Tuesday, January 3

The Evening Walk in Monaco, French Riveria (22/9/11)

Do you remember where the action movies were filmed, like Mission Impossible and James Bond, in Monaco? Also, the place where the rich and famous people, including celebrities, come down for the holidays in their own personal home?

Well, that's where I headed during the evening. Right after having the fun in the sun, it was time to enjoy the evening walk in Monaco.
I was enjoying the view of the Mediterannean Sea while the soundtracks from Mission Impossible and James Bonds films played. Sounds like I was on a mission. A secret agent. Haha. Kidding.
I miss them a lot. I told myself that one day, yes one day, that I will come and visit them in their home countries.

Stopped by at the perfume factory were actual perfumes and soaps were made with pure and natural ingredients. I didn't buy even though I was told the price of the products is cheaper than the ones that are sold in shops.
Look what I saw before heading over to Monaco?
These are the houses where the rich and famous stayed for their holidays.
Finally, we have reached Monaco.
The Maritime Museum

This is where Grace Kelly got married at this church.
Continuing walking through the paths which lead to the next part of Monaco.
This is the whole view of the city of Monaco including seeing the Mediterranean Sea.
In the evening, we all decided to go to a restaurant where there's 'reasonable' price meal. I had red wine and steak for dinner. A perfect and affordable meal in Monaco.

The highlight of the day. The night sceneries of Monaco.
Monte Carlo. It's a casino. I was not allowed to bring the camera inside to take photos and I don't gamble that much. I was just going to use my other precious time some place else. That is: the night walk in Monaco.

I was looking at the wide sea, enjoying the night view, and thinking about the good and bad memories that I had in my entire life. There were times that I laughed and there were times that I had felt the tears that flow out. It's either happy tears or sad tears. However, I felt relieved that I made this far. I tell myself that I'm moving forward and creating great memories in my life.
I realized that this is where football stars placed their signature plaque (can't remember what is was) along this path. Something like the one at Hollywood.
I said goodbye and good night to Monaco before heading back to Nice to stay one last night in French Riveria.
That was the last day for me to spend time in French Riveria. I moved on the next European destination. Take a guess. Where did I head next? Look forward to the next post.

-lu yin-