Tuesday, September 28

The Window of Thoughts

Typing out this post while outside it's raining and while I'm listening to Daesung's song "Bubblegum". Yup, I might say it's a quite good atmosphere when these elements are combine together.

Just saw a new housemate who is doing PhD move in. 8 people under one roof. I'm the only Malaysian Chinese in the house living with the locals.

Suddenly, when I'm looking out my window, I have the mood to type out something for this blog of mine.

It reminds me of the scene from Sex and the City drama. The part where Carrie Bradshaw writes articles at her home office while facing the window outside if I'm not mistaken.

Today is just another day to laze around before lecture starts tomorrow. Made a few phone calls. 1st was about LA Fitness Club which brings up interest to go there to attend dance classes as part of my free time. I do need to keep fit and healthy from time to time. Already book a place to take a look at the club. Next, SGI-UK. Made another round of phone calls. Hopefully, things will go smoothly that I could think of.

Another thing is that I have made some choices of undergraduate subjects which I find it interesting and useful for my goals which I aimed to do so.


The life story of me in UK. A journey and path that I'm walking. I will type out things which I encounter and experience while I'm here.

I remember a quote that Jennifer told me while I was in Sheffield during my summer semester course. I gave a surprise call to her who is in Australia. She said "expand your horizons and find my true self". That quote has been with me up until now. To be honest, I am doing that. At the same time, I decided to do traveling during my breaks to not only to have good experience but also find my true self.

My feelings and thoughts written as days goes by will be continued...For now, time to enjoy another round of dramas and mesmerize the view from my window.

-lu yin-

Monday, September 27

Settling Down in Cheltenham.

Here I am in Cheltenham. The weather, environment, atmosphere.....amazing. Also, I can't wait for the autumn where I can see the red and orange leaves that blends in to the season itself. While settling down, walk around town just to get the hang of it.

TESCO is just near my place. XD

Typical All Day Breakfast at Butler's Cafe and Restaurant.


My room in the nice and comfy house at Market Street.

My "S" cuties - Squirt, Stich, and Simba

Not to forget one thing - Shopping!!! ^ ^

Well, the great days I had while settling down in Cheltenham.

The study life begins tomorrow.

-lu yin-

Meet Ups and Food (Part 2)

That particular week for me. I was moody that time because of the visa situation which I waited and waited for so long.

But I did meet up around the PJ area.

Meet up with Gin Nin, Kar Yin, and Kok Hoe and have the "yum cha" session at mamak.

There was also the time where I went to attend the Mid-Autumn Fest Dinner and Gathering at Subang.

That's it. Nothing much really. Because that time I was settling my own things before leaving to UK.

After I got my visa, my mood has become from sad to happy. The feeling that I can fly and expand my horizons.

There is one thing I learn this week. Enjoy while you can before leaving even though you got a slight of worries like the visa at hand.

-lu yin-

Friday, September 24

New Chapter in My Life

The new chapter? My story continues as I am continuing my studies in University of Gloucestershire. Taking up MA Media and Creative Enterprise.

Before I came here, I was in Malaysia being moody while waiting for my visa. Ya, with all the tension and anxious within me. Finally, I got it.

Here I am. At Market Street. With new housemates.

Finally, I can settle down after a long day flight from morning till night. Legs tension and all. You know what I mean. I went there together with a new friend, Yuki.

Besides that, hopefully I can met up with my LJMU mates before they go back to Malaysia after their Europe trip which is gonna end like in the middle of next month.

Ok, I know I was gonna post up the part 2 of "Meet Ups and Food". But, right now. I am dead tired and I need to settle things at the university tomorrow. Probably will update the following day I guess. Just wait and see.

Till then.

-lu yin-

Sunday, September 12

Meetups and Food (Part 1)

Last weekend, was having meals with my family.

The day I arrive Malaysia (Last Saturday) - we all went to Pantai Seafood for supper. I love the clams especially the Bamboo Clams.

Last Sunday was having lunch with my family - New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice at Sunway Giza Mall

Yummy Tauge and Chicken. Mmmm~

After finishing settle the general student visa for one whole day (Monday), I was eating food and meeting up with people before I go back to UK to continue for Masters.

Monday night - Met up with Gatzhat and Magen at the Sunway Giza Mall



Gatzhat and I were having beer and pizza at Modiva before Magen came.

Tuesday - Met up with Lime for movies and chit chat

Wednesday was at Wangsa Maju to meet with my "grandson". Also, went to KLCC to meet a few Acad R comrades of mine.

Thursday went to TBR to meet Soben they all for lunch.

Thusday dinner with my godmother and the family at Pantai Seafood.

Friday - Made dumplings at godmother's house.

Next, the happy moment? Meeting up with TT '08 gang and had lunch at San Francisco Steakhouse and Chillis, KLCC

Saturday - with my dear YWD sister, Teck Mun by having lunch (Bak Kut Teh) and desserts (at Tian Ping Ge Ge, SS2)

Sunday - lunch at Arisu, Kota Damansara for some delicious Korean BBQ which I waited for quite some time

My aunt and family join us for lunch and also visit me too.

Plans to do, people to meet, food to eat, and things to settle.

Wait up for the Part 2.

-lu yin-

Saturday, September 4

Moments in Summer Semester Course

I'm back in Malaysia safely. Finally. After 14 hours long of flight and staying over one night at Park Inn Hotel, Abu Dhabi because of flight delay.

In my own comfy room right now.

Finally, a time to write my own thoughts. Here goes.

Throughout the 3 months in Liverpool, the summer semester course that my friends and coursemates including me had gone through, it is truly a wonderful experience for me. I'm sure it's the same with others too.

Within these 3 months, we make new friends and share the moments we had. From going classes, having meals, shopping, clubbing, to trips, and so much more. Every single little element during our summer semester courses. There are good ones and bad ones but we still deal with them.

I'm kindda lost of words to say but all I can say is....is nice knowing you guys during the summer semester course. I really do appreciate the wonderful and crazy moments we had during the pass 3 months.

The time when we all sent you guys off for the Europe trip or whatever plans you had, we of course shed our tears as we apart and move on.

Yes, like I said in one of my previous tweets: It's difficult to say goodbye. However, we have to walk along our own paths and dreams we had chosen. Memories...cherish them.

That's what I have to say to all of you.

Good luck to whatever is you are doing. Enjoy your Europe trip and have fun. Go crazy at every single country in Europe. XD

Also, most importantly, keep in contact. ^ ^

Feel tired right now. I just got back from KLIA. Time to rest.

For me, another new chapter of my story has just begun.

-lu yin-

PS. My dear friends in Malaysia find me to hang out within 2 weeks time before I go back to UK. XD

Abu Dhabi

As you see this title....ya, I'm stuck in Abu Dhabi.

Why? Because of flight delay. Suppose to wait for 7 hours for the flight. But....add 7 more hours to wait = =

But, the good news is Etihad Airways offer me and the others a place to stay.

It's at the Park Inn Hotel which I'm staying right now.

And...it's free of charge. Including dinner and breakfast.

Photos will be uploaded once I'm safely back in Malaysia at night of the following day.

Well, I'm off to bed. Too tired. Some more need to wake up early in the morning to catch the flight back to Malaysia.


-lu yin-

Friday, September 3

The Chapter Has End

Yup, the summer semester course has ended.

I'm packing right now.

Leaving Liverpool in 10 hours time.

Will be back in Malaysia.

Just now I send people off. They are going for the Europe trip.

Really tears with sad and joy flow through my eyes.

Of course I will miss those moments that I have here in Liverpool.

Now, busy packing. So, I'll continue to type out my thoughts in the next post.

See you all back in Malaysia.

Another chapter has ended. The new chapter of my story has just begun.

Stay tuned.

-lu yin-