Monday, May 31

Stay Tuned

Outside watching and anticipating to go out there to have fun before hitting the books.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts for the few days previously before the fun ends.

-lu yin-

World Museum Liverpool (29/5/10)

The other day we went to the World Museum Liverpool. The picture above is the Super Lamb Banana. Got all types of this around in Liverpool. Got names some more. This one's name is Mary.

There are 5 sections in this museum: Space and Time, Evolution, Culture World, Plantastic, and Aquarium.

Too many pictures been taken so I only selected some to upload for this post.

This is a coin making machine. All you need is a pound and a penny...

and it becomes a coin with a dinosaur print on top.

First, Space and Time

Then, we were at the Evolution. Taken in front of the dinosaur.

Third, we went to the Culture section.

We were in Egypt. ^ ^

And then we were in some other countries.

We wore googles which are made of reindeer antlers.

Went to the Plantastic where mostly kids not only have fun to understand about nature. ^ ^

The other side it's about the plants and animals.

We were at the gallery taking photos.

Went to the very last section which is the aquarium. Spent almost 3 hours over there. Bought some souvenirs. Fun yet educational at the same time.

-lu yin-

Round 2 in Liverpool (29/5/10)

Woke up 7am and outside the window.....

it's raining = =""".

What a great day to start with this kind of weather.

It's still early so I clean myself up.

Play Fitness Dash to kill time.

Oh ya, I brought Coolio with me. XD

Went over to Dian's place and then went to her friend's place.

Met up with Tammy and Michelle who also stay there.

Wai Hoong came.

We all decided to go out for some fun.

It's drizzling while there's cold wind.

Michelle - Dian - Me - Wai Hoong

Me - Dian - Tammy - Wai Hoong

Ya, I notice that my eyes are close @ @

We encounter strong wind when we are passing the building. The building structure is seriously a bit odd. We had a hard time with our umbrellas. @ @

We manage to get through it and we continue to walk to our destination.

Clean the dog poop. XD

First off, we went to World Museum Liverpool. (Wait for the next post.)

We even ate ice cream even though there's cold wind.

After that, we went to the city square to buy some stuff.

Even I myself need to buy some food. Hey, a person need food for survival and energy. XD

On our way, we pass by St. John's Garden.

At the bus station.

Portable toilets in UK.

Went for lunch at a nearby food court.

Me, Dian, Michelle, and Wai Hoong share the briyani rice with curries while Tammy had McD Sandwich.

Chicken and Lamb curries. Forgot what's the name of the curries.

The curries are not spicy but sweet. Reminds me of the Japanese curry rice.

Bought more stuff and we went back home.

I finally got the Internet line back on track. I got credit for my phone. I finally get to call up Gordan (my primary school friend) so we can meet up in London. Yes, communication it really really the best ever with phones and Internets. It's like a source of survival to keep in contact. Hahaha

Next day session: Window shopping (will end up shopping ^ ^""") and fun fun fun

-lu yin-

PS. This is really shocking. A guy dress up as a girl and on a skateboard but....@ @

Let's just say some UK people are quite sporting other than this~ there's still more other than this.