Saturday, November 12

The End of My Student Life, A New Chapter Begins

I attended my graduation which I got my Masters. Finally, all my hard work effort and, sometimes, tireless nights with notes and assignments. I have earned what I've got and I'm fully satisfied.

Here's me on my way to Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse where the graduation was held. The weather was so moody that I almost fell asleep. ><
I'm already in my graduation gown. My mom and I were hanging around and having tea and pastries.
My mom who came all the way from Malaysia to attend my graduation and also the following days of having mother and daughter times.
My coursemates
It was getting more crowded.
My course lecturer who has been guiding me and my couresmates throughout the whole course.
My mom and I went inside and take our seats. I was somewhere at the front with the graduates while my mom was at the guest seats. Throughout the graduation process, the photos are taken by my mom.
It's really kind of a 'Harry Potter' feeling. Chancellors, higher officials, and lecturers got onto the stage while someone was playing the organ.

Graduates' names were called out one by one. Shook hand with the Vice Chancellor. Just that. By the way, I got my certificate at the reception. So, it's fine. But still. Something is not right. Couldn't get a good picture of me shaking hand with the Vice Chancellor.
Before ending the ceremony, a few people giving their speeches and 'advice' of what we are going to do next in our lives. The next chapter in our life, to be precise.
The graduation ceremony has ended. Yipee. I officially ended my student life.

Yes, this is the end of my chapter of my life. Although I enjoyed my student life, but it does have to end somewhere. I can't be a student forever. I have goals in my life. I have chapters from my story that I want to share with others who are willing to listen. Time does pass by fast, yes. However, I need to move on with the path of my life.

The next chapter of my life: Work. Yes, I know it is going to be tough. Staring from looking for a job, going through interviews, and lots of process of before and after getting a job. Yet, I am still willing to challenge myself and not ignore these kind of situations. There is no escape from that. I am willing to take the working experience, internships, and graduate schemes to develop myself even better. As a better person. A better me. I made this decision long ago during my student life. I am going to move forward with the right decisions I made. I believe that whatever I did, I can become a better person. Again, a better me.

Looking forward to my new chapter which I will share my experiences of ups and downs in life.

-lu yin-