Sunday, June 21

Activities During Acad R Orientation

No grandmother story. Just the pictures(finally got it) to explain the whole thing during the Acad R Orientation.

Uncle say some encouragement.

Yew Leong and Jolynn as emcees

Yee Wen and Xiao Thong in charge of the Ice Breaking

Finding group members during the Ice Breaking

Group photos

Dancing performance...Chuan Yi geng XD

Playing games

Forum session where seniors share their experiences in Acad R

Giving encouragement

Preparing on giving out newsletter

Modeling on the Acad R T-shirt XD

Wai Pek say something before ending the Orientation

We R Family


Xiao Wei with Acad P people

Makan cake

After that, our gang went to Jln Ipoh eat dim sum for supper

Chee Keong pouring tea

Funny lah...smoke come out from Xiu's head

She look like smoking XD

The End

-lu yin-

Blood: The Last Vampire

The storyline of the movie is okay but there's a problem. The computer editing. It is not that good as I could imagine. Bloodsuckers on the computer editing is not good even the fighting scenes. Although it make my heart beat go fast on the fighting scene, but not impress with the computer editing in the overall movie. I much prefer the anime more than the movie. The fighting scene is not bad.

Rating: 7/10

-lu yin-

Saturday, June 20

Night at The Museum 2

Another laughter of this movie. Saving the world from chaos blah blah blah. The one thing I really like is the cute cute Einstein booble heads. Hahaha. The monkey is annoying but funny. Scenes are quite funny. Got Abraham Lincoln, Thinker, balloon dog, and many many more even the big octopus. The cupids are so adorable when sing some love songs although a lil bit irritating to the couple. This movie is ok ok only. Same standard as the previous Night at the Museum. In the end of the movie, at night, all things come to life for eveyone to see. It's suitable for the families to watch and for those who wanna have a laugh. It is just an ok movie.

Rating: 7/10

-lu yin-

Wednesday, June 17

Movie Outing at KLCC (14/6/09)

Went out to KLCC to watch movie with Jason and Carmen.

Jason and me went there by LRT. Haihz...Here's how the situation go.

Through phone...
Jason: Miss, where are you?
Me: I'm at the LRT entrance. (He did not hear properly.)
Jason: Oh ok.

He got in the train. While I was waiting at the entrance, I called him again.

Me: Eh, where are you?
Jason: In the train.
Me: Huh? .....

Later, got on the train when reach Jelatek I called him to get on the train.

= = He really have to belanja me makan.

Once reach KLCC, I said to him belanja me makan at Chilli's. XD But in the end no because don't wanna torture him like crazy. Give him chance for now. Next time, belanja something better. XD

Took a picture of the lego model of the Taj Mahal.

Had lunch at Chilli's.

Take photos while waiting for food and drinks.

Jason with the "cheeky" smile. XD


Me with the slight of sleepy look XD

Carmen - Me (with the masam face @ @)

Carmen camwhoring.

Jason promoting Heinz ketchup.

Jason - Carmen

Lunch arrived.

My Chicken Crispers. One of my favorites in Chilli's. Love the honey-mustard sauce.

Calypso Cooler

Jason ordered Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers.

Then, lepak around KLCC, bought Aunt Anne's Choc Mint Pretzel and Juice Works Mango Sensation for snack.

Until it's around 4pm. Went to watch Night at the Museum 2.

Movie review coming soon in the next post.

After the movie, went back home and rest.

Well, it's getting late. Time to sleep. Have to wake up early for the 8am class. Haihz. @ @

-lu yin-

Academy R Orientation (12/6/09)

Was helping out as a group coordinator during the orientation. I did take photos when I have the chance. Pictures and captions at the moment because busy and tired. Tomorrow got 8am class some more. @ @

Before Orientation,

A few guys move sofas.

Xiao Wei sudah KO. XD

Cute Cute ^ ^

We R Family!!.. The theme is actually family.

My dinner given from my friends. Forgot to order dinner last Thursday. XD Hahaha.

Huey Min - Xiao Wei - Vivian (with green bottle)

Yun Xiong - Chloe - Chee Keong - Terry

After dinner,

Registration. So many people. o o

Waiting for the Orientation to start.

A lot of games and activities going on. Even after the Orientation, went to Jln Ipoh with the gang and eat dim sum. Wee~ ^ ^ Will type more about that in my next post plus more photos by Yi Sheng and Xiao Wei.

To be continue....

-lu yin-

PS. just random thing, I had my snacks just now before going off.

It's chocolate drink and crackers. Love the chocolate drink. Not so filling at all.

Introducing BONCHOCO. Bought from Jusco. Yummy. Chocolatey. ^ ^