Monday, April 26

Xiao Wei's Birthday (23/4)

Celebrate my ex-housemate birthday at Feeling Cafe. (Common place to come when celebrate my housemates and Acad R comrades' birthdays.)

Not to forget, Wee Leng come all the way to Wangsa Maju from PJ to visit us. ^ ^

Wai Kit - Me - Wee Leng

Me - Hon Kean

Wee Leng - Cheng Shuang

Tzy Ching - Wee Leng - Wai Kit

Jolynn - Lean Han - Xiao Wei - Jess - Angel

Wai Kee - Me with my Caramel Coffee

Started taking pictures of cameras ^ ^""

Hon Kean's

Tzy Ching's

My "Luigi" ^ ^

My new handphone keychain. Cute lil' devil.

The birthday boy, Xiao Wei

Make a wish~

Xiao Wei tried to take out the candle from the cake by mouth. XD Luckily no one push his face to the cake.

Zhi Xiang - Xiao Wei

Group Photos

Moon (Red Shirt)

Hong (next to Hon Kean)

Happy 21st Birthday, Xiao Wei!!!! =)

-lu yin-

Thursday, April 22

Hanging Out at Starbucks Coffee

Since yesterday and the day before yesterday, when already done with a few applications for Masters (still got some need to settle), I went to Starbucks Coffee quite often lately.

Of course, with beverages by my side.


Latest - Espresso and Cream Frappuccino

A nice warm mug of Earl Gray Tea

and Wednesday

Cafe Latte and Sausage Omelette Bun

At the same time, with good Wifi connection, I was just browsing through the Internet and doing my assignments.

Yes, it feels great to be out of the house. A nice and comfortable environment when studying and doing assignments. Not to mention, I was doing the "me" time.

-lu yin-

*ps Had Mango Sensation and a cookie for "mengalas perut" lunch. Used the VIP card. Get a free cookie when buying the Power size drink.

Dinner at Go Rae Jung, Ampang (18/4/10)

After the Soka Woman Spirit experience meeting at PJ, came back to Setapak in the evening. Later, went over to Ampang for Korean BBQ dinner. Michael Ooi say that the Korean BBQ food over there is nice. So, wanna try and there I was "Go Rae Jung" which is part of the less commercialized place.

I notice that everybody wear white shirt except me. o o All of them are Ampang people. o o

Mr. Liew



BBQ Meat is totally heaven~

Not to mention, the side dishes. As always, I love kimchi.

The meal is really delicious. There are difference between commercialized and less commercialized places. It is based on the quality of the food.

Korean dinner sure makes me fill my tummy with warmth and happiness.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, April 20

Feels Good to Be Outside Doing Things

Been here at Starbucks, Alpha Angle for a long long long time in the afternoon.

There's the assignments and plans to deal with.

There's the forum contribution that I have to do almost daily.

There's applications and resumes for Masters need to settle.

There's entertainment: Facebook and Twitter (to kill my boredom)

There's the new Expresso and Cream Frappuccino to keep me awake.

There's Earl Gray Tea to quench my thirst.

There's good music to listen to while being here in Starbucks.

There's good WiFi connection. (*weee~)

There's a few rounds of going to toilet.

And so much more.

Well, it feels good to be out of the house doing your own things to settle instead of staying at home until being bored to death.

I should do that more often.

-lu yin-

*seriously need to download loads of movies for assignments @ @

Wednesday, April 14

Change Poison into Medicine

Done the resit paper. I have to wait for the results which is coming out at either the end of April of the beginning of May. It's been 2 weeks that I didn't update my blog due to concentrating on preparing the resit paper.

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous. But looking at the bright side, I had done my best already. All I could do at the moment is do something else and don't think to much about it. Most importantly, have faith in myself.

I'm sure the rest of you who are taking the test would also feel the same thing. Once it's over, you know you have done your best on situations you had encountered previously.

It's been 2 weeks that I didn't update my blog due to concentrating on preparing the resit paper. Finally, I can relax and holidaying, some plans to attend to and don't think too much about the exam. Just have positive mind and look forward to it.

Yesterday, I did some research on other universities in UK especially in London. I have made my decision. I decided to continue my studies over there for Masters. The Europe trip I can take that one during the break when I'm over there.

I randomly take photos with my "Luigi". Also, randomly post these pictures for this post. This what happened a few weeks back.

Taste like Oreo

Peach drink but too sweet for me

A cup cappuccino to start my day (drink when I only feel very very sleepy).

Took this when I try to make myself go to sleep. XD

My "way" of cooking spinach and is really the yummy yummy.

Had Korean BBQ meat at home in PJ with family for dinner. The fish roe (left) (me no likey) and the lamb (right). Got fish and beef also. Delicious. Hope can eat this again at home for dinner.

Fell in love with the Korean style oxtail soup.

Yesterday, ordered McValue Meal for lunch. McD Fries. Heaven.

Nothing like a cup of hot chocolate and a bag of mix nuts crunch for midnight snack.

The title "Change Poison into Medicine". This is the quote which I always hear and always make me have the realization. This means you change the negativity to the positivity. Change thought and feelings in a positive way so that you could achieve happiness on accomplishing the goals and objectives. Don't let others change you, change yourself. This quote has been with me for a long time already and always thought about that when I'm in doubt. Keep "slapping" myself to get out from the evil and sad thoughts already. I'm sure there are some quotes that I had in mind but will type something like this in the near future.

For now, relax and go with the flow.

-lu yin-

Sunday, April 4

Can't Sleep

By looking at the clock, it's already past 3am and I'm suppose to wake up like less than 4 hours later. = =

Seriously, I can't freaking sleep.

I listen to my mp4 on the slow songs to make me go to sleep but I still can't. Dang!!! = =

I even take pictures until I'm tired. Still not working.

I read a novel also still not working.

(Haihz, sometimes the sleeping habit that I had is driving me nuts. @ @)

Last option, type out this post before my mind and body say "Alright lah, just sleep already!!"

Later, I need to go to LRT to head back to PJ to attend the Soka Day (a day where SGM members come together and listen and anticipate a few programs especially the experience sharing from 'someone' whom I can't wait to hear). Really looking forward to it.

All I need is either green tea or coffee just to give me enough caffiene to move about and feel like awake and hopefully my mind is awake at the same time.

I stop for now. Seriously, I need some sleep. My eyes are starting to close. Finally!!!

-lu yin-

Friday, April 2

What I've Been Up To?

For the past few weeks, other than just food hunting. Most of the time it's just the "me" time I had.

Not to mention, doing the assignments and preparing for the resit paper.

UK visa stuff I'm sort off headache but will manage to pull it off as soon as possible.

I've done watching "Pasta" and "God of Study". Going to finish off watching "The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry". I normally watch through "Drama Crazy".

Read a few mangas from One Manga.

Play games like Diner Dash, Wedding Dash, and others. (Games in one CD is really good.)

Keep checking the latest K-pop news and songs so far.

Speaking of K-pop.

Lee Hyori and Rain latest song and MV are out.

Which one do you prefer?

Rain - Love Song

Lee Hyori - Swing

Both MVs are quite related in terms of concept: love hurts and the victim comes back to haunt. Let's just say the person is heartbroken. For me, I prefer Rain's song. Yes, because I melt and faint after seeing Rain especially his "Golden Abs". The vocals are really awesome and I love the MV. For Lee Hyori, not my cup of tea. Why? Because the song is kind of sad and creepy. The MV I kind of understand is like an art form of representing a story but then again the melody is not that what I expect to be. So, to me, Rain beats Hyori on both MV and song. What you guys think?

Also, I am so excited to watch the new K-dramas:
- Cinderella's Sister
- Prosecutor Princess
- Personal Taste
- The Birth of Rich
- Oh! My Lady

(Source: allkpop)

(Source: DramaStyle)

(Source: DramaStyle)

Now, it's April. A few more weeks till the day I take my resit paper. Other than that, I need to finish off my assignments and involve myself in the forum contribution. Less than 2 months before I fly off to UK. Wow, time sure passes by quite fast.

Well, my focus at the moment is the studies. I'm sure there are times that I need leisure and entertainment if my mind is so tired. If study too much, sure information overload.

End this post right here. Will update again as soon as I could figure out what to type out for my next post.

Just look through my Twitter as I keep update it frequently.

-lu yin-

*PS. I feel I need to learn to speak Korean.