Sunday, February 28

The End, The Beginning

I'm back in Metroview, Wangsa Maju. Finally, can switch back to the study mode. If not, if the holiday is really too long, I'll be bored to death.

It is the end of February. The end of CNY. Happy Chap Goh Mei. Also, the end of eating so much food during CNY. So, March onwards I got to eat less.

Welcome, March. My birthday month which most of my friends also born as the same month as me. The starting for the preparations before going to Liverpool Johns Moore University (LJMU), UK at the end of May. 1st week of March is just briefing and interviews. Also, the result of my final exam which is going to come out on the 1st week itself. Nervous. My mind is so concentrated on this and my heart is beating like crazy.

2nd and 3rd week of March will the intensive lectures which I have to attend the whole day from 10-4pm. Some more need to do assignments.

Also, I need to prepare for the resit paper which I failed this paper two semesters ago. Haihz.

Well, all I could do is work hard and move forward.

Bye bye holiday mode, will see you again.

Hello study mode.

There will be times that are hard but I'm sure I can work things out for this month and the days have that will come for this year.

-lu yin-

Saturday, February 27

Patchi Chocolates

During the 2nd day of CNY, went to my dad's friend's house to have wine drinking session. My brother and I saw Patchi Chocolates and decided to eat. There are different types of them based on the wrapping. After we eat each piece of the chocolate, we would fold the wrapping back to the original shape which does not have the chocolate. Some more we counted how many types of chocolate.

Yesterday, my parents bought 2 boxes of Patchi Chocolates (RM75 per box). 1 for me and 1 for my brother. I was like skipping and lala-ing in my head.

Look at all the yummy chocolates in all different shapes and sizes. ^ ^

Me gonna savor each one of them. Mom and Dad, thanks for the chocolates. Love ya.

-lu yin-

CNY Activities With Fun and Joy

Here's what I've been doing and getting during the CNY week:

CNY eve had just nice and simple dinner with my family.

1st day of CNY had steamboat and it's really the best when eating the food which are prepared by ourselves instead of going outside to eat steamboat.

Then, eat again outside with HSD friends.

Kok Hoe - Ah Tak

Kar Yin - Gin Nin

Lee Mei - Mabel - Stacey

Learn to play Rammi. Gambling also. This year, luck is so so only.

Had family gatherings and there's the time where there's wine drinking session.

In the day time, the weather is hot. Then, in the evening, suddenly rain so heavy.

Until stuck in the traffic jam.

More gatherings.

Had Yee Sang. Had only once this year.

Karaoke session. Sing the oldies and new songs including Chinese songs. Cheer, clap and sing along until get sore throat and hands pain.

Not forgetting, this year get a lot of angpow packets.

CNY for this year is mostly the food and entertainment. The important thing is that we had great times with close friends and family chatting away and keeping these memories that we really cherish a lot. I will always not forget the good times I had during CNY, New Year, and Christmas which are my favorite festive seasons. The mixture of food, entertainment, family, and friends.

Few more days till my new semester starts. The time that I'm going to change from CNY holiday mode to study mode. Got to buckle up and facing the upcoming challenges.

-lu yin-

Wednesday, February 24

Food - Pool - Valentine's Day

Dian gave me a call yesterday and asked me whether wanna watch "Valentine's Day" or not. We've been talking about wanting to watch this movie since before CNY. So, we all decided to watch this since we are free today.

I came early at 1U and I was really tired. I slept around 5am yesterday.

So, went to Starbucks Coffee and drank Caramel Frappucino to start my day.

Dian came and then we went to buy tickets for the 4pm movie.

Went to Nando's and order my usual.

While waiting for the 4pm movie, went to MPH (bought 3 chic lit books), window shopping, and even play pool.


Finally, watch "Valentine's Day" which I anticipated for so long.

The movie is funny and yet romantic. All those famous actors and actresses in the movie. I'm sure those lovely couples are cuddling together while watching this movie. The overall concept of this movie is about Valentine's Day and the linking of the characters like friends, families, colleagues, and others. Some words in terms of love make sense. Not to mention some of the conversations between the characters is good.

Rating: 8/10

Came back home. I got the new speaker for my laptop. So, I blast the sounds away with no worries.

Including chic lit books which I bought....

especially chocolates and marshmallows

By the way, Whisky wore pants a few days back at third aunt's house to avoid being bullied by Gucci.

Stop here. Time for some me time.

-lu yin-

We Are The World

I still remember this song that I listen to that has Michael Jackson and other various artists. A very inspiration.

Found two versions in Youtube which is We Are The World 25 Haiti Relief



It is really a great song that gives inspiration and touches the heart of each person. Enjoy.

-lu yin-

Korean Dramas I Watched At the Moment

What you guys did during the semester break other than the CNY activities during this month?

Throughout my semester break, I've been watching Korean dramas including romance comedy like non-stop during my free time besides doing sudoku, reading novels, Facebook-ing, listening to music, and others that are on my list on what to do during my free time on the semester break. Loving the good Korean dramas that makes me keep watching each episode of the drama. I would go omg-ing. I would shed some tears. I would LOL-ing. I would sometimes think that some of the Korean actors are HOT. Here are some of my Korean dramas that I watched:

Funny romance. Also, the fact that I love the food that are served at La Sfera. The point is that I love the characters and the overall story of this drama. I even like the interior design at the restaurant and the kitchen itself.

OMG-ing. Korean style of Devil Wears Prada. Vicious boss and hardworking staff. I like Lee Seo Jung in the drama. Got a lotsa attitude in her. The guys...well not my cup of tea.

Action romance. Wakaka. I totally love this drama. You can feel the suspense while watching this drama. Full of emotions when encounter some of the scenes in the drama. I love Hyun Jun. He's hot especially when looking at his muscles, drooling.... I can't wait for IRIS 2.

It's like the mix version of Boys Over Flowers and Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu. The lifestyle as being the celebrities. Most of the time makes me want to laugh and OMG-ing all the way. Cute scenes also. I don't like the "Korean" angel who always treat the girl so bad.

Nothing like relaxing in your own space and watching favorite dramas without any disturbance.

I'm gonna watch more Korean dramas:

Boys Over Flowers (gonna watch this the 2nd time)

Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors

Shining Inheritance

Coffee Prince

Princess Hours (Goong)

Cinderella Man

Take Care of Young Lady

Stars Falling From the Sky

Smile You

Well, stop here for now. Gonna enjoy watching Korean dramas comfortably in my room. A good way to pass my free time.

-lu yin-

Monday, February 22

Feel So Full

Lately, you notice I've been posting up about food. Decided to change a lil' bit.

Don't wanna keep on posting about food. I mean I need to have the mixture of topics in my blog.

During the CNY, I've been eating until I gain a few weights. Face a bit round also. Need to maintain my eating habit from now on.

1 more week to go for the UK tuning program. It's gonna be a busy month for me.

Will be bringing up new topics...hmmm...maybe on what I read, I watch, I listen, or something I could think of that are pretty interesting other than food.

Just wait and look out.

-lu yin-

PS. Will be posting up on the CNY activities that I did during the CNY week

Dinner at Arisu (19/2)

Went to Arisu Korean BBQ Restaurant at Dataran Sunway with family after visit friends during the day time.

After so many years, I finally get to eat Korean food. *jumping for joy. New exposure to me to another type of food.

Ordered course meal and the side dishes.

Small appetizers including Kimchi

Korean BBQ meat is the best. Yumz.

Sauces, veggies, and seafood pancake

Hot and spicy seafood soup

Baked egg custard as the compliment from the restaurant since we enjoy the Korean food so much

Oxtail Soup

Nothing like a nice cup of soju with the meal to enjoy

With the family


Even get free ice cream after a nice scrumptious meal

After the meal, went to Pappa Rich and have Iced Cappucino before going back home to drink wine and then sleep.

The Korean dinner is absolutely delicious and I definitely want to go there again for dinner next time.

-lu yin-