Saturday, April 30

Sucker Punch

Stepfather sent Babydoll to the mental house after her mother's death. Meets up with other girls and be a club dancer. Try to escape the crazy house by dancing and ends up in her illusion while her friends get the 4 items.

This so called dark action movie is not my favorite at all.

The plot of the movie is way out and I almost fall asleep. Even though there are hot chicks in action in a dream world while Babydoll is dancing to create illusions to the bad guys but still it almost bores me to death on the plot of the story. All I could hear the same line from the imaginary guy saying : "One more thing." And the next thing you know, is killing zombies, dragons, robots etc. It's a really confusing and boring storyline.

My rating: 4/10

-lu yin-


A small town girl, name Ali, came to Los Angeles to make big dreams of her. Going to her own path of life. She ends up being in the Burlesque Lounge. From there she becomes a performer with her amazing voice. Relationship with Jack, jealousy from rivals like Nikki, friendship, and family bonding with Tess and the dancers in the Burlesque Lounge.

What I like about this musical is the music and dance itself. Imagine that you are in the Burlesque Lounge, watching the performance as audiences. You have a nice Martini by your side while you enjoy the hot and sexy performances. You also might enjoy the wonderful vocals from the singers like Cher and Christina Aguilera.

All I can say is it's the best musical I have ever watch.

If this comes out as a West End Musical Production, I would definitely absolutely watch it. I'm sure you'll do the same in thinking "I'll definitely want to watch this live musical especially when it's in either at Broadway or London.".

I give a rating for this movie 8/10.

I only like the music and the dance itself. The plot of the story is almost the same like any other musical such as Fame. Kind of like going for the dreams.

Again, I do love the music and dance. I would definitely enjoy the live show like this one.

-lu yin-

Friday, April 29

William & Kate Royal Wedding

Today is a very special day. The whole world is watching a live royal wedding.

Credit: E News Online

I was totally amaze with the stunning Alexander McQueen wedding dress which was wore by the bride, Kate Middleton.

Choirs were sung, vows were exchanged, speeches from some very important people (eg bishop), and many more at Westminster Abbey.

William & Kate finally become a newly wedded couple. They have become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Credit: Kate Middleton The New Princess Facebook

Sat on the royal carriage and head back to Buckingham Palace. They wave to the crowd who are cheering and wishing them happiness in marriage.

People gathered outside the Buckingham Palace to see the royal wedded couple and their families at the royal balcony.

William and Kate had the balcony kiss twice.

Credit: E News Online

They finally went back inside the palace and have their lunch reception. Delicious meals and awesome wedding cake while enjoying performances (which I can't see @ @). Oh well.

It truly a memorable royal wedding like a fairy tale. Imagine it is like "Beauty and The Beast" or any other Disney princesses tales/movies scenario.

Congratulations to William & Kate. Have a happy and loving marriage life.

By the way, there is a movie about their love life. Was surprised about it.

-lu yin-

Thai Food Take Away

Whenever I feel lazy to cook, I decided to have take away food instead.

I had Thai food takeaway from the restaurant where I had dinner with my family previously. I had dinner after the "Hidden Lives" at Widden Primary School where students, families, friends, and teachers had the 25th anniversary celebration.

I bought two dishes and one Jasmine rice.

 Thai Yum Beef Salad

Tom Yum Seafood Soup with Jasmine Rice

The dinner I had was delicious.

I also got delicious prawn crackers which was included. Going to eat them later for midnight snack.

Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I realize that Kate Middleton is really beautiful. Most of the people are anticipating this amazing event. Looking forward on watching this international event through YouTube.

-lu yin-

'Hidden Lives' at Widden Primary School

Let me give a brief introduction about "Hidden Lives". This is a community arts and oral history project taking place at Barton and Tredworth, Gloucester. It is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. It is led by the Gloucester Theatre Company in partnership with Gloucestershire Archive and the University of Gloucestershire.

It is basically sharing our own personal story/memory/experience with others. Sharing stories about their daily lives especially in the area of Barton and Tredworth.

You can know about the project at Facebook and the blog.

I am currently volunteer as an event organizer for this event.

This evening, I was at the Widden Primary School.

The school itself was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1986. A school which its open to children from different cultural background, families, and homes.

Today, this school celebrated the 25th anniversary. Students, teachers, ex-students, ex-teachers, friends, and family had come together to celebrate this memorable day.

"Hidden Lives" came to this school to not only allow people to share their memories and stories about this school but also to create awareness about this project. This project allows people to be part of it by attending variety of events related to this project, being volunteers (like me) for this project, and being contributors of this project by sharing their stories with others.

Variety of ways were done to share personal memories: One Minute Memory (fill in the form including your best memory you ever had during the days at Widden Primary School, audio recording, and video recording. These are based on what are the stories/memories which people had in Widden School.

This is where people sit on the "hot seat" and answer this question:

It's either the best memory or the worst memory. It's basically sharing the stories. Most of the kids are interested of sharing their stories through video recording.

This mini apple pie was given to me by one of the students from Widden Primary School. So sweet. They even give me coffee.

Overall, the event was successful. A lot of people including the youngsters are interested about this project.

The next upcoming event of this project is in the middle of May. Looking forward to planning this event.

It's great share our personal story and experience with others.

-lu yin-

Thursday, April 28

Video of My Memory

Today, I went over to Pitville Campus. I was attending the Flashback workshop.

It's basically compiling pictures and audios into a video about sharing our own personal story and experience.

I have the pictures and narratives of my story. I'm not gonna tell you right now.

I'm currently working on that. All I need is the iMovie software and recording my story. Then, work on my personal experience video.

Once I'm done, I will share this personal experience/story of mine.

-lu yin-

Wednesday, April 27

The Red Riding Hood

When we were little kids, we were told nice fairy tales such as the prince save the princess from evil person.
The old version of The Red Riding Hood which we used to hear is that the cute little girl with the red cape went to visit her grandmother. As she merrily walk through the woods, the wolf is already at her grandma's house and eat her up. Then, dress up as the grandma. The girl reaches grandma house and say something like "Grandma, what big eyes you have." etc. Till then, she found it's the werewolf and not grandma. In the end, she is saved by the huntsman.

Yup, the old fairy tale that we used to hear when we were kids.

For this movie, this fairy tales turn into a little bit interesting. Think something like the modern Alice in Wonderland movie with some twist to it.

This modern version of Red Riding Hood is created by the team who used to make films like Alice in Wonderland and Twilight.

It's basically this girl, Valerie, lives in a village. In love with Peter for like 10 years. The village scared of the werewolf. Hunts down the werewolf. And from there secrets come about including Valerie herself.

Throughout movie, it totally reminds me of Twilight version. From panning the camera of the snowy mountains and dark forest to the bigger werewolves. Compare these two and you'll see that there are some similarities like this.

I would say in terms of plot and dialogue, it's quite good actually. There is a flow and there is no confusion while I was watching movie such as pulling me into finding out who on earth is the werewolf. They have made a movie which is dark and mysterious but at the same time the love between Peter and Valerie which makes us think that when will they ever get together and forever.

Enough spoilers. Go and see for yourself if you are into something like Twilight or something mysterious like this one.

Again, this year, fairy tales in movies, like this one, has taken the next stage of making them not only modern but also some elements which would excite audiences.

Rating? I would give 7/10.

-lu yin-

Tuesday, April 26

DKNY Summer Perfume 2011

Last time, I was not fond with perfumes because some might be strong which makes me feel dizzy. Also, those were quite expensive when I was in Malaysia.

By the time I reach UK, the perfumes were sold at a reasonable price. My favorite brand of perfume is DKNY. I bought Be Delicious DKNY during last summer in UK but I left it in Malaysia. Haihz. = =

This is the DKNY summer edition 2011 which is in my must buy list.
It costs around 43 pounds. I did sample this. It smells sweet and it's not too strong. That's the kind of perfume that I want because I don't like strong perfume smell. If only they have a smaller bottle. Oh well, I'm planning to get this. Either I wait for the summer sales to come or I'll just buy it when I'm in town.

-lu yin-

When You're Down, Get Yourself Back On Track

Another day in spring, the weather looks great out there. But, what am I doing? Sick in bed. Multitasking with my laptop while I'm resting.

As it turns out the, all in one sickness comes yet again. Fever, headache, and I might be coming with sore throat sooner of later.

I was suppose to go to the gym at LA Fitness. I was suppose to do yoga over there. Unfortunately, today is the bank holiday after Easter.

If there was an event going on, certain shops (let it be accessories, interiors etc) will follow up with certain themes. It'll be loads of chocolate eggs at the stores, cute lil' stuff toy animals (chicks, rabbits, and lambs), and probably nice decoration to fit into a lovely home. 

Take Cadbury for example, they come up with the cute mini Cadbury eggs.
To be honest, after I watch an advertisement about the Cadbury Creme Eggs, I don't even dare to try it. Eggs with chocolate does not even suit my taste. What do you think after trying those? I got a few friends of mine who absolutely love them.
I love Kinder Surprise which after eating the chocolate shells, you get special toys and even take it as your collection.

See what I mean? Those cute and attractive toys that you would keep them as your own personal collection.

Credit: Telegraph

Royal Wedding is coming up this Friday, 29th April 2011. I'll be watching it live through YouTube. It saves my time and cost of travel to go all the way to London. Besides, I don't want to end up being in sardines with lots of people. Anyway, after my tiresome 2 -3 weeks trip, I decided to stay in and rest before getting myself back on doing my future activities.

I'll stop here. I think I sort of got the mood of blogging back into shape. All I need is some certain inspiration and idea that I could think of to keep updating my blog with posts frequently. Hopefully, I will come up with something. Till then.

-lu yin-

Monday, April 25


Some of you might know who is this Korean American group. Some of you might know that I'm an Aziaddict. Not to mention, my Twitter updates about Aziatix last month.

Yup, this is Aziatix. Three members: Nicky Lee, Eddie Shin, and Flowsik.

You can get more details about these members including the producer, Jae Chong.

The song "Go" is produced by Jae Chong who has been producing songs for Nicky Lee previously.

Check out this song.

Once you listen to this song, you'll become addicted to this song. Isn't this song awesome?

You can follow their Facebook page and Twitter for their latest updates and activities. 

Full MV on "GO" is gonna come soon. Looking forward to it.

Support Aziatix.

-lu yin-

Charice - All by Myself

I was watching a Glee episode - A Night of Neglect.

There was one part of this episode that moves me emotionally.

Yup, that is All By Myself by Charice.

Amazing and strong voice.


-lu yin-

Sunday, April 24

Long Break (Part 4)

After my family went back to Malaysia, I went over to the North East England.

Met up with my friend, Alicia, in Middlesbrough.

I call this trip: DNW trip aka Durham - Newcastle - Whitby Trip

Before that, meet my new friend, Nessie from Highlands, Scotland. ^ ^ Isn't he adorable?


At first, we wanted to visit Hall Hill Farm where there are lot of farm animals. But the problem is we realized that there is absolutely no transport to our destination even though this farm is well known visited by transport. Silly, right. Being a must see destination when there is no public transport. We end up at Langsley Park (in the middle of no where) and decided to head back to town.

We just walk around town and window shopping.

Even have a look at the cathedral.

One of my friend, Nadiah, told me this: When there's a cathedral in an area, that area is a city. To be honest, that is quite true. Like Gloucester, that place also has a cathedral. Unlike my area, Cheltenham, there isn't one. And when it's a city, there's a lot of good shops especially when it comes to clothes and accessories.

By the way, this is Alicia.

Yup, that's me. As you can see, my face is getting chubbier. I also gain a lil' bit of weight. Haihz.

At Durham was okay but too bad we couldn't visit the cute farm animals in Hall Hill Farm.


Was there only the late evening because my friend was having group assignment. I was just there for window shopping and had Chinese food at Cheeky Duck, China Town.

I didn't expect the WonTon Soup to be this big because I thought it would be just a small bowl. But, I end up having a big one with noodles. @ @

I'll come and explore Newcastle again during the summer cause I heard there are wonderful things to see other than just shopping.


The best place which I visited during this trip. Why?

Fish & Chips

Whitby Abbey

The view of Whitby. Too bad is foggy that time.

Not to mention, shops which sells trinkets, accessories, sweets, and all that you could think of.

I'll definitely visit again during the summer especially Whitby beach.

Thank you, Alicia for showing me around these area.

That's the end of my trip, 2 -3 weeks long.

I'm back home getting myself back into assignment mode. But at the same time, as many others would say: there is a need of balance between work and/or study with leisure.

-lu yin-

Saturday, April 23

Baileys Minis

Wanna show something interesting.

Small and delightful Baileys Minis.

I'm soooooo addicted to it.

Cost about 6-8 pounds for 4 small bottles in a pack.

-lu yin-

Don't Cry - Park Bom

I watched this video and listen to this song.

I cried while I was thinking about my family. But then again, from this song, I realized that even though they are far away, I will not cry and move on to my goals and dreams in my life. Don't cry too much. Be happy and work hard and enjoy your life.

Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family. I miss you so much.

-lu yin-

Mom's Birthday (18/4/11)

The very last day before my family goes back to Malaysia is my mom's birthday. So, we decided to have a nice lunch around Oxford Street and Regent Street.

We had lunch at Ponti's Italian Kitchen.

His trademark smile. He is the "Lasagna" kaki. XD

Happy Birthday Mom~~

We had awesome dishes to share among ourselves.

Insalata Tonno -Tuna Steak Salad

Linguini Con Gamberetti - Prawn Linguini

Funghi Mushroom Pizza


After lunch, we all went back to the hotel.

Packed up and we exchange hugs and goodbyes.

I cried in tears as my family went back to Malaysia. I was a little bit emotional and my heart sunk while I was on my way to visit my friend, Alicia, in Middlesbrough.

I really miss them so much. Thank you for the wonderful and memorable trip that is kept in my heart, mind, and soul.

At the moment, I still miss my family, especially my mom.

Look out for Part 4.

-lu yin-