Tuesday, July 29

More Pics PD Trip Day 1

there's plenty more where these came from XD
-lu yin-

Sunday, July 20

Port Dickson Trip Day 1

Went to Port Dickson for 2 days and 1 night with YWD SGM members. The beach and ocean is wonderful. Of course these things took my breath away. The food that I can enjoy before I go back to setapak eat maggi mee, mamak food and stuff like that can make feel like I'm getting thinner. Lolz. Anyway, it's a wonderful experience for me and I get to know people and also a time to relax from the studies for a while.
Went there bus. 1st stop at Seremban to have lunch.
Ching Ying

On the way to Seremban, raining ~ T T

Singing this song Honagraka (which means cheerful) on the 27/7. Playing that song throughout the whole journey. Repeating and repeating until we know the song very well XD.

1km away from Seremban

Finally!! Reach Seremban. Choy Shin, Seko, Lilian and Jennifer were waiting for us. They went to Port Dickson 1 day earlier than us. Choy Shin just came back from US. She'll be in Malaysia for the holidays then she go back to US to continue her studies. Miss her so much ^ ^.

Lunch at Choy Kee Food Stall

Us at the table while waiting for food to arrive.

SGM flag

Glasses of chinese tea with puddle lolz~ XD

Finally, food has arrive.

Mix Vegetables
Braised Wine Chicken
Claypot Pork Ribs and Yam
Butter Prawns
Assam Fish

The main food that I've waited~


Marmite Sauce Baked Crabs
Salted Egg Yolk Crabs
The best part of all crabs. Yummy!!

Then, chit chat until the bus arrives. Continue going to Port Dickson. Main destination.

Yeah!! No rain!!

1km away from Port Dickson

Almost there~

Yeah finally reach. This is Avillion Admiral Cove where I stayed for 1 night. Hehehe.

WOW!!! The view~

So nice~

Jennifer and Seko

Went to the room, change and went down to the lobby.

Gin Nin

Gin Nin - Ching Ying

Ching Ying - Wee Leng

Kar Yin - Gin Nin (red tops) XD

There's still more pics from us. Just wait~ muahaha

Went to the Avillion Beach Resort to enjoy at the beach and feel the ocean breeze.

Isn't it beautiful? The beach and ocean.

We did salsa and yoga. Then, we had our free time and mostly take pics.

Trying to hold the island

looking at who oh?

beautiful romantic ocean with sunsent

Still got even more pics. wait wait wait~

Next, had buffet dinner at the Crow's Nest. Yummy food. I ate so much that my tummy get bigger. OMG.

1st round
2nd round
3rd round
Final roundSo full. That I walk around to let the food digest lolz. Looks like there's no midnight snacks for me.

After that, had a meeting from 8-10pm. There's the gosho study about "Good Fortune in This Life". It really relates to what I've been facing throughout my whole life. I got share my experiences about being away from home for about 2 months. Miss my family and SGM friends. Also, what I've been doing during my college life and the 6.15 malam mesra. I remember that Jennifer shared her experiences about marriage while Choy Shin shared her experiences in the US doing her studies. Also, a message from Mr. and Mrs Ikeda read by the YWD leaders and members. Sing the "Hongaraka" song. I remember the lyrics even though it's in Japanese lolz. Finally, there's the lucky draw. I got myself a diamond bracelet. Very nice. Shiw you guys next time ya.

Went back to the hotel. Went to the room and take a shower. After that, went to Gin Nin's room to chit chat with Ching Ying, Choy Shin and Gin Nin. Topics mostly is guy and love. Ching Ying talks more than us haha. Won't tell you guys. It's a secret. Almost 2.30am, went back to the room and sleep. Zzzzz

Stay tuned for Day 2 and more pics of Day 1.

Ching Ying, Choy Shin, Gin Nin, anyone who take pictures with me. I want the photos and fast hahahaha.

-lu yin-