Saturday, November 27

The Swallow Bakery

I've been there like twice and I feel in love with the place.

It's because of the heavenly cupcakes with a nice hot drink but your side while the music is playing. A good place to hang out and enjoy with food and beverage while having a chit chat with friends and family.

Luxurious Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Cream


Delicious cupcakes which are so tempting. Clockwise: Strawberries and Cream - Sticky Toffee - Cookie Crunch - Lemon Drops

Very heavenly and tempting.

Also, the cupcakes which are display can make sweet lovers go awe and mouth drooling. XD

I'm definitely to the place where I can get hot drinks and cupcakes while I reading novels and listening to music at the same time. Savor each cupcake and drinks which I ordered. The taste and the texture. I'll also bring my family along to try when they come to visit me during spring time.

-lu yin-

Getting Colder

For the past few days, it's just another usual time of student life. Yes, I know. It can be boring sometimes but you get the idea if you were in my shoes.

Last Saturday, I went to Black Country Living Museum where it's actually a town producing things made out of sources like coal and limestones. Also, the reason why it's black country is because black smokes come out when producing the sources collected from mines.

It's fun where I just roam around the town taking pictures while knowing the lifestyle that the locals had endured long ago. Not to mention, being a primary school student in the "ole days" school. XD

Not forgetting the trams which goes around town.


Besides that, I went with Nadiah to the Christmas Market in Promenade.

Over there: there's food, handcrafted items, handmade soaps, accessories, and the things you might think of getting for your loved ones for Christmas.

I also ate German sausage with nothing. Yes, just bun and sausage. Why? Because the spices are inside the sausage so you don't need to anything else on top of it. It's so delicious and heavenly

I also bought woolen blanket, hat, and mittens just to keep myself warm for the winter.

I can't wait for the Christmas Market in Birmingham. It is known to be the largest one in all UK. It is also has the German theme. Will be there the whole day till evening when the Christmas lights are shining bright especially on the Christmas tree.


The weather is getting colder. It's like about less than 5 degrees. If I just stand still and the wind comes by, I'll be definitely be freezing like crazy including my fingers would get numb. That's the coldest that I could ever feel on my fingers. Thank goodness for warm clothes, food, and heater for the winter. Of course, you heard the news that snow has come early this week. I know it's early but I can't wait for the snow to come. Also, there's the time for photo taking on the winter views that will be kept and never be forgotten.

I pray hard that my assignments goes well smoothly including the marks I will get. I've been working day and night through these while my brain has been so tired from thinking what I have to put in my own words and opinions while I'm typing out my assignments.

Anyway, all I could do is just go with the flow with studies and leisure in UK. Most importantly, anticipate the winter and Christmas in December. Especially, Boxing Day.

-lu yin-

Monday, November 8

Fireworks at Guy Fawkes Night

Last Saturday, is the Guy Fawkes Night aka Bonfire Night at Cheltenham RaceCourse

Let me intro about Guy Fawkes. He's actually the one who trying to destroy the British Parliament by placing bombs via Gunpowder Plot. However, he fail to do so. In the end, he is being punished and tortured badly. So, on that day, they call the Guy Fawkes Night as the celebration of not having the place destroy. Not to mention, the burning Guy Fawkes cutom. On that day, they will also be fireworks and carnivals.

Took a lot of pictures of fireworks.

Went to the carnival. I feel nauseous after I took the first thrill ride. Looks like I'm getting old. XD It's not like the last time that I used to take the crazy rides at Disneyland Paris.

Overall, it's a wonderful night including the night walk in the cold night.

October has ended and November has just begun. It's almost the time that I have to pass up my first 4500 words assignment. The following weeks more things to do and I realized that the tension is heating up. I have already enshrine the gohonzon. I attended discussion meetings. Well, let's just say I'm happy that I got some leisure time to do other than sticking to the notes and books.

End right here. Back to my study.

-lu yin-

PS. Although it's like a month away, but I can't wait for Christmas.