Sunday, December 30

genting 27-29/12/07

came back from genting during de afternoon...i wuz suppose 2 use de com 2 type new post 4 dis blog but my bro wanna use cuz wanna play i go 2 my room study....
now i'm typing

woke up quite early in da morning 2 check email n all...until during noon time went 2 my godmother's hse so all of us go genting 2gether like family....

on de way~

me n my bro were playing blackjack in da car...

my bro ^ ^ da truth is he's camera shy but i juz take it naturally lolz ^ ^

den reach da my godmother's hse n wait 4 car yi 2 come back from skool...dat day wuz getting da pmr results...she got 7 As leh lolz congratz ya....for wei i'm not sure cause she went 2 new zealand with her family...i think 2day dey juz came back....oh ya genting....well off 2 dad seriously funny....he zoom off n end up sumwhere near batu cave cause wanna eat lunch around dat area b4 continuing de journey n in da end dunno where godmother's car go...while waiting...i got bored n decided 2 do dis....^ ^"

finally we met up n continue da journey 2 genting n finally reach there n we ate lunch at gohtong jaya....u noe a lot of passer bys will stop by 2 ask u 2 buy or donate sumthing...sortta irritating when sum1 is hving a meal....after lunch, finally reach awana...staying there 4 3 days n 2's a suite....well not grand or anything but at least it's a comfortable place 2 stay

car yi

was bored until~

i go outside get sum fresh air ^^"

we all basically sleep throughout da afternoon...- -" dun ask me y....den in da evening we jln around de awana b4 going 2 gohtong raya again 4 dinner....

after dinner went back n rest n den hv a drink (wine) with my da same time i wuz playing cards with my cousins n den practically chit chat

smelly blue cheese ><

go with jacob crackers


play uno

play "cho hai di"

suddenly shocking news...benazir bhutto wuz assasinated in pakistan O O....dis is terrible y these things hv 2 happen thought there would b a democracy in dat country...n turns out like dis....n de civilians r so angry until dey go destroy buildings, transport in da city...summore da killer blew himself up after killing bhutto so there won't b a trace on dat killer....hmmm wat would b da future 4 noes...

da next day we all went 2 genting by cable car....

i told my parents i go meet a "group" of frens....den my mom start 2 nag dis n dat...haihz..u noe how parents r....n i did meet up with sylvester n go chit chat at da mcd...chit chat until my whole family spotted me O O shoot....n den i went there n told my parents dat we're juz frens onli....den i went back chit chat with him until my parents said it's time 2 go....during da conversation, i found out about sumthing's about da person i like...omg how he noe n how dis situation happen leh....all i can do is 2 calm dwn n go with da flow n wait 4 da right moment....i dunno....juz calm dwn lah...den i go off with my we reach back 2 awana everybody sleep again - -" wat's with da sleeping??? summore no chance 2 go swimming oh well mayb next night go gohtong jaya makan again n den came back n watch tv n drink wine...i wuz almost a lil' bit drunk but still can handle it
de next day it wuz time 2 go home....juz a 45 mins journey back home...n here i m~...

2 days till new year's eve 4 hving a family gathering like doing dat almost every new year's resolution...still working on it....

-lu yin-

Thursday, December 13

birthday, farewells, surveys, xmas tree

year 2007 is going 2 end within 2-3 weeks time....time passes by so fast ><" also da sky "cried" like almost 3-4 days...dunno wat's wrong lolz ^ ^"

yesterday, encore! committee n finalists plan a surprise 4 chua n magen cause is chua's birthday n magen is going 2 graduate so....plan dis surprise 4 him...alexa told dem dat gonna meet 1 of da "sponsor" n dey were quite nervous....n den once dey came 2 JJ, jia ern, jizz, n leaf were like surpirse (acting while others were at da back)...magen had his hair shaved O O n den da next thing we all start 2 sing happy birthday 2 chua n "happy bye bye" 2 r da pics...^ ^

left 2 is chua's while right 1 is magen's

chua taking out de candles from de cake with his teeth

chua licking de cream eee~

when magen take out de candle from de cake he kena push n got cream on his face ^ ^"

chua being funny, magen serious lolz ^ ^"

smilez ^ ^

magen feed cake 2 chua

chua feed cake 2 magen

chua feed cake 2 his gf

after dat we all went upstairs 2 play at da arcade 4 fun until time 4 me 2 go back home cause it's getting late....

2 days in a week manage 2 finish up da surveys 4 assignment...100 copies!!! well at least surveys done n we can m move on 2 da next step...during da media law lecture, it's nth but history history n history until i wanna go listen 2 my mp3 ^ ^" den went 2 library n go look 4 pass year questions 4 every subject cause final exam is near O O....da coursework mark let's juz say i dunwan it 2 b a "xmas" present 2 me ><
juz now finish writing 4 mass media lecture a lil' bit early dat i decided 2 stop by at klcc 2 take pics of da xmas tree....i might b planning 2 go 2 kl pavilion with dian 2 watch movie cause i heard from 1 of my fren dat da xmas tree over there is very nice, amzing so i'm looking forward 2 it...n also i wanna try da donuts dat ppl in TARC talks about dem....even my cousin went there b4...omg i damn freakin wanna try these donuts ><

xmas tree at klcc...purple!! ^ ^

i like de design on da part of de xmas ^ ^

music performance

i wuz a bit hungry so i decided 2 eat aunt anne's pretzel...

guess wat flavor i eat?

it's my fav...choc mint ^ ^

alright dat's about it...2moro i hv 2 attend ywd gathering n nxt week got xmas fundraising n also a performance 4 da xmas night nxt tues....wah so much activities O O also thinking of whether i wanna go watch unplugged wanna support dem since de unplugged committee buy ticket from us..

-lu yin-

Monday, December 3

ENCORE! 07/08

finally it's over n everything goes well for da show even though there r sum mistakes but still manage 2 fix it....da show wouldn't go smoothly without teamwork....without da scolding n pushing n all i probably b a lil bit blur.....manage 2 handle all da paper work especially last minute least it's over....thanx 2 all da committee, finalists n helpers 2 make dis show a memory dat we can't 4get...

on friday we had a full day rehearsal at da sports complex....dun worry i got an absent letter 4 dat....been there from morning till night n even i ate lunch n dinner at da sports complex....da pics will tell u worth a thousands 1st da 1st rehearsal wuz quite bad....but den da 2nd time is even better ^ ^ da next day hope is even more better hahaha..alright pics of rehearsal...

yeng?? swt...- -"




II unlimited


these r singing finalists 4 dis year encore! 2007 as 4 da dancing finalists i didn't take bcuz i wuz bz doing sumthing dat secretary suppose 2 do....

drum rolls plz.....tada!!! da night dat with all da running dis n dat 2 run dis show!!!

me n val [b4]

me n val [after]

da backdrop

singing finalist

didn't take da dancing finalist cause i run here n there 2 find da first aid kit..anywayz...

finalists of encore! 2007

mc: faisal n samson [so funny]

stoners...dey sang remix of stand by me+beautiful girl n jay chou chinese song

kieran is not chinese n he can sing n rap chinese ^ ^

irreplacable..sang "have u ever" such a nice n sweet song

sang gai bian zi ji ^ ^



II unlimited

dey sang phantom of de opera n rita's voice is so strong

rhythmus..sang xu yao ni de ai n everyday

do u noe dat dey sang a few lines of da chinese song ^ ^

funky ping


wat de?

click thing

trying 2 b michael jackson ^ ^"

indian dance




there were a few guests performers n i didn't take pic of serene n electroshock bciz i wuz at da backstage....also i didn't ask sum1 2 take pic of me n de other committee 4 doing latin dance

singing champion encore! 2007

dancing champion encore! 2007

da show is over...photoshooting time!!

alexa - yi xian - me

ernest - alexa - me - jeremy - michelle - yi xian - tsin yi

encore! 2007

me - ee lin

me - jet

kelfred - me

me - magen

jia ern - alexa - me

top management

II unlimited

my dancing partner, jizz

me - dorophy

richard - me - gadiy - han jung

didn't c dem 4 a very long time ^ ^

me - wen wen


n dat's dat 4 da night....hope dat next year encore will b even better ^ ^...there might b a gathering after encore! 2007 so watch out hahaha ^ ^

-lu yin-