Monday, November 14

Night in Nice, French Riveria

After seeing the snow, it was time to head on to my next destination where there's beach and sea: Nice.
Clear blue sea.

6 girls including check in at a nearby hotel. During my stay in Nice, I accidently bumped my head at the ceiling like six to seven times. T T
The first thing I did after I checked in was settling my laundry. Yup, my stinky clothes need to be cleaned up before I can enjoy the food and fun in Nice.

After the laundry, we went to the French restaurant. The food is way better than the one I had in Paris.
Salad as Starter
TopDeck Cocktail
The most tastiest main course I've ever had. ^ ^ Beef, potatoes, and carrots.
Mouth-watering dessert. Crispy on the outside and ice cream inside. Mmm~~
After the meal, went to the pub and have drinks.
With James
With James and Dahee

There's a group photo with me and the rest of the people in crazy (a good thing XD) TopDeck gang but I can't seem to find it. ><

I had Jagger Bomb. I had a pint of beer. I had a glass of Mojito.
Somebody put the coin in my drink. It's called 'Save the Queen'. It means that if somebody put the coin in your drink, you have to drink it all in one shot. Then, basically, you have save the queen. I have to drink the whole thing continuously. T T No chance for me to enjoy my Mojito.

We decided to go to the next stop where there is live band music.
FYI, the lead singer is so hot. XD

We all danced, singed, and enjoyed ourselves while the night is still young. Some of us, including me, danced on the table. We all just have a good time.

It was another best night I have ever had.

Lights out for me after the great night. Stay tuned for the fun in the sun at Nice.

-lu yin-

Saturday, November 12

The End of My Student Life, A New Chapter Begins

I attended my graduation which I got my Masters. Finally, all my hard work effort and, sometimes, tireless nights with notes and assignments. I have earned what I've got and I'm fully satisfied.

Here's me on my way to Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse where the graduation was held. The weather was so moody that I almost fell asleep. ><
I'm already in my graduation gown. My mom and I were hanging around and having tea and pastries.
My mom who came all the way from Malaysia to attend my graduation and also the following days of having mother and daughter times.
My coursemates
It was getting more crowded.
My course lecturer who has been guiding me and my couresmates throughout the whole course.
My mom and I went inside and take our seats. I was somewhere at the front with the graduates while my mom was at the guest seats. Throughout the graduation process, the photos are taken by my mom.
It's really kind of a 'Harry Potter' feeling. Chancellors, higher officials, and lecturers got onto the stage while someone was playing the organ.

Graduates' names were called out one by one. Shook hand with the Vice Chancellor. Just that. By the way, I got my certificate at the reception. So, it's fine. But still. Something is not right. Couldn't get a good picture of me shaking hand with the Vice Chancellor.
Before ending the ceremony, a few people giving their speeches and 'advice' of what we are going to do next in our lives. The next chapter in our life, to be precise.
The graduation ceremony has ended. Yipee. I officially ended my student life.

Yes, this is the end of my chapter of my life. Although I enjoyed my student life, but it does have to end somewhere. I can't be a student forever. I have goals in my life. I have chapters from my story that I want to share with others who are willing to listen. Time does pass by fast, yes. However, I need to move on with the path of my life.

The next chapter of my life: Work. Yes, I know it is going to be tough. Staring from looking for a job, going through interviews, and lots of process of before and after getting a job. Yet, I am still willing to challenge myself and not ignore these kind of situations. There is no escape from that. I am willing to take the working experience, internships, and graduate schemes to develop myself even better. As a better person. A better me. I made this decision long ago during my student life. I am going to move forward with the right decisions I made. I believe that whatever I did, I can become a better person. Again, a better me.

Looking forward to my new chapter which I will share my experiences of ups and downs in life.

-lu yin-

Sunday, November 6

SHINee in London (3/11/11)

I decided to post this up in my blog since there's many fans out there who loves SHINee and wondering what happen in London. Also, the part where I'm being fangirling that day. Hahaha.

I know about this like almost a few weeks before the London Korean Film Festival. SHINee was invited to perform at the Opening Gala Concert in Odeon West End cinema. The tickets sale was open and suddenly cause the Odeon server to crash. The server went crazy for like five hours. I was kind of going nuts but not to the extreme. I was with my laptop the whole time and I manage to get the ticket before it was completely sold out. Thank goodness. Although I didn't get the front seats, but at least I get to see SHINee.

On the day of the concert, took an early morning bus to London. I reached there around noon. I bought the ticket and I was waiting in line. Even though I got the seating place, but I was curious of how the Shawols (SHINee fans) gathered together, sing, dance, and talk about K-pop.

Not only I watched the SHINee concert, but I also went to watch a Korean film - 'War of the Arrow'.
My tickets for both concert and movie.
This sign means UK loves SHINee in Korean. I was holding this a few times when a group of fans were shouting for SHINee and also cheering. Guards were asking us to line up properly. Well, understandable. They are just doing their jobs.
We were waiting and it was quite a long line.

Finally, we got into the cinema and we saw some SHINee person boards that we can take picture with. Guess who did I take with?

When I got into the Screen 2, music videos of 'Replay', 'Juliette', 'Ring Ding Dong', 'Lucifer' and 'Hello' were playing on the screen. Fans were so excited, screaming, and sang along while the videos were playing. Note: I was sitting way back so I can only zoom until I can take picture of the whole stage but not close up.
MINHO!!!!! My favourite bias of all time. Furthermore, my favourite K-pop idol. The Flaming Charisma Choi Minho.
Fans are waiting anxiously for SHINee to show up.
It started and fans were like screaming for their favourite biases.
SHINee got on stage and we like shouting and cheering like crazy. I was like OMG Minho!!!

They started off with 'Ring Ding Dong'.
Minho!!! in the middle.

Then, performed 'Senorita'.
After that, they introduced themselves and had a short interview. I couldn't hear properly of what they were saying because there were so many screams from the fans.
Next, it was time for individual performances. Onew, Jonghyun, and Taemin sang ballads while Minho and Key sang pop songs.

Onew sang 'The Road to Me'. Love his singing voice.
Jonghyun sang 'Nothing Better' with his sweet and romantic voice. I love the way he smiles.
It was sweet when one fan say 'Than You' before Jonghyun finish the last sentence of the song.

Key, the fashionista, strutted his performance with talent and fashionable outfit while singing 'Tik Tok'.
Key went closer to the fan who has the camera. Went off the stage and go slightly closer to the fan. That fan was so lucky.
I totally understand why so many fans like Key.
Yeah, Minho's solo performance. To be honest, every time when I see him perform, my heart flutters and I feel a bit dizzy in a good way. Haha. I like him because of his personality, performance, and looks. Yup, his nickname 'Flaming Charisma' suits him well.

He sang 'Rocketeer'. He also did rapping.
Minho, saranghaeyo. ^ ^

Lastly, Taemin's turn to perform. He sang 'I'll Do Well'. His singing talent is really awesome even at his age. It's really beautiful.
After a short video of the behind-the-scene 'Hello' music video, SHINee performed 'Hello'.
Next, they performed 'Juliette'.
During the performance on 'Replay', I have to move the camera to one side because the camera man was blocking my view. = =
The last performance was 'Lucifer'. Every single fan sang along with it and they know the fan chant.
Minho rapping. That's one of my favourite part of this song.
That was the end of the concert.
On the bright side, SHINee came to watch the movie. They were sitting two to three rows away from me. I'm like 'OMG'. I turn around and I said 'Hi' and 'Annyeong'. They smiled and waved back. My heart was beating and my head was dizzy. I keep saying 'Otoke' (means what to do) while covering my mouth continuously. I didn't turn back many times because I was kind of have a 'fangirling' moment in not a crazy way.

After having introductions about 'War of the Arrow', we all watching the movie. By the way, it is really a good  historical war movie. You all should go check it out. It's about a war with just arrows and the man goes and save his sister while fighting against the bad guys. I say it again: It is a good movie and good storyline.

After the movie ended, I turned around and SHINee was gone. I heard that they left after watching the movie for 15 minutes.
It was the greatest Kpop moment I ever had. I get to see SHINee. Watch the film with SHINee even though they left after 15 minutes. I enjoyed the concert and I seen Minho which I admired so much. Not to forget, I do enjoy the movie. It is a memorable and emotional moment, well of course in a good way.

Thank you to Korean Cultural Centre for organizing this event. Thank you to Odeon for doing the upmost best on providing good services even though there are some fans who are too anxious (if you know what I mean). Thank you to SM Entertainment for bringing SHINee to London. Have SM Town concert in London. Thank you SHINee for coming to London and perform. I know that you all enjoy yourself visiting London as I saw some pictures in Facebook. You all look cute, cool, dashing, fashionable, and handsome. You too, Minho. Haha. Please come again.

Minho, you have great looks, performance, and personality. You are cool and handsome in every possible way. I love you and will support you all the way. Saranghaeyo. Kamsahamnida. Hwaiting!! ^ ^

I still love Minho's solo performance. Therefore, I downloaded fancam videos of Minho's solo performance. Can't stop watching it continuously. So far, my favourite song and performance because of Minho and his rapping skills.

To K-pop music industries, bring more K-pop artists to the UK as there are high demands from the UK fan communities. There are lot of K-pop fan communities in the UK. Believe me. There are a lot of Facebook groups, Twitter, and sites on K-pop which are created by those communities. Don't forget about exporting CDs and merchandises as many fans would love to purchase those. K-pop music industries and artists, hwaiting. Also, supporting K-pop music industries to expand K-pop to the whole wide world. =)

-lu yin-