Monday, March 29

Japanese Snacks

A few days back me and Hon Kean went to KLCC to check out the Photography Exhibition at Galeri Petronas. He mentioned that there's the Japanese Snack Food Fair at Isetan. So, decided to go there and check it out. (of course buy something from there)

In the end, we bought quite a lot and eat them during tea time. Snacks and Japanese tea. Yums.

Hello Panda weee~

So cute.

At the lil' chips call "Pick Up"chicken flavor, taste like Double Decker. Addicted to it.

The candy that melts in your mouth and can hear the crack sound. (Forgot what is this. XD)

Pucca Biscuits. Inside got chocolate. ^ ^

Yummy Cream Soda Candies. Heaven~

Maison Kukka. Four Flavors: Coffee, Green Tea, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Coffee. 3 layers: Wafer, Cream, and Rice Cracker. Delicious.

Took photos of Domo being "greedy" with food. XD

It was totally the yum yum times with the Japanese snacks. Hehehe. I can't wait for the Japanese Food Fair which is coming soon in April.

-lu yin-

Food Hunting at Sri Rampai Pasar Malam (25/3/10)

It's been a long time that I didn't go to Sri Rampai Pasar Malam. Went over there for food hunting with Hon Kean. Not went there by car, but went there by walking. Yup, walk to the destination for around 15-20 minutes. That place is totally crowded as people also come not only food hunting but also like "window shopping".

Bought some food from some stalls.

Selling delicious Taiwan Chicken Spring Roll. Bought the ham one.


Not to mention, the Bubble Tea. Bought the Honey Dew Bubble Tea.

Pretty colors that present the flavors.

Asam Laksa

Sweet dessert (longan)

That's the end of the food hunting at Pasar Malam.

I wonder what's next on trying out new delicacies. Hmmm.

-lu yin-

Wednesday, March 24

Turn to 22

Yup, I have turn to 22 years old. Year by year, getting older. But still have wonderful memorable moments for as years gone by.

The other night went to the Feeling Cafe after the successor meeting to celebrate my birthday. Just having drinks.

Then, the singers sang a birthday song. Not to mention, giving me the ice cream dessert instead of cake. That is the good thing.

I was also ask to put out the candle from the dessert. Luckily I didn't kena. You see someone want to push me to the dessert.

Well, thank you for all the birthday wishes. Thank you for the messages I got from the smses and Facebook.

I've gotten older and of course I still got things to do. I'm going to work hard with the positive mind.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, March 23

Mario and Luigi

I name my 2 new babies. Suddenly thought of Mario and Luigi (Used to play Mario games through computer. Ah, all the jumping and jumping on top of the monsters. So much fun). The picture above very cute, right?

My Luigi~ Got myself Lumix camera DMC-LX3.

and I name this mp4 Mario because red in color (of course).

So come together I name them. Mario and Luigi. Haha.

Yesterday, I decided to lepak around at KLCC. At first, I wanted to go to the Photography Exhibition. Suddenly, when I'm in the LRT, I totally forgot that the Galeri Petronas close on Mondays. @ @


Took this when I'm in the LRT.

Reach already and take more pictures while I'm listening to "Mario".

Had my Java Chip Frappucino

Top view at the center of KLCC

Promotion on Tagheuer Swiss watches

I wanted to take pictures at the park but it was raining. So, walking around at KLCC inside until there's no rain.

As I was walking around, I saw the "Alice in Wonderland" path.

Anyone want to have tea party?

Big red roses dress

Still raining = =

Philharmonic Hall

Outside Philharmonic Hall

Finally, the rain stopped. Time for some outdoor picture taking.

I love taking the flowers. So pretty. Loving the nature especially.

Went back inside again.

Saw the latest collection on LeSportSac bags.

Not only that, I did some window shopping. After a long time, my legs are tired and was kind of hungry. Feel like eating something sweet. So, decided to try the Dessert's Bar.

Honey Tea Lemon

I fell in love with Pannatini. Heaven~

After having the sweet treats, I head back home and it was night time.

Starting to do my studies for the resit paper and reading articles for assignments.

My messy workplace

End this post with Hon Kean's Domo Doll with the Japanese snack. XD (I want a Domo doll @ @)

-lu yin-