Monday, August 31

Pasta Zanmai and The Proposal

After having birthday lunch at my uncle's place, went over to 1U to meet up with Teck Mun for dinner and movie. It's been quite long that we didn't hang out since she's working 24-7 while I'm in Setapak.

After taking the movie tickets, Teck Mun asked me what to eat. I was in a mood for Japanese. Then, she suggest Pasta Zanmai. (wee~)

I have been looking forward in trying out the pasta in Japanese style. It's totally delicious and it's quite reasonable. Good thing. We can also share the food.

Had some hot green tea to calm my headache due to too much studies that I put in my brain. XD

Had pasta in Japanese Style. Very super duper delicious.

Unagi Rice

Half-eaten grilled beef rice. ^ ^""

Eat until so shuang. Each of them we ate until the plates so clean. Lolz. The food is damn nice. Gonna try other kinds of dishes when I come here next time.

Went to watch "The Proposal" that me and Teck Mun want to watch so badly.

This movie funny and yet romantic. It's about Andrew who works for Margeret in the book publishing company as a secretary and dreaming about being the editor. Then, Margeret was asked to go back to Canada due to the visa problem. Margeret suddenly make a fake proposal to Andrew in order not to lose the job and avoiding the company to a chaos. Both of them went to Alaska to attend Andrew's grandma's 90th birthday. The overall theme is focus on love and family as there's the one whole big family who are loving and caring that Margeret doesn't have. Throughout the whole movie, is basically the understanding between each other especially love. It's quite hilarious at some scenes especially in Alaska. I also love the cute puppy, Kevin. Adorable. I find it quite funny. Some scenes are quite obvious that we might laugh. There's love in the air but hidden until revealing th real one at the end. I would give this movie an ok as in at least it's not worse.

Rating: 8/10

The whole night was great. Looking forward to hanging out again including Jen who is coming back soon and be in Malaysia for a few days I think. Can't wait.

-lu yin-

Happy Merdeka

I still remember the good old days (the concept of Merdeka).

Primary and secondary schools. There's the time where we gather at the school hall on a particular week to celebrate Merdeka. Also, keep putting the Merdeka songs non-stop during recess times and so forth. Sing National Day songs and so forth while waving the flags. Also, shouting Merdeka 3 times.

Even, some national songs Merdeka songs aired on the radio.

On the National Day itself, parades and all held at Dataran Merdeka will be aired on TV1, TV2, TV3 etc...

On the Merdeka eve, there will be fireworks. But this year, no, due to H1N1. (That's what I heard.) Other than that, there would be countdowns.

I love my country but still...HAIHZ....You know what I mean.

Anyways, Happy Merdeka.

-lu yin-

Friday, August 28

Twenties Girl

Lara was having some troubles in work when her so-called best friend (also her business partner) go to Goa to enjoy herself as if nothing happens. Other than that, her boyfriend broke up with her. One day, she met up with her great aunt Sadie who is a ghost (in her twenties). Sadie passed away recently. Sadie asked Lara to find the dragonfly necklace which is really precious to her. There are some quarrels between them. However, as time goes by, they get to know each other really well while going through crazy things. Overall the story is about the understanding between the two of these main characters of the book even though in different generations. They learn something special between each other which is the love, caring and understanding. This book makes you wanna keep on reading till the end. Got some part where either make you laugh or feel touched. The main point is that no matter what different generations and times between our family members, there are always the family which we cherish even there are some disagreements among ourselves. This is truly amzing fiction which I admire.

Rating: 9/10

-lu yin-

Food Cravings

Decided to type out a new post today after loads of notes in my brain. Let my mind rest and do the typing. Sometimes, you can't help but wanna type out something in the blog even though say away from the blog due to exams. Well, it's the habit.

I mean I can't just keep reading the notes 24-7 until my mind explodes. There are times when I was Twitter-ing and Facebook-ing away to kill time. Also, reading novels, watching dramas, play games and listening to music. Been doing these things other than just reading the notes and doing past year questions.

When thought of something, then just wanna let the mind flow while typing out a post in the blog with a lil' bit of feeling. Something like telling a story if you know what I mean.

Anyways, what I'm gonna type out is basically of the food that I have been eating for like almost a year. Decided to show the food that I find it quite tempting from time to time.

This is the place where me and the gals (Tee Ying, Pauleen, and Pauleen's friend) went to Fullhouse for lunch after searching location for the YWD day. I love the surroundings and, most importantly, I love the food which is a lunch set at a reasonable price. Hope to come again to enjoy the meals over there.

The delicious chocolate buffet at Amuleto's with the gals(Carmen, Tabby, Sarah, Rain) for the sweet and temptation for chocolate.

Remember the times I make homemade pineapple tarts and chocolate chip cookies with my godmother and 4th aunt for the Chinese New Year.

The delicious pizzas and KFC which was da bao and makan at Jen's place.

The delicious food I had with my family at Du Viet for dinner.

Yummy delicious cheesecake especially homemade one. Love it.

Having desserts at Jen's house and chit-chatting till late at night.

Nice and juicy "Xiao Rong Bao" from Dragon-I.

Valentine's Day Single Gals Night Out at the Desserts Bar. Enjoying the sweet things that make us feel that we're in heaven. ^ ^

Salted Egg Crab (wee~)

Sweet and sour mango ice.

I love the chicken and the fries at Chilli's especially the dip sauce for the fries.

The good times of enjoying ice cream while having chit-chats at Jen's place.

Last but not least, I miss the cocktail drinks especially Margarita, Malibe, Chivas etc....

Those are my kindda food cravings not to mention homecook food by my lovely mother. Well, that's it for now. Time to get back to study the notes for preparation for final exam which is less than a week.

-lu yin-

Sunday, August 23

Will Be Away

Hey, guys.

I'll be away from my blog for like around 3 weeks due to the exam week which is coming up.

However, I'll be Twitter-ing from time to time while I'm online to keep on the updates of what I've been doing within these 3 weeks.

Exams coming soon. Good luck to you all in the final exams. Gambateh.

I'm looking forward to the movie previewing made by Dian and her group. It will happen on Wednesday (26/8) at DKABF 2-6pm. If you guys are interested, come and watch.

Well, I'm off. Don't worry will update in my Twitter. Therefore, you guys can check. Ciao.

-lu yin-

Saturday, August 15

Oriental Odyssey (14/8)

Yesterday, went to the dance room to attend the Oriental Odyssey(focus on 3 countries: China, Japan and Korea) which is done by Advanced Diploma Hospitality Year 2.

Korean junk food

Had some yummy cendol

Went inside to see the exhibition.

Cute nia!!!

Off to China Town

Then, off to Japan.

Last but not least, Korea

One of my favorites for Korean food is...

Kimchi(spicy cabbage)!!

Korean drum performance.

That's the end of it. Bought some Korean junk food including instant Ramen Kimchi. Gonna eat it for lunch. ^ ^ Till then.

-lu yin-