Monday, November 14

Night in Nice, French Riveria

After seeing the snow, it was time to head on to my next destination where there's beach and sea: Nice.
Clear blue sea.

6 girls including check in at a nearby hotel. During my stay in Nice, I accidently bumped my head at the ceiling like six to seven times. T T
The first thing I did after I checked in was settling my laundry. Yup, my stinky clothes need to be cleaned up before I can enjoy the food and fun in Nice.

After the laundry, we went to the French restaurant. The food is way better than the one I had in Paris.
Salad as Starter
TopDeck Cocktail
The most tastiest main course I've ever had. ^ ^ Beef, potatoes, and carrots.
Mouth-watering dessert. Crispy on the outside and ice cream inside. Mmm~~
After the meal, went to the pub and have drinks.
With James
With James and Dahee

There's a group photo with me and the rest of the people in crazy (a good thing XD) TopDeck gang but I can't seem to find it. ><

I had Jagger Bomb. I had a pint of beer. I had a glass of Mojito.
Somebody put the coin in my drink. It's called 'Save the Queen'. It means that if somebody put the coin in your drink, you have to drink it all in one shot. Then, basically, you have save the queen. I have to drink the whole thing continuously. T T No chance for me to enjoy my Mojito.

We decided to go to the next stop where there is live band music.
FYI, the lead singer is so hot. XD

We all danced, singed, and enjoyed ourselves while the night is still young. Some of us, including me, danced on the table. We all just have a good time.

It was another best night I have ever had.

Lights out for me after the great night. Stay tuned for the fun in the sun at Nice.

-lu yin-