Thursday, December 15

Fun in the Sun at Nice, France (22/9/2011)

What is the thing that we all need to do when we are in Monaco? Have fun in the sun especially by the beach of course.
We were at the Central Square while the weather was absolutely perfect.
With my flips flops, sunnies, and relaxing clothes to suit this lovely weather.

Before heading down to the beach, we decided to check out the shops and flower markets at the other part of the city.
Beautiful bouquet of flowers which were displayed along the row of stalls.
Next stop, the beach and ocean. Woohoo!!!
People were enjoying and relaxing by the beach. Some enjoy the sun while some are suntanning their bodies especially when they are naked. Really, naked suntanning in public.
Just chilling with the sun and ocean breeze.
Love the clear blue ocean. Love the ocean, beach, and sun.
Woohoo!!! XD Kudos to the sun and ocean breeze.
I was so hungry that I told them that I will go to a nearby cafe which is just across the road by the beach. I had my snack at the cafe while the girls were still having fun at the beach.

I was craving for some crepe. Yes, I had Fruit Crepes and Ice Cream. Perfect for this sunny weather.
That's my fun in the sun at Nice, Monaco. I miss the great times I had by the beach with great weather. I want to have fun at the beach again during the summer and when I am back in Malaysia.

Look out for my next post about my night in Monaco.

-lu yin-

PS. Sorry for the long long wait. I've been settling some things recently for the past two months. However, I will keep telling myself that I will update my blog with smooth sailing when I have the chance. My travel experience in Europe hasn't end yet. Stay tuned.