Monday, June 28

On An Adventure

There's three places that I've been there for the past few weeks. Of course, it's during the weekends.

First, it was at Manchester...

where the Old Trafford is.

Then, at London...

which has Big Ben,

Tower Bridge,

Buckingham Palace,

Trafalgar Square,

London Eye,

and Westminister Abbey

Last but not least, York.

that has Westminster Abbey,

Dean Park,

River Thames,

and Clifford Tower

And yes, for the past few days I've been a part time shopaholic because of the summer sales.

The following week, I'm off to Cheltenham and Sheffield.

Cheltenham, to visit University of Gluocestershire.

Sheffield, to visit a few friends of mine.

The weekdays. Study mode is on.

The weekends. The fun is on. Except on several night times because the study mode needs to be on.

So, yeah. The balance of study and fun.

For next week, here's the plan so far:
Monday: Writing Workshop
Tuesday: Screening
Wednesday: Screening
Thursday: Plans to be confirm*
Friday: at Cheltenham visit University of Gluocestershire
Weekends: at Sheffield

That's how life goes on.
-lu yin-

Sunday, June 27

Night at The Albert Docks

Last month, one of the nights, we went to Albert Docks to enjoy the night view.

Also, see even more Super Lamb Bananas.

This is my favorite from the Super Lamb Bananas.

Thanks Brian Jude Lazaroo for the pictures. ^ ^

-lu yin-

Tuesday, June 22

2/6/10 Albert Docks - National Conservation Centre (and other places)

I remember the good times we had fun lepaking before the "study" mode is on.

Making the clay sheep at the National Convention Centre. So cute.

Being "models". Lol.

Being silly and just have fun at the Albert Docks.

Great moments to take the Liverpool Eye...

and the enjoy the view of Liverpool.

We also ate ants like candies. Hahaha.

Really the good and awesome times we had. Watch out for the happy moments before the study mode is on.

-lu yin-

Thursday, June 17

Work and Play

As days go by, assignments and classes come by.

This picture really tells a thousand words.

Almost everyday go library find books for assignments.

Attend classes and tutorials.

Not to mention, I have to tahan for slow connection for these 3 months.

Sometimes, I make my own meals like this one.

Salmon with Side Salad (added French Dressing).

Well, time arrangement and multitasking very important.

Tomorrow and this weekend. I'm going to be in London.

1. Visit Brunel University
2. Visit my ex-primary school friend, Gordan
3. Visit SGI-UK centres (hopefully make new friends over there)
and not forgetting

There is always the work and fun in our lives and it's true. Good fun and experiences while work and play at the same time.

LONDON. Here I come.

-lu yin-

Saturday, June 12

Lunch at Adelphi Hotel (2/6/10)

First thing we did was enrollment at Dean Walters Building. Then, pass up the 1st assignment at Aldham Roberts Learning Resource Centre (aka library). A lot of walking.

Next, we were off to Adelphi Hotel for lunch.

Finally reach our destination.

Yam seng~ with our course leader, Iqbal.

The lunch was way better than the lamb stew. Wakaka.

Another outing post will be coming right up soon. (Just as soon as my schedule is arranged properly at the moment.)

-lu yin-

*Majority of the pictures taken by Tammy

Induction at Brittinia Adelphi Hotel (1/6/10)

The summer semester programme had started.

The induction took place at the Brittinia Adelphi Hotel.

Picture moments while waiting for speeches to start.

The overall talk about introduction to some things were ok. But.......there's this one lady (ok make that two) talk about fire safety. It's was seriously monotone. @ @

After that, it's joining some activities like social trips, renting bikes, etc. at another place while those who took part in the WOW programme were still there for a talk.

At that time, when I saw the bikes, I regret of renting the bikes because need to walk to the building for classes. It takes 30-40 minutes to get there. Imagine walking to and fro between two places. Ouch. After many days, walking is really good and you can enjoy the weather at the same time.

Joined the trip to York and Snowdonia. Thinking of whether to join the Scotland trip. It is a great experience. However, it depends on the time.

Had lamb stew for lunch. Ya, just that.

With David (far right)

Ladies and gentlemen, that's the end of the induction.

-lu yin-