazelnut~

This Sunday, I brought Carmen to the Car Boots Sale which is near the Cheltenham Race Course. Took about 30 - 40 minutes to walk from my house as there is no bus going to our destination during the weekends. On the bright side, we could use some nice fresh air while walking on a lovely sunny Sunday.


That's Carmen on the far right of this photo

A lot of variety of things were sold. From fresh fruits, to tableware, to pictures, to toys etc. Almost the things that you need to fulfil your needs and satisfactions. Also, the price of those stuffs are affordable.

For breakfast, we share Roast Pork with Stuffing and Apple Sauce.

Next, we stop by at the Cheltenham Race Course where is one of my favourite places to visit in Cheltenham. This place is normally held for major events like graduations, racing week, Guy Fawke's Night and others. By looking at the view, it is truly breathtaking with sunshine and wind.

Wind in my hair XD
A View from the Stand

We head back to the city centre as I already book a table for our Thai lunch at Thai Brasserie. On our way, we pass by the Pitville Park but we will be heading to this place tomorrow.

Pitville Pump Room: a venue for orchestra performances
A lake at Pitville Park

Continuing our journey.....

Iconic Statue: Hare and Bull

Neptune Fountain

Reach the Thai Brasserie and have our lunch. 

From clockwise: Chicken Satay - Pad Ka - Thai Green Curry with White Rice - Stir Fry Beef with White Rice

Also, my favourite dish of all time in Thai Food category is.....

Thai Seafood Salad
Stomach feel full while we have smiles on our faces. Went back home and we laze around at home. Was browsing through the Internet while watching TV especially 'Horton Hears a Who'.

We do this until the late night.

Looking forward to another better day.

-lu yin-

Thursday, September 1

Cleaning Off the Dust

It's been almost 2 -3 months that I didn't even touch this blog.

What could be the reason behind this?

Well, as I said quite a long time ago, I was doing my dissertation during this summer. I'm almost done with it. All I need to do just print, bind, and pass up. Once done, it's goodbye study mode and hello to holiday.

A lot has been happen lately during the summer. My laptop got stolen when I was in Liverpool. I will tell this story when I'm ready. Another great moment that I encounter is that I attended a SGI South West Young Women Division summer semester course a few weeks ago. This...I will also share in my next post.

For me, I'm so happy that with all my hard work effort place in my dissertation work. I hope the upcoming result shows my actual proof of my hard work effort. By the way, my dissertation is about the establishment of K-pop music in Europe. It was fun while I was doing this dissertation. Even though there are times that I burn midnight oil and work endlessly with my laptop, but still here I am right now. I have survived.

Again, once I hand in my dissertation, I'm free as a bird.

I'm looking forward to my Europe trip.

I'm going to clean off the dust of my blog and off to a fresh start as....'soon to be retired from student life and the beginning of new chapter in my life'.

Stay tuned. =)

-lu yin-